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This law stands due to the issue of nations joining the Official European Union and realizing that their is no official law in place to see how they can claim land on the map. There is currently 009 GRP-002 05102018 this law states "If a new nation to the OEU wishes to claim a map spot on your colony you must let that nation take the territory. There is nothing worse than a new nation joining OEU and leaving because the were told that territory" this law only focuses on colonies.
However, now arises the issue of a new nation joining and wishing the claim land that is already in an established territory. This law addresses this issue.


No new nation may take an established nation's original territory, original territories can be proven by looking back at map archives. Original territory means the first three IRL nations they owned upon joining the OEU. Under no circumstances may this be granted to a new nation.


If a new nation wants territory outside of the original three nations they need to discuss with the current land owner, if said nation still only controls its original three nations, the new nation may not take any of their land.*


If a nation refuses to give up their territory outside of the three original nations they are legally allowed to decline to giving away their territory.

*Special cases may occur for IRL nations that have a landmass larger than 15 million sq km.


In cases of extreme governmental power abuses, the Head Justice, Prime Minister, or Chancellor is allowed to call for a poll to decide if that government official must suffer loosing some map territory. This poll may only apply to nations with less than three IRL nations.