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The Srivijayan Consortium ☸ An Introduction

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An Interpolitical Roleplaying, FT: STL, Regional Alliance Based on the Ideals of Asian Neo-Nationalism and Futurism
Written and Founded by 1st Consul and Regional Lakan The Federated People's Republic of Pan-Asiatic States and 2nd Consul and Regional Sultan The Moro-Malay Ethnostate of Fardhin

TSC is both a Roleplaying Network and an Irredenta of nations with varying political views led by the Pan-Asiatic States, an Asian-bloc coalition struggling to maintain order amidst proxy wars, civil strife, and an ever-shifting balance of power between rival nations. LinkAre you ready to take your place among the Consorts of Asia?


Srivijaya (also written Sri Vijaya or Sriwijaya in Indonesian or Malay), was a dominant thalassocratic Indonesian city-state based on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, which influenced much of Southeast Asia. Srivijaya was an important centre for the expansion of Buddhism from the 8th to the 12th century. Srivijaya was the first unified kingdom to dominate much of Malay archipelago. The rise of the Srivijayan Empire is seen to run parallel to the end of the Malay sea-faring period. Due to its location, this once powerful state developed complex technology utilizing maritime resources. In addition, its economy became progressively reliant on the booming trade in the region, thus transforming it into a prestige goods based economy. It is the single, most powerful link which unites all of Southeast Asian culture under a single racial banner.

Unfortunately, these truths about the Austronesian people have been under attack wave after wave, by oppressor after oppressor, colonizer after colonizer, especially in the Philippines and across the territories of Asia. In 1946, post-WW2 reparation treaties enforced by the American expansionist government, among many other resolutions, mandated the incorporation of the foreign English language into 6 years of our independent elementary education. This meant the incorporation of an American narrative of the second World War and the Philippine-American War, for an importation of American teachers and literati became rampant in demand. In Malaya, it was the British. In Indonesia, they faced the Dutch. Our history itself was assuaged by Westernization; a national indifference towards our own culture and traditions.

That is why through NationStates, we would like to introduce our new brand of roleplay that politically, and culturally promotes nativism. We, founders of the Consortium, would like to offer our destiny to you as well in achieving this goal. Only together, as nations under one banner, can we end cultural tyranny and imposition; East and West, both in real life, and in this game. So, come join our region, and let's work on that!

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Let's get this out of the way. Once you've joined our region, this section is for you. The following guide is for those wanting to get involved in our region. The following steps are strongly recommended:
  1. Join the World Assembly by clicking the link provided, checking the email attached to your nation, selecting the email confirming your acceptance and selecting the link within. Please note that any player may have no more than one nation in the World Assembly at a time.

  2. Join the official LinkTSC Discord Server. This is where the members of our community come together to socialise, and where the government assembles and operates. Many members of different regions and veteran NS players are also welcome, so if you're already part of TSC, please behave yourself. TBH, we live here. This is a hive of discourse, and you'll be very lonely (though maybe not at a total loss) if you don't join us.

  3. Introduce yourself on the Regional Message Board. This is a public forum where any member of the region can come and chat. It's also great if you have any questions, just put it there and whoever sees it first will drop you an answer!

  4. New to NationStates? Got questions left? Try checking out this comprehensive NationStates guide, made by Amerion.

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The Government of the Srivijayan Consortium consists of an executive branch, known as the Duumvirate, composed only of the two founding members of the region, referred to as the Consuls Fardhin and Pan-Asiatic States; and a quasi-legislative branch, known as the Asian Irredenta. The Rights and Duties of Member-States, which outlines basic values and canon of the region, can be found here.

All nations in the region are guaranteed seats in the Irredenta, but you have to sign-up to officially pass laws and vote on them.

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TSC Roleplay is divided into three different Alternate Universes (AUs). Each AU has accompanying lore. Note that each one takes place in different time-periods, and different technology along with them. When TSC was first founded, it was based-off the FT-verse, where our most archaic roleplays lie.

Both the PT-verse and the MT-verse have no definite map or geopolitical bounds. This is to make way for an indefinite amount of members with conflicting borders. RPs are then usually confined to a predetermined set of territories, under special conditions. Whilst confining, sets a floor and ceiling on how much one nation can affect another, so people don't blow-up your capital every so often.

  • Past Tech (PT, The PT-verse): This AU outlines the creation of various Nation-States within the Srivijayan Consortium, their struggles for independence, and how each became part of the alliance. It relates to the MT-verse, insofar as these events would affect politics in the other. Everything from swords to muskets usually go here, as well as WW1/WW2 involvement, if any.

  • Modern Tech (MT, The MT-verse): Here, TSC is founded in 2019, throughout the multiverse, to counterweight Western superiority. It functions as a sort of ASEAN, both politically and economically. More pacifistic RPs set in the real-life year go here. Wars are less likely to occur, and political intrigue is expected.

  • Future Tech (FT, The FT-Verse): This timeline is the oldest, most refined, but also most chaotic of the three. There is a definite map, and most of the time, does not relate to the other two whatsoever. Here, TSC is founded after a series of conflicts between the Pan-Asiatic States and Fardhin.

You can find a collation of the history of all three AUs here:

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The History of The Srivijayan Consortium


This is a collated history of the region arranged in In-Character chronological order. Brief descriptions are present only to summarize the events mentioned. Click the links to learn in-depth, more on the historic, regional struggle.

None yet!

First Contact (2019)

  • The Sakuradite Transistor is invented, allowing Multiverses to communicate across the time-space continuum itself. Samporna, which in the FT-verse, became Fardhin, and the Pan-Asiatic States form The Srivijayan Consortium after realizing both of their universes were under the threat of Neo-Imperialism by the West.

The Florentine Revolution (2109-2146)

  • The fall of the Republic of Samporna, located in Mindanao (Southern Philippines) would upset Nationalists, including Florentino "The Don" Fardo y Samporna.

  • After a Neo-Nationalist uprising gained traction, aided by the enemies of the Pan-Asiatic States, the Empire of Fardhin would begin to impose an autocracy to battle the combined Communist Forces of Asia.

The Fourth Pacific War (2146-2159)
IC Thread (Closed)

The Sleeping Throne (2184-?)
IC Thread (Ongoing, Open)

  • Post-war irredentism once again plagues Asia, as more Moro Neo-Nationalists attempt to gain control of the post-war state which had been puppeted following the Fourth Pacific War.

  • The Pan-Asiatic States attempts to autonomize existing and regain its former political boundaries to forge a new Federation less susceptible to civil unrest.

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Proxy wars between the Consortium and the Western world tear through the world across all three AUs, while nations attempt to drive Asia to its fullest economic capacity, clashing political views and national identities along the way. We give roleplayers the opportunity to write history, stage conflicts, erupt new diplomatic crises - the possibilities are endless.

On the topic of Alternate Universes, please keep such AUs in mind when posting in maintenance threads like the News Thread. Currently, we refer to 2 AUs as: The 2161 AU and the 2018 AU; the latter for modern-day events, meaning events in your Non-TSC canon (the date 2018 is tentative from nation to nation), and the former for events that take place in the AU we've set-up that involves your nation.

Upon joining the region, your nation will not automatically be integrated into all three of the universes. You aren't required to have lore for all three, but will need one if you're planning to join an RP in one of them. For that, you'll have to contact me, or Fardhin through the LinkDiscord. As a natural rule, please do not be afraid to ask "is this okay?" when posting about international happenings- especially those that involve core-nations, i.e those largely involved previously.

Despite the Nationalistic nature of our Regional politics, Western nations can join the Consortium. We aim to create a UN-esque bloc, especially in the MT-verse. Casual and gameside players are also welcome, as we have active participation in the World Assembly, and plan to expand this participation even further.

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The base theory of the Endorsement Programme is that all nations concerned about their own influence; the region's influence and safety, should actively seek to endorse as many other WA nations in the region as they can. You can start on our Endorsement Programme right now by following the steps below!

  1. Seek out any WA nation in the region that you can find, such as Fardhin, endorse them, and from there, begin to endorse the nations who are also endorsing them.

    At the bottom of other WA member's pages (who are also in the region), you will be able to find an option to endorse.

  2. Try telegramming those you endorse to do the same to you! This is an effective way to gain endorsements for yourself, and pretty badges next to your nation.

  3. Once you're done, you reap the benefits! Endorsing other nations makes them much more likely to endorse you back, raising your endorsement and influence scores and badges (some of which are shown above).

Following the Endorsement Programme is absolutely the best way to become the region's World Assembly Delegate - and nobody will stop you! In The Srivijayan Consortium, there is no endorsement limit, and no prevention for members taking over the Delegacy through hard-earned endorsements, so if this is your goal, start up the engines!

If you are not yet a member of the World Assembly, please join now! It's a very simple process which will take you only a couple of moments. If you have any issues or questions about joining the World Assembly, telegram Pan-Asiatic States.

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The following rules must be adhered to by all users of the Srivijayan Consortium RMB and Discord, failure to do so will result in post suppression, or more serious action if deemed appropriate. The general theme of these rules is 'have common sense', something that should go without saying.

  1. Post meaningful content. If you're posting on one of the Regional Threads, your message should contain some degree of substance and meaning, as opposed to incomprehensible gibberish or messages so vague they might as well be incomprehensible gibberish.

  2. Do not post more than two messages in a row. To keep a wide diversity in posts, and so it doesn't look like just one person is creating all of the activity on the RMB, we do not permit users to post three or more messages in a row. You are able to edit your original message(s) if there is something you missed.

  3. Be respectful of others and their opinions. We fully realise that not everybody agrees all the time, however starting flame wars on the RMB will not be tolerated. You're allowed to disagree but disagree respectfully.

  4. Do not do anything to attract moderator attention. When the NationStates moderators have to come and sort out an issue on our region's message board, it not only reflects badly on you, it reflects badly on the region as a whole. To avoid attracting moderator attention, the simple guideline as outlined in the One Stop Rules Shop is "Don't Be A Dick".

  5. Do not bait. Baiting is when you make a comment with the intention of angering another user or starting an argument, essentially trolling. Not only is this uncivilised and childish, but it's also against NationStates rules. Just please, be nice.

  6. Do not post anything that may be found offensive, threatening or concerning to other members. Any content of this sort is not acceptable, it shouldn't be hard to stop yourself from screaming about how the Jews were responsible for 9/11, telling somebody that if they don't vote for you, they'll find you outside their window at 5 am or advertising your drug cartel's new shipment. Anything you think may be borderline, you shouldn't post.

  7. Make an effort for grammar. We're not going to suppress/delete your post for something trivial, like a comma where a semi-colon should be, but the standard of grammar you use should be reasonable, otherwise it reflects badly on the region.

  8. Do not recruit for other regions or external organisations. Absolutely none of this. If you want to recruit, you should do it the proper way like the rest of us. Violating this rule may result in banning from the region and being reported to the Moderators, as this is against NationStates rules.

  9. Do not quote a suppressed message. If a message on the board has been suppressed, it's been done for one of the reasons above. Unless it's completely necessary to your point and you're going to edit out the text which caused the suppression, you'll see your own post suppressed too.

To summarise these rules: Don't spam or make meaningless statements, don't post more than two messages in a row, don't recruit, don't quote violating messages and most importantly, be respectful.

A separate list of rules have also been made for our Discord, which encompasses the basic functions of the server as well. They are posted there accordingly, upon entering. (#read-first)

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This dispatch was created and is maintained by Pan-Asiatic States. Direct all complaints, queries and suggestions to him.