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Daunlaundic embassy program

Daunlaundic Embassy Programme | Daunlaūndgū Frūn Blachrer


How do I apply

In order to have an embassy within Daunlaund, please fill in the form in the provided template (spoiler) below, and send it via Telegram or discord. If your application is accepted, you'll be further asked to answer a few more questions about your nation. If you have any questions in regards, feel free to ask.

To apply all you have to do is fill out this template and telegram it to me!

Name of nation:

Where will the Daunlaundic embassy be in your country:

Are you in any unions with Daunlaund if so state them:

The capital of your nation:

Your population:

Form of government: 

Head of government:

Head of state:

Once you have done that i will add you to the list.


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Nation name


good ally

Narumasang-ok ally

Havadar-great ally

Antoquina-good ally


Joushiki nante iranai-good ally

Pace e Saggezza-great ally


1. Weapons are not permitted unless a warrant is given (tg Daunlaund for info)
2. Military equipment and/or vechils are not permitted.
3. All embassies are in the city of Deros

great ally- a nation that has superb relations with Daunlaund and that trades allot with them.

good ally-a nation that has good relations with Daunlaund and trades quite allot with them.

ok ally- a nation that doesn't really interact with Daunlaund but is in similar organizations

A nation with terrible relations with Daunlaund and doesn't interact at all with them

The Third Republic of Daunlaund