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IPNE Historical Timeline

2037 - Nuclear devastation on Earth.
2052 - Former Canadian state Kynotsu declares itself a sovereign power.
2055 - People's Republic of Absolutus is founded in what was once Brazil.
2061 - New Holy Roman Empire of Christ is founded in what was once Italy.
- Kynotsu suffers from a civil war, ending in its Eastern most territories rebelling and becoming East Kynotsu.
2063 - The Land of the Oppressed is founded in the remnants of Western Russia
2064 - The Neo Ottoman Empire is founded in the holy city of Mecca.
2067 - The bickering tribes of the Scandinavian Wastes are united into a single nation known as Metalopia.
2069 - Due to overwhelming aggression from the Land of the Oppressed and Metalopia the remaining nations (minus the Neo Ottomans) ally in an attempt to block any further hostilities, leading to a cold war between the two groups.
2079 - The cold war comes to an end, with the Land of the Oppressed collapsing and Metalopia being invaded and refounded as the Kingdom of Arstadsen.
2086 - Joint Holy Roman and Arstadsenean expansion into Eastern Europe is met with hostility from the Neo Ottomans who are also expanding there.
2087 - The Holy Roman Emperor is assassinated by Ottoman extremists while visiting a newly founded border town.
- War is declared between the three groups with Arstadsen and the New Holy Roman Empire agreeing to a military alliance against the Ottomans.
2089 - The Ottoman Prophet along with several Ottoman military officials are assassinated by an Arstadsenean special operatives force.
- The Ottoman Empire threatens to use its military arsenal on Arstadsen and the Roman Empire if they do not surrender.
- As Arstadsenean and Roman troops begin to make their way to the Ottoman heartland the Ottomans launch their entire nuclear arsenal at the invading countries.
- Arstadsen and the New Holy Roman Empire launch their nuclear arms as well, altogether causing mass devastation in the territories of all three countries.
2090 - The first shipment of radiation scrubbers, medicine, and other essentials are sent to the Arstadsenean, Roman, and Ottoman survivors in a joint operation by Absolutus and Kynotsu.