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The Lillorainian Football/Soccer League

The Federal League

The Lillorainian Federal League was founded in 1984, three years after the unification of the Lillorainian lands. It is the highest football class in the Federation of Lillorainen.

Association football ("soccer") is one of Lillorainen's national sports. Most professional clubs have a long tradition, being founded between 1850 and 1910. Since the early 1980s, when the Federation got unified and founded, Lillorainen also has a national team, which has been relatively successful back in the 1980s and 1990s, but has rather been stagnating since then. Generally, the quality of Lillorainian football can rather be found in the clubs in the league.

There is a 1st League and a 2nd League - followed by the Regional Leagues (3rd), the State Leagues (4th), the Association Leagues (5th) as well as the District Leagues (6th).

Everything related to the game follows international standards (11 vs. 11, stadium size, etc.).

Since the 2005 structural reform initiated by the Lillorainian Football Association (Lillorainischer Fussballverband, LFV), there are four Regional Leagues out of eight left, following state borders: North (Visholm, Serböer), South (Polypolia, Terra Bianca), East (Lillöer, Lillamala), and West (Rathland, Vedjading, Rigesöer). There are eight State Leagues - each state with its own, but Lillamala's association being merged into that of Lillöer. The Association Leagues organize themselves; so do the District Leagues (in the latter case motivated by the consideration that the district-level administration is fully managed by the States). Since this reform, men's and women's leagues follow the same tier structure.

Each league consists of twenty clubs. Those ranked 1st and 2nd automatically go up to the next higher class (if there is one above them, that is), those ranked 19th and 20th automatically go down. Those ranked 3rd and 18th have to go into relegation playoffs.

The table of the First League at the end of the 2018/2019 season:
1. FC Lillöer Lysköping
2. FC Pontrath
3. SV Preetz
4. Erythrea Lefkagor
5. Spvgg. Jillich
6. TSV Freudenberg 06
7. SC Nienhagen
8. FC Dania Bellerup
9. FK Zlatna Zvezda Kirajevo
10. SV Rathenia Roisweiler
11. FC Asgard Jettesholm
12. Theeder FC
13. Steenstrup BK
14. Dynamo Rohrscheid
15. SV Vedjading Bueren
16. SV Fyleria Sandscheid
17. Gamlund BK
18. FC Saskilde
19. Ladenburger SV
20. Union Bargrade

1. FC Pontrath
2. SV Preetz
3. FC Lillöer Lysköping
4. Erythrea Lefkagor
5. Spvgg. Jillich
6. Steenstrup BK
7. TSV Freudenberg 06
8. Storöer Ailavar
9. FK Zlatna Zvezda Kirajevo
10. SC Nienhagen
11. Dynamo Rohrscheid
12. FC Asgard Jettesholm
13. FC Dania Bellerup
14. SV Vedjading Bueren
15. Theeder FC
16. SV Rathenia Roisweiler
17. Ladenburger SV
18. Gamlund BK
19. FC Rathenia Laerdonk
20. Storöer Leewerder

The National Team

The current squad (May 2019):

6 Fritz Keller (*1994, FC Pontrath)
8 Gereon Dornrath (*1997, Spvgg. Jillich)
14 Phillipp 'Fiete' Mendholm (*1995, SV Preetz)
22 Lars 'Latte' Lundkvist (*1990, Lillöer Lysköping)
23 Moritz 'Mücke' Breitscheid (*1992, Freudenberg 06)
27 Henrik Midtrup (*1989, Dania Bellerup)
30 Julian Frings (*1996, FC Pontrath)
32 Mark Eberwing (*1990, FC Pontrath)

4 Dragoslav 'Draško' Nikolić (*1998, ZZ Kirajevo)
5 Jan Duerscheid (*1996, Spvgg. Jillich)
7 Sigurd Gravenich (*1987, Spvgg. Jillich)
10 Frank Metelen (*1993, Freudenberg 06)
16 Frederik Jyllerup (*1993, Steenstrup BK)
21 Rudi Esterhoven (*1997, SC Nienhagen)
25 Markos Fasseas (*1996, Erythrea Lefkagor)
26 Eugen Thomalla (*1988, Freudenberg 06)

9 Ben Grossmann (*1986, Vedjading Bueren)
13 Ryk Borgholt (*1991, Lillöer Lysköping)
15 Slobodan 'Boban' Jagoda (*1997, ZZ Kirajevo)
18 Benedikt Emmerich (*1999, Spvgg. Jillich)
24 Sven Astrup (*1989, SV Preetz)
28 Justus Litwak (*1997, Storöer Ailavar)
29 Henning Stolte (*1998, SV Preetz)
31 Robert Fassbender (*1995, FC Pontrath)

1 Oskar Nevenich (*1993, FC Pontrath)
2 Louis Vanderdonk (*1989, SV Nienhagen)
3 Jan Ehrweiler (*1995, FC Pontrath)

Manager: Georg Herne (*1959, formerly FC Pontrath)
Head Coach: Ludwig Maas (*1967, formerly Freudenberg 06)
Vice Coach: Thorvald Persson (*1965, formerly Lillöer Lysköping)
Team Doctor: Dr. Rolf Jahnke (*1971, formerly Spvgg. Jillich)

The Federation of Lillorainen