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An Intro to Anowa

Hello there. As you can probably expect, I'm Anowa. A 20 something year old biology student with a penchant for creative writing and PC gaming.

As one can expect by the rather absurd 15000+ posts I've made in the 6 ish years (-2 for CTEing for a bit) on this forum, I do in fact know a thing or two about writing, mainly on P2TM and International Incidents.

The first thing you should know about me is that my OOC side writing and posts come off as brash and robotic, with a hefty dose of trying to reinforce realistic manners of writing. The latter of which is usually reserved for when I'm the OP of a thread, but sometimes it does slip a bit. Back to the former, you should know that said brash and robotic manner of text may make it look like I come off like I'm berating someone or I just want you gone, that is not the case. My manner of text is just very, very poor at displaying emotion, especially since my writing is a very regimented style with very little room for exclamation points or italics or the like where they aren't really needed. (Blame 2 years of writing classes)

That being said, I do in fact want to help you improve. Either through aiding in alternatives for a thread application that may be sub-par or simple writing advice (the latter of which I rarely get a chance to do). Though I mainly dabble in Milsim, sci-fi, and horror, I can give some tips in other genres, such as fantasy, slice of life, etc. This is due in part to me basically sticking a finger into every slice of the P2TM pie that's popular, and the shared nature that writing has at it's base levels.

So while I not only participate, I am more than happy to help you out with your ideas, plans, and even banners for threads if need be.

Also remember this: Every flag, every name, and every post has a person that wrote it. Not a machine or a program, a person, and people are liable to make mistakes, mess things up, go a little overboard, or generally make an ass of themselves. The point is not to hate them, despise them, dislike them, or what have you, simply provide some criticism, and hope they do better next time.

This has been an intro to me, have fun.

The Allied States of Anowa