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Great quotes from NS

A repository of quotes, both awesome ones and funny ones that I like.





Why the Nazis had no chance


Antifa Comrade Gritty

Multiple Authors

A thread full of win

Multiple Authors

This thread is funny

New Visayan Islands

A poem by Vis

Reploid Productions

Reppy wields the banhammer


Let that sink in

The Holy Therns

“I feel like I just walked into an episode of Bigtopians Say The Darndest Things.”



Conservative Morality

"'It's not time yet' is a tactic used by reactionaries in every era. 'It's not time for democracy, it's not time for capitalism, it's not time for emancipation.' Of course it's not time. It's never time, not on its own. You make it time. If you're under fire in the no-man's land of WW1, you start digging a foxhole even if the ideal time would be when you *aren't* being bombarded, because once you wait for it to be 'time', other situations will need your attention, assuming you survive that long. If the fields aren't furrowed, plow them. If the iron is not hot, make it so. If society is not ready, change it."


“The problem with Authoritarianism is that the person who calls for it never sees themselves as part of the disenfranchised folk.”


”Here's a mental exercise that I think everyone should do. Imagine whatever regulation of speech you might want implemented becoming law, and then imagine the people you despise and distrust the most being in control of the government, and ask yourself what they will do with that power.”

The South Falls

”If your only position is antagonizing someone else, you don't have a position.”

The Free Joy State

"People never undertake villainous actions with the intention of being villainous."

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