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Constitution of the Kingdom of Londinium


Article I: The Executive

Section I: The Monarchy

[1.] The Executive will be lead by a High King, an office that shall be held as a rite of being founder by Fortwhile.
[2.] The High King shall serve until they resign, cease to exist, or are recalled by a regional referendum initiated by a resolution passed by a 2/3rds majority of the Senate.
[3.] The High King holds power to declare war, discipline nations in-game, call special elections, and, in extreme circumstances, dissolve the government entirely.
[4.] The High King holds exclusive power to grant honorary feudal titles to citizens.
[5.] The High King shall be entrusted with all possible regional officer power in-game.
[6.] The High King shall be the commander-in-chief of any organized armed forces of Londinium.
[7.] The High King shall have the power to issue royal decrees which will carry the full force of law. Such decrees may be vetoed by the Consul, or by a majority vote of the Senate.
[8.] The High King shall be the chief diplomat of the region, able to negotiate for the Kingdom with the Senate's consent.
[9.] The High King shall have the power to pardon or commute a sentence placed on any individual, though the Senate may overturn this pardon with a 2/3rds supermajority.
[10.] The High King, along with the Censor, has authority to grant citizenship and strip it from those who do not meet certain requirements.

Section II: The Consul

[1.] The Senate, every three months, shall elect a Senator to serve as Consul. For the purposes of implementation, the elected Prime Minister will assume the position of Consul upon enactment of this document and serve for a total of 60 days before another election is held.
[2.] The Consul shall be the presiding officer of the Senate, and be responsible for the passage of business on the floor.
[3.] The Consul is responsible for the appointment of officers. They must appoint the following officers;
(i) A "Censor" has the authority to determine Senatorial eligibility, and joint authority with the High King on matters of citizenship
(ii.) An "Aedile" in charge of culture and the creation of regional activity.
(iii.) A "Praetor" who serves as head of foreign affairs and works to recruit for the army
[4.] The Consul is free to appoint other officers as they wish.
[5.] All appointments must be confirmed by a majority vote of the Senate.

Section III: The Bishop of London

[1.] The Bishop of London will be Londinium's spiritual leader and liaison to the gameside community. They shall be responsible for keeping the RMB active and making new nations feel welcome.
[2.] The Bishop of London shall be entitled to hold the office of WA Delegate, unless they choose to delegate that office to another
[3.] If serving as WA Delegate, the Bishop of London must put every WA Resolution up to vote to see the public's opinion
[4.] The Bishop of London shall be elected by all the citizens, no less than every 90 days.

Article II: The Imperial Senate

[1.] The Imperial Senate (henceforth just "The Senate") shall be initially composed of the Regional Councilors from the Union of Londinium.
[2.] Moving forward, the Senate shall elect its own members. There are no requirements for admittance into the Senate, except for gaining a majority vote of all current members.
[3.] To remain in office, Senators must regularly vote and discuss matters, as well as serve in the regional army OR send at least 50 manual recruitment telegrams a term. Senators must also declare allegiance to a specific faction (formerly known as political parties)
[4.] The Senate shall serve as the chief legislative and judicial body of the region.
[5.] The Senate shall approve all appointments of the Consul and the High King by majority vote.
[6.] The Senate shall confirm all treaties made with foreign regions by majority vote.
[7.] Should legal charges be filled, the Consul shall appoint a Senator to serve as Judicial Tribune and oversee the case. At the conclusion of the trial, all Senators will vote on the guilt or innocence of the party.
[8.] The Senate shall have the power to vote to remove any officer bar the High King by majority vote. All removals, of fellow Senators, however, must be proposed by the Censor.
[9.] Unless otherwise stated, the Senate has the power to overturn any action of any official by majority vote.
[10.] The Senate shall have the authority to alter this Constitution, with a 2/3rds majority vote.

Article III: Rights of Citizens

[1.] No citizen of Londinium shall be denied the following rights: the right of free press, the right to protest, the right to a fair trial, the right to freely practice religion, and the right to believe and express their own opinion.

Amended LinkSeptember 14, 2018.

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