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GRP-003 07162018

GRP-003 07162018

OEU Code of Conduct

The purpose of this rule is to establish an official code of conduct for the OEU. This is intended to reduce RMB harrasment, arguments and profanity which have become commonplace in the OEU. This current volitile atmosphere on the RMB has made RP less fun due to heated arguments about whether the RP is valid and has likely turned new nations away.

- Rule #1. Always be courteous and respectful to your fellow players.

- Rule #2. Do not spam and no offensive or aggressive IRL political posts.

- Rule #3. Do not harass someone who posts something you don't agree with. This means that if you don't think someone's RP is fair or realistic you may only say it once and you must tag the RP manager who will determine if the RP is valid.

- Rule #4. Do not flame, troll or otherwise insult others.

- Rule #5. Any serious grievance against another nation shall be brought to the attention of an OEU Government Official, or taken to the Telegrams, not openly aired.

- Rule #6. New nations who say "hello" for the first time needs to have their greetings answered in a friendly manner.

- Rule #7. (Most importnant) If things get heated, step away from the keyboard.

If the code of conduct is violated it is up to the Founder or RP Manager to determine the punishment. This may include suppression of the post or posts in question and a warning to the player. If the code of conduct is violated more than 3 times you may be temporarily banned. This is ultimately up to the Founder or RP Manager.

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