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SPITvengers: Endless Battle (film)

SPITvengers: Endless Battle

Teaser poster

Directed by: Midand

Produced by: Midand
The Solar System Scope

Based on: The SPITvengers by The Solar System Scope

Starring: Midand
The Solar System Scope
New Haudenosaunee Confederacy
Pencil Sharpeners 2
Drugged Monkeys
Tsp rmb
And others

Cinematography: The Solar System Scope

Edited by: Midand
The Solar System Scope

Production company: Amaze Studios
Ilkoran Studios
South Pacifica Films

Distributed by: TSP Pictures

Release date: TBA

Running time: 138 minutes

Region: the South Pacific

Language: English

Budget: 200 million Palms

Box Office: TBA

SPITvengers: Endless Battle

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SPITvengers: Endless Battle is a South Pacifican based on the SPITvengers line of toys and comics by The Solar System Scope, and produced by Amaze Studios, Ilkoran Studios, South Pacifica Films, and TSP Pictures. It is the 20th film in the Amaze Cinematic Universe, and the sequel to the first two SPITvengers films, The Amazing SPITvengers and SPITvengers: The Age of Spam. It also unites multiple franchises in the ACU together, including the Midand: Breaker of Silence series, Local Councillors of TSP: Suppress All, the SPITvengers, Dragon Lady, and other series in the ACU.
The film was initially announced as SPITvengers: This Is The End - Part One, intending it to be a two-part story arc, but Amaze Studios turned it down in favor of having two separate SPITvengers films.
With a budget of 200 million Palms and a large cast and crew, it is one of the biggest and most ambitious films ever made in TSP history.
The film talks about Thonates, an all-powerful and ambitious being who seeks to cause mass death and destruction to achieve her goal of amassing all the Endless Rocks, rocks of infinite glow and unknown powers. The SPITvengers, consisting of Compta, DeadFox, Stormer, The Blade, Panda, Aida, and The Beep and numerous other characters from across the ACU, including the Silence Breaker, The Dragon Lady, Erinor, The Tidal Wave, The Monkey, The Messenger, and Glimmer eventually unite to stop Thonates from accomplishing her evil goal.
The film had it's world premier in the Local Councillor center and is scheduled to be released soon. The film received high praise for it's huge efforts and accomplishments, music, and story, but criticized the runtime and some characters being barely used at all in the overall story.




Non SPITvengers
Midand as the Breaker of Silence or the Silence Breaker:
A powerful being from the Andromeda Galaxy who is able to unmask any hidden sounds.
Si-topia as the Dragon Lady:
An attractive woman from Dimension 82 who is able to transform into a dragon at will, and can still exhibit dragon powers in human form
Tsp rmb as the Messenger:
A former SPITvenger who disappeared after Age of Spam. His powers include telepathy.
Escade as Glimmer:
A mermaid general who guards the Water Realm.
Auphelia as Thonates:
A powerful being who is searching throughout the universe for the Endless Rocks, stones of infinite power
Erinor as Erinor:
One of the last Great Gods, all powerful beings that are said to protect our dimension from harm
Tsunamy as Tidal Wave:
Erinor's rebellious son who refuses to become a new Great God
Drugged Monkeys as the Monkey:
Erinor's deceased brother who still communicates by holograms and visions

The Solar System Scope as DeadFox:
A socially awkward but strong-built fox with enhanced abilities and durability, including a heightened sense of sight, smell, and coordination
The film shows also DeadFox having a crush on the Dragon Lady
Hanguk-Nippon as Compta/Harold Nedry:
An enhanced hyper-intelligent computer nerd who is able to access any system in the universe
New Haudenosaunee Confederacy as Stormer/Nate Hoxel Caplen:
Nate was involved in an accident where he was struck by lightning, though it granted him abilities to shoot lightning out of his hands
Palloth as The Blade/Paul Penton:
A former assassin and mercenary who now works for the SPITvengers, and is armed with only a katana
Pencil Sharpeners 2 as Panda:
An abnormally sized panda who is commonly used by the SPITvengers for "heavy lifting"
Aidenfieeld as Aida/Aidfield Fendrix:
A "super human" who had lucked into numerous genetic advantages at birth
Beepee as The Beep:
A powerful humanoid who has abilities from mysterious sources, including flight, strength, and others