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Embassy Policy

[b][size=125][color=#ffffff]Portal of the Selenid Government[/color][/size][/url]
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[box][b][color=#48177c][size=125]Thank you for your interest in Selene![/size][/color][/b]

As a roleplay region, our primary focus is on developing our own community, but there is always a willingness to establish close relations with other regions, particularly if they are like-minded and could be close partners. If you are a foreign official seeking to establish diplomatic relations with Selene, please read this dispatch, with provides detailed information on what steps you need to follow in order to establish an embassy with us.[/box]

[b][color=#48177c][size=110]Is Selene a democracy?[/size][/color][/b]

Not exactly. Selene has a small regional government: [b][nation]Justinian Kalominos[/nation][/b] is the Founder and presides over the Privy Council, an appointed body tasked with managing the affairs of the region and, most importantly, moderate over all regional roleplay. That said, Selene does agree with the underlying values of democracy and aims at ensuring that voices are heard and that important decisions, when feasible, have the consent of the region.

[b][color=#48177c][size=110]What do we seek in regional partners?[/size][/color][/b]

We look for actual partners. We have no interest in collecting embassies or simply allowing cross-posting between regions, so our primary interest is in having a true regional friend, and a region with whom we can do joint activities and have meaningful relations. To that effect, we require the following from all our embassy partners:

[list][*]Sending a telegram to [b][nation]Justinian Kalominos[/nation][/b] to explain why you desire an embassy with Selene.
[*]Refraining from espousing hateful or offensive views, or tolerating those who do.
[*]Not being an embassy collector, or regularly establishing embassies in mass quantities.
[*]Being minimally active.[/list]
[b][color=#48177c][size=110]What kind of telegram do we expect?[/size][/color][/b]

There is no need for any fancy formatting or language. We simply wish to know more about your region, what it does, what it stands for, and what it hopes to achieve by establishing embassies with us. We are a region with members and goals, so we want to make sure that we would be compatible partners who would be able to work together on occasion.

[b][color=#48177c][size=110]What do we mean by "tolerating" those who espouse hateful views?[/size][/color][/b]

We are aware that some regions try to adopt an expansive view of free speech. In Selene we take a narrower view: we accept and welcome vigorous debate on a range of issues, but there are some views that we simply do not tolerate:

[list][*]Support of, or equivocation on, any of the following:
[list][*]Nazism, Neo-Nazism or fascism, including the views, policies and actions of the Third Reich and any of its leaders, denial of the Holocaust and any Neo-Nazi figure or action.
[*]Homophobia, transphobia or any kind of view that involves the denial of the equal worth of the LGBT community, their entitlement to equal rights, or the treatment of people in a discriminatory way on account of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
[*]Misogyny, harassment or any kind of views that deny the equal condition of women with respect to men, including their worth, dignity and ability to stand as equal and capable members of society.
[*]Xenophobia, including any offensive, aggressive or dismissive treatment of people on account of their nationality, ethnicity or country of origin.
[*]Discrimination or mistreatment on account of religion or the lack thereof, with the understanding that honest belief in a given religion does not preclude civil criticism of any hateful views that said religion may condone.
[*]Racism, any mistreatment on account of race or any denial of the existence of racism in the past and in modern society.[/list]
[*]Bullying, and mistreating people for any reason not included in the above list.
[*]Allowing the expression of the above views, or allowing members who support or actively advocate those views, under the argument that such expression, support or advocacy must be allowed under the tenets of free speech.[/list]
We are not a debate region, nor are we looking to change people's minds, so we have no intention of tolerating views that are fundamentally abhorrent. We have been accused in the past of being contrary to free speech, even though we do allow respectful and non-hateful debate, but our ultimate concern is to condemn such views and to ensure a non-discriminatory environment for our members.

[b][color=#48177c][size=110]Why are we not interested in having embassies with collectors?[/size][/color][/b]

As as said before, we are looking for partners, and we don't believe that a region with a thousand embassies and counting would have an interest in close and meaningful relations. If there is a strong case to be made, however, you are more than welcome to make it in your request telegram.

[b][color=#48177c][size=110]What do we consider to be "minimally active"?[/size][/color][/b]

We consider one post on your Regional Message Board per day as the minimum standard of activity for our embassy partners.
[color=#ffffff]Click the link below to submit an embassy request![/color]

[url=][b][color=#f4d241][size=150]SUBMIT EMBASSY REQUEST[/size][/color][/b][/url]


[color=#ffffff]This dispatch system will provide basic information about Selene,
a roleplay region for those seeking a fresh start.

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