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IPNE Historical Timeline

2037 - Nuclear devastation on Earth.
2052 - Former Canadian state Kynotsu declares itself a sovereign power.
2055 - People's Republic of Absolutus is founded in what was once Brazil.
2061 - New Holy Roman Empire of Christ is founded in what was once Italy.
          - Kynotsu suffers from a civil war, ending in its Eastern most territories rebelling and becoming East Kynotsu.
2063 - The Land of the Oppressed is founded in the remnants of Western Russia
2064 - The Neo Ottoman Empire is founded in the holy city of Mecca.
2067 - The bickering tribes of the Scandinavian Wastes are united into a single nation known as Metalopia.
2069 - Due to overwhelming aggression from the Land of the Oppressed and Metalopia the remaining nations (minus the Neo Ottomans) ally in an attempt to block any further hostilities, leading to a cold war between the two groups.
2079 - The cold war comes to an end, with the Land of the Oppressed collapsing and Metalopia being invaded and refounded as the Kingdom of Arstadsen.
2086 - Joint Holy Roman and Arstadsenean expansion into Eastern Europe is met with hostility from the Neo Ottomans who are also expanding there.
2087 - The Holy Roman Emperor is assassinated by Ottoman extremists while visiting a newly founded border town.
          - War is declared between the three groups with Arstadsen and the New Holy Roman Empire agreeing to a military alliance against the Ottomans.
2089 - The Ottoman Prophet along with several Ottoman military officials are assassinated by an Arstadsenean special operatives force.
          - The Ottoman Empire threatens to use its military arsenal on Arstadsen and the Roman Empire if they do not surrender.
          - As Arstadsenean and Roman troops begin to make their way to the Ottoman heartland the Ottomans launch their entire nuclear arsenal at the invading countries.
          - Arstadsen and the New Holy Roman Empire launch their nuclear arms as well, altogether causing mass devastation in the territories of all three countries.
2090 - The first shipment of radiation scrubbers, medicine, and other essentials are sent to the Arstadsenean, Roman, and Ottoman survivors in a joint operation by Absolutus and Kynotsu.
2110 - Kynotsu and East Kynotsu relations deteriorate, leading to the Second Kynotsian Civil War.
2115 - As the Second Kynotsian Civil War continues Kynotsian provinces begin protesting decreasing living and economic standards.
2117 - Manitoba is the first Kynotsian province to declare independence, refusing to give anymore support to the Kynotsian war effort.  Other provinces quickly follow leading to the collapse of the Commonwealth.
2118 - The Second Kynotsian Civil War is ended as the newly founded Confederacy of Independent Kynotsian Provinces quickly makes peace with East Kynotsu.