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[ARCHIVED] Chancellor Ashton Speaks to the Populace About Emperor Vamperiall's current situation

“A storm is coming” Chancellor Ashton states firmly into the microphone. Many citizens have gathered in Vamperiall Square, to hear the Chancellor give an updated statement on Emperor Vampereo’s status. “A storm, which will attack our home and rip apart our nation” Ashton grips the side of the podium until his knuckles turn white, and his face screws up slightly. “Our beloved Emperor Vampereo Exus the III has been taken hostage by the evil Thryon Empire while on a diplomatic mission.” Gasps ring out around the Square. Many faces go white, processing this new information. Ashton looks out into the crowd before him, red-faced, his eyes watering slightly.

“They have also taken the royal family hostage, including Princess Vamperia the II, Prince Vamperal, and Empress Vamperia” Ashton’s throat closes up, he chokes on his words. The crowd yells in anger. He can imagine what the people watching this on TV must be feeling. “Our brave soldiers have fought valiantly on the battlefield, but all their attacks have failed. We have yet to bring out the Amazon Warmechs, as we are still afraid about what the Exus forces will do.” The crowd is listening intently, still angry and scared for their Emperor.

“Citizens of Vamperiall! In this time of crisis, we need to band together and destroy those Thyron scum” The Chancellor bellows. “The Thyron are moving closer to our land, slowly taking a few kilometers at a time, pushing our remaining forces back, closer and closer to the Vampereo City, where we stand right now. If they reach here, Vamperiall is doomed to a fate ruled by the iron fist of King Arlin and his forces” They crowd yelps in fear. “People of Vamperiall! The only way for us to protect our innocents and our land, we must conscript our young men and women into the Vamperiallian Armed Forces, and send them into battle, so they can fight for honour and glory for their Empire!”

Ashton steps back, and the crowd roars their approval. Bright flashes burst around him, hungry journalists eager for a scoop of the delicious knowledge icecream Ashton has jumped up around him. He laughs inside his head at this great analogy. He spreads his arms, and says sternly to the impatient media, his guards holding them back “all questions will be taken in the Meeting Room” Well, he just opened the ice cream shop, and he’s ready for business.

The Imperium of Vamperiall