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The orbiting celestial objects of the Warden World

The orbiting planet.
A significant mass of rock, water, and ice floating about around the Warden World.
Radiation is minimal, showing no signs of nuclear exchange, radioactive weaponry, or antimatter explosions.
The average temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit, or 10 degrees Celcius, just under modern Earth temperatures.
The atmosphere is an uncomfortable 12% oxygen composition, which is barely breathable for humans and humanoids but discourages physical exertion. Atmospheric pressure is identical. Volcanic eruptions are rare but intense, reducing nearby oxygen levels to fatal levels. These eruptions,however, also unearth vast deposits of trace minerals for manufacturing, and could provide a great deal of geothermal energy.
Gravitational pull on the surface is 1.10 Gs, just over Earth's gravity, and just over the Warden World's gravity. This is typical for the size of the planet and there is no evidence of Warden activity or structures influencing this, no evidence of this planet being unnatural in any way.
There is no life of any kind to be seen on it.
In any other setting, it would be the ultimate prize for its size, the whole shebang, the entirety of what nations fight and compete for.
In this setting, it is a side objective, an appetizer before the main course, and yet its positioning, distance, and deposits render it a potential hideaway and lair to nations, rebels, and factions which fall from grace and power.
It is out of range to fire ICBMs upon the Warden World, but is able to fire and be fired upon from its moon.

We will be taking a poll on what to call this moon, though players can feel free to give it their own names. Same goes for the moon.]
List of nations that have gone to the planet:
Kehmria, Cybertronian commonwealth. If I missed you, feel free to correct me and quote the post which shows you exploring it.

The moon.
No atmosphere whatsoever.
Gravity is at .63 Gs, surface temperature is at 6 degrees Celcius, and there is little activity to be found there, volcanic or otherwise.
No life is visible, but some mineral vein chasms are present, along with unusual ring-shaped diamond structures on the surface. Unusual, given that the moon is too small to efficiently compress matter into diamonds, and has no volcanic mechanisms to transport it to the surface or arrange it in such an artificial manner.
Otherwise, it is an overlooked, though not exactly vital piece of territory. It is in range to launch ICBMs upon the planet it orbits, but not onto the Warden World.
Currently only inhabited by Kehmria's Martians.

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