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Guide to the Imperium: Welcome and Overview

Welcome to The Ragerian Imperium!

The Ragerian Imperium is a renowned and successful region in NationStates. We are glad that you have made the wise decision to come learn more about our esteemed region. More information is available on different aspects of the region in this dispatch and other dispatches produced by the Imperium. If you have any questions about the region or NationStates in general that are not covered by this dispatch, please contact Grand Councillor Slitherin Snakes or Councillor of Internal Affairs Xemt. The following are the different aspects covered in this dispatch, you can click to jump to them:

What is a region and what is The Ragerian Imperium?

A region in NationStates is a group of players (represented by nations) that share membership in a region comprised of themselves and others. Although this is not always the case, regions are usually governed through an off-site forum or Discord server, where most of the activity takes place. They often have regional governments on those off-site forums, which interact with other regions through functions of the game, known as Gameplay. Interactions between two nations are roleplay, and have no actual impact on the game. Being a member of an esteemed region such as The Ragerian Imperium is one of the best things you can do to further your career on NationStates.

The Ragerian Imperium is a renowned monarchist and imperialist region on NationStates. The region has been in existence since January 29th, 2018, and has been a successful heavyweight in inter-regional politics, boasting one of the game's largest military forces. The region's activity takes place on its off-site Linkforums and LinkDiscord server. Joining is the most important thing you can do to establish yourself in The Ragerian Imperium. We hope to see you there!

How is the Imperium governed?


How and why should I get involved?


How can I learn more?

More information can also be found in the other dispatches of the Guide to the Imperium, which are also linked to in the header of this dispatch. If that doesn't answer your question, feel free to reach out to Grand Councillor Slitherin Snakes or Internal Affairs Councillor Xemt.

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