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Welcome to The Democratic Republic



This Region is unique because we all see each other as friends, rather than just people playing a game on NS, so please settle in and let yourself be known! Enjoy the fun of meeting new people on discord, creating and managing your own political party, leading a region in the regional government, and leading your nation to greatness in our Role Play(RP). Please view the LinkWelcome Video including going through this factbook for more information.

Regional Resources (Images are links)

"I hope that you have a great time here in TDR! We together will create a better future and a more stable region. Have fun and enjoy the experience. Long Live the Republic!"

Consul Porto Verde
Office of Consul

Community guidelines
Speak your mind! Please be respectable to all people you come in contact within The Democratic Republic while you exercise your right to speak
Don't spam or troll. This is very annoying when it is done excessively so try not to do it at all
Content such as excessive swearing is not acceptable and those messages will be deleted
Excessive refusal to follow the appropriate authorities is not acceptable and qualify for subordination. To be a citizen is a Privilege, not a right!

Must be the in the region for a Week and be a member of TDR discord server to become a Citizen

What can a Citizen do:
A Citizen can vote in regional elections and run for office.