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Rules of Xedas, RP and Discord

Regional RP and Discord Rules

Below is a list of all official rules listed for both regional RP and the regional Discord. To recommend the creation of another rule or request the revision or possible deletion of a rule please contact Demermin, Neo-yuan, Olivel, Valassyria or Chalsardu via telegram/Discord direct message.

Regional RP Rules

Rule I: All rules prescribed by the Nation States code of conduct must be followed In all RP activity and posts on the RMB or discord RP channels. Be sure to read up on Nationstates rules in the FAQ if you are unsure, or ask the admins.

Rule II: All technological, magic, racial, creature, weaponry and world limits set by the admins that exist in the RP universe must be followed at all times. This includes, among others, a ban on handheld gunpowder weapons and a general age setting of the 1400s.

Rule III: Do not initiate or force a RP meeting or story onto any nation without gaining prior permission from said nation via discord or telegram. Any RP initiated with no prior request or warning can be turned down and voided. The only exception to this is a war declaration from a country you have fully blocked off from expansion.

Rule IV: RP posts are expected to have as much detail and effort put into them as the writer can suffice. There is no minimum since every rp is different and character rp posts are usually shorter than national ones as to encourage dialogue but aim for as detailed as possible. Every nation should aim for long RP posts fitting in the context they were written.

Rule V: Any information that is not made public to the world in a RP post shall remain only known to the characters of the nations who were there and witnessed or heard the events of the RP. These people should be pinged in the post. RP information gathered on the "OOC RP discussions"-boards are also not known to RP characters and nations till the information is revealed to the respected nations in-universe.

Rule VI: No creating RP revolving around or describing gore. Written violence that may include blood is allowed but only in its appropriate context, written as to not disgust readers and with not enough grotesque detail as to appear as gore.

Rule VII: No creating RP revolving around or describing pornographic material and content. Mild flirtation, suggestion, and light sexual themes are allowed but only in its appropriate context, written as to not disgust readers and/or make them uncomfortable, and with not enough grotesque detail as to appear as pornographic.

Rule VIII: No Godmoding. No explanation needed.

Rule IX: All text and messages written as out of character on the RMB should be enclosed by parentheses (like so): ~

Rule X: No controlling other nationís characters, items, creatures or objects unless given direct permission by said nation on discord or telegram.

Rule XI: Nations who do not create a RP posts in three and a half weeks will be given a warning message on the regional Discord and telegram. One week later the inactive nation will be removed from the regional map and treated as if they never existed in RP. This rule will be enforced loosely, and those who have gotten involved in RP on numerous occasions or are very active on discord may find this rule to apply to them a lot less than those who are very new or very silent.

Rule XII: If you will be unable to RP for the coming weeks directly message or telegram any of the admins and tell them that you will be inactive for a given amount of time. You will not be removed from the map if you pass four and a half weeks of inactivity, you will only be removed once you exceed the warning absence time you have given to the admins.

Rule XIII: All weaponry and technology used within RP or as any apart of a nation must fit into the real life time period of the 15th century. The only type of firearm or gunpowder based technology that may be used are cannons used from the medieval to early renaissance time period. Any nation may use or base their nation off of any theme or culture to a reasonable extent but will be asked to be altered by the admins if the need arises.

Rule XIIV: Guns in any form, that is to say, handheld projectile weaponry that is based on the usage of gunpowder and/or another chemical propellent is banned. Flamethrowers unless they are of the old, slow, heavy, expensive and extremely ineffective outside of very specific situations variety are banned. Battlefield explosives of any kind are banned. If you want some kind of extremely limited exception to this contact @deleted-role and be aware it will be very hard to have an exception. Field Artillery is limited to small mortars and siege canons, these are inherently extremely limited, expensive, and the lose of them in any battle would be like having your military's wallet mugged.

Rule XIV: At the end of a war, a treaty must be created. This treaty shall specify a truce timer and any other effects of the war. No nation may lose more than half of its land in such a war.

Rule XV: Bestiary creatures will be added to whatever land the original creator assigned them to, edited by Shagarmatha/Yuan to make some sense climatologically, unless someone refuses to put them in their land, which they have to specifically tell the admins about. They will be posted in #new-bestiary-submissions and the people in whose land they live will be pinged in the channel.

Rule XVI: Non-war, non-colonial expansion is limited to areas closer to a nation's mainland than the closest point between Koemashita and Ensho. Mainland is here defined as parts of the nation on its home continent, as specified by the discord roles. This role can only be switched if all of a nation's territory on its previous mainland is lost. This includes writing expansion posts, as well as trade deals. Non-mainland, non-colonial claims can only be expanded through a direct land connection.

Xedas Discord Rules

Rule I: Your Xedas Discord nickname in the server has to be or in the very least related to the name of your nation for clarity.

Rule II: Attempt to only post content in its related channel. If it does not fit under the category of any named channel post it in general. If the content can apply to more than one channel post it in the channel where it applies the most.

Rule III: No posting pictures of or having any discussions revolving around gore or any other violently grotesque topics.

Rule IV: No posting sexually explicit pictures, asking vivid sexual themed questions or having discussions revolving around sexual themed material and content, this applies to both irl discussions and about the RP world/leaders. Jokes revolving around flirtation and light sexual themes are allowed but only in its appropriate context and if it doesnít result in members growing uncomfortable.

Rule V: No posting pictures depicting the use of or having discussions advocating the use of illegal drugs or alcohol.

Rule VI: Discussions revolving around legal recreational drugs and alcohol are allowed but only in the Politics-Religion-Debate channel. No advertising or attempting to sell drugs or alcohol. No open public discord drunkenness and no encouraging other members to use or partake in the use of drugs or alcohol.

Rule VII: No posting pictures of extremist groups/terrorists organizations or having discussions revolving around being sympathetic to said groups. This includes nazism, terrorism of any kind and any other kind of hate group. Debate and discussions around these groups may take place but only In the Politics-Religion-Debate channel or the History channel.

Rule VIII: No attempting to prod or acquire personal/sensitive information from members if you do not know them personally. This includes photos, addresses, sensitive financial or schooling information and anything else that may harm the identity of someone or breach their inner privacy.

Rule IX: No spam, all caps lock messages or abuse of the @everyone tag. This includes repeatedly posting photos or posting long lines of text regardless if it is or isnít the same photo or text. @everyone may only be done if asking a rp question in leader-questions or if making an important announcement to the region about your status in the announcement board.

Rule X: No targeted insults to regional members on the grounds of racism, sexism, homophobia, religion, xenophobia or any other extreme targeting of oneís character, beliefs or origin. Jokes and snarky remarks at members are welcomed. But when obviously done non sarcastically, with malice or if it continues for far too long and results in harm to the target it then becomes unacceptable.

Rule XI: No stalking or harassing members by continuing to directly message or tag them after they have ignored you or have informed you to stop.

Rule XII: If directly messaged by an admin and told to stop breaking a rule or to cease an action kindly cooperate. You retain the complete right to defend yourself and argue for your innocence, but it must be done calmly, respectfully and in a mature manner. Insults, all capital letters, refusing to answer questions or falsely blaming others will all result in a worse possible offense.

Rule XIII: If logged onto the regional discord and engaging in conversion or activities please exit hidden mode.

Rule XIV: Threats involving wanting to inflict harm onto other individuals are prohibited regardless of whether they are members of the server or not. Threats of self harm in public channels are also prohibited. The topic is taken seriously and admins are always open to discussion and assistance to any members who may need somone to talk to.