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The West Pacifican Vol. 14

Delegate's Discourse

by Davelands, Delegate of the Best Pacific

Change is inevitable and usually a good thing. Change can be a time for renewal and a time to improve. Change can also revitalize. It is time for a change.

For almost 300 days I have led The West Pacific. It has been a great ride. We have seen some old friends come back into the region, we have revived and created some wonderful RMB traditions, role play and games are happening on Discord, Today In The West starts the day with a fun conversation, Foreign Affairs and TWPAF projects our values across the game, and so much more.

As someone who grew up in The West Pacific, I am especially proud of the new generation of home-grown leaders that have taken up so many important positions for us. I know that the future of The West Pacific will be stronger than ever because of their work.

Therefore, it is now time for me to step aside and let someone else take the reins. As is our tradition in The West Pacific, I have chosen my successor. Neenee needs no introduction. She has been in the region for many, many years and is one of the most experienced players in the game. We have worked closely together even before I was Delegate and she knows exactly what needs to be done to continue to build on what already has been created. I can think of no better steward for the region.

I have no plans to leave this fine region that I have always called home. I will remain on as a Guardian and plan to be involved in the regional government.

As always, the change shall be orderly and peaceful. I would appreciate it if every WA nation in the region immediately endorses Neenee to allow for a smooth transition.

Thank you all.

Neenee's Ascension Speech

by Neenee, Delegate-in-waiting

Iíve been around for a long time, and The West Pacific has always been my home. Even if I went and participated in other regions, if I was there doing things, good or bad, The West Pacific had my heart, and I knew Iíd always go back.

Iíve seen this region go through highs and lows, and Iíve had a hand in some of each of those in the past. The most recent highs brought on by Badger and Dave have been wonderful to see, and Iím honored to have been a Guardian during their times as Delegate. Both of those men did a spectacular job, and the region is better for having had them. The changes they brought about, and then cultivated, are going to continue to develop and the region will shine the way it is supposed to.

Iím even more honored to have been asked by Dave to be next. Some of you may not realize it, but Iíve been Delegate here before. It was ages ago, I was young, and not quite ready for what the position called for in that government style. My term started and ended with a bang. Iím coming into the Delegacy now actually prepared for it, and Iím happy with the direction The West Pacific is headed. Iím going to enjoy continuing what Badger and Dave started, and watching the region continue to grow. The West Pacific is awesome, and will just get better as we go along.

I mentioned Iíve been around for a long time. A quick history for those who may not knowÖ I became properly active around the beginning of 2004. Iíve spent my time in The West Pacific, The East Pacific, Osiris, and recently visited Lazarus. I havenít always been properly behaved, but the majority of the time, my actions were based on a desire to help (once was probably pettiness, but I think Iím allowed at least one hiccup in behavior). Iíve grown as a person and a player, and I believe that Iím better equipped for the Delegacy in The West Pacific now than I ever was before.

So, I look forward to sharing cookies, glitter, books (Iím not just the regional librarian, I library IRL too :-P ), and more to continue to help this community grow together and, this is the important bit, to have fun. Thank you Badger, Dave, and all of the nations in The West Pacific.

A Pirate's Prose

by Chervil, Sergeant-at-Arms

Hey-o, itís Cher here!

For those who didnít know me before, I am a resident of The West Pacific. Iíve been here for almost a year (yay), and currently TWPís Sergeant-of-Arms, and a crew to TWPAF.

I joined TWPAF for the first time in around October-ish. I was really excited for the stuff (still had no idea of raiding that time). That time, EPSA and TWPAF sorta shared their server. That explains why the server was very active then. The moment I stepped in, I thought that it would be pretty cozy here. Well, it looked fun and all, but I finally convinced myself that I wouldnít have time for it. Finally, after several weeks, I resigned from TWPAF. It was sad, but I couldnít help it.

After I fixed myself (likely) on December, I signed back in on January. I started reading about how to raid (like a few times) to get what it was about. My first real raid happened around February. I only contributed one succesful jump that time (pure luck), but I was having fun, like real, thrilling fun Iíve never had before. Like the wait before the jump. Or the thrill after we hit (even when I screw up). Or the fun chats I saw during the raid. Lol, it sounds weird, but I felt like accepted.

That motivated me to (actually) attend more raids. I know minors were (and are) rare, but Iíll try to be there if itís possible. Lucky me, this year, I got holiday starting earlier. I was already free at May. I attended raids even more often. I met and got along with many people, from and outside of TWPAF. And in June, Iíve become a Gunner. I could trigger raids now, and Iím glad I do.

I might be new around here, but Iíve had fun times in TWPAF, and if I can, I would like to go back and have it repeated over, and over again. Iíve met many interesting (and fun in their own way) people, like Alti, Kawaii, OT, Lauru, Benja, Wyv, WaR, Rigel, Atlae, and many others I havenít mentioned. I was made aware of what happened around NS, outside TWP. My raiding skills got better, and yeah, I think I myself am better than what I was before TWPAF.

I realize TWPAF is facing a decline nowadays. Not just TWPAF, TWP, even NationStates, are facing downfalls in number of nations. Iíve seen some senior players retired, theyíre still here, yes, but there are also some who stopped playing NS. On the other side, we lack newer bloods. Not just ordinary new players, but those who are interested and are willing to actively participate in updates and such.

Yes, TWPAF already have many crewmates. But it is really, like really hard to get them to just pile, let alone updating. We lack activity. We lack interest. We need to wake them up. Not just they, but the whole TWPAF. Hell, even the whole TWP! We need to do something to change this hiatus. We need to have more people attending updates. We need more opinions and suggestions. And thatís why we need more TWPers like you, to help us build TWPAF to one of the most amazing orgs in NationStates.

Being in TWPAF makes me realize that what matters most of an org is not about how much targets hit in an update. Itís not about how big the org is. Itís not about how famous or notorious the org is. These all might matter for an international recognition, but not much for the community itself.

Itís about the small things most people overlooked. Regularity, dedication, stance, and trust. Regularity keeps it alive. Dedication drives it forward. A stance keeps it from floating around foreign influences. Trust creates bonds between members.

Iíve seen all this traits in TWPAF. Trust, especially. In a meritocracy-themed region, we trust each other strongly. Thatís why leakers are rare. We grow ourself based on what we do for the region and our capabilities, level by level, not being handed responsibilities without the suitable skills. We need to work hard to actually achieve something, and on the other side, we learn many things from each other at the same time. Not just learning about R/D, but management, professionalism, social interactions, decision-making, deep-root cultures, history, and the NS world itself. I feel that this kind of enviroment makes TWPAF special. And that makes me believe, that standing up for it is never the wrong thing to do.

Interview with A Brave Little Toaster

A Brave Little Toaster is a resident of The Glorious Nations of Iwaku whose poems and lifestyle have always intruiged me. I hope you enjoy!

by A Brave Little Toaster

Sylven: I want to know what motivates you to keep being active on NationStates.

After a couple years you still answer issues? They haven't gotten boring to you? I'm impressed and... curious. You devotedly write somewhat melancholy poetry in a region of cute and silly things? If there is a story to this I want to know it. :P

I would, if it's okay with you, like to publish one or two of your poems of your choice as well, maybe with an explanation of their context or something. I first noticed you a yearish ago and thought what you were doing was cool, but I'm amazed you're still doing the same thing now. Especially in The West Pacific where a lot of people are really focused on where they're trying to get to, I think it's important to notice and enjoy the NS space you occupy now, or you'll just get burnt out and it won't be fun.

You don't seem to be trying to get anywhere particularly, but you're still around. How does what you do (and have been doing for a while) fulfill your NS life?

A Brave Little Toaster: Well, you should know I'm a simple toaster, really. Yet also a complex one. I ain't got much to do. And I don't have any incentive to do much. But I like my small creature comforts. I like my sense of familiarity with the site.

Issues are boring to me, always. I just do them as a courtesy. Occasionally read new ones. And watch my arbitrary and pointless numbers go up. Again, it's just a small creature comfort, really. Hehehehe...

I write my poetry on my region, because nobody minds. It's an open forum. And I prefer that my poetry be called as it is. It's random poetry, not melancholy poetry. I just belt out whatever comes to mind. Plus I like watching the other nations there interact.

You want a poem? Here ya go.

Great Mizuti

Great Mizuti with breath of fire,
I wonder if you shall ever tire?
Great Mizuti of the earth,
Sit by our cold hearth,
And do play your silver lyre.

We play our roles in this fantasy world of ours,
Be it in the dark sky or a bed of humble flowers.
I will join you all one day,
And find a role to play.
But for now, I will sing tales among the stars.

That poem, it's a bleeding video game reference. a reference to a character named the Great Mizuti in an old JRPG game called Baten Kaitos that no one remembers. And then I threw in some random crap at the end. It's not that remarkable. None of my poems are. Here is another.


They was none the wiser to my plot,
As they only knew what they were not.
Whilst they died in agony true,
I sippa from my cup of blue,
And left the scene whilst the fire was hot.

I wrote that one when I was feeling rhythmic and macabre. I like the rhyme on it, and the subject matter. I enjoy it. Creative use of words.I'm kinda proud of this one. It's still nonsensical, though. Every single poem I type is nonsensical.

Look, I've made a career out of getting nowhere. Life? I got nowhere in that. NationStates? I'm not going anywhere in particular. Every single video game I play? I get nowhere.

I get nowhere and everywhere at the same time. My NationStates life is fulfilled already. And it's also a hollow, broken glass that can never be filled anyway. It's a bleeding paradox. I don't understand what the hell I'm thinking about half the time. I don't even understand my own thoughts.

So if you need me to explain them to you, just know that I am just as utterly, irrevocably lost as you. Would you like some toast, huh? Would you like some toast? I got some toast for you, and I can carve it into your skin, if you don't mind, of course?

....I got no problems with this. Anyway, that's a short primer on an utterly inconsequential part of NationStates. The poetic toaster barely anyone listens to. For what it's worth, my regards to anyone reading this somehow. ...Not sure why I did this, but it happened. I'll just deal with it. I always do.