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The West Pacifican Vol. 13

A Pirate's Example

by Neenee, Guardian and Librarian of TWP

When in doubt, be Captain Barbossa.

Barbossa always did what was needed to accomplish his goal. I don't believe he was really a bad guy, even with the mutiny (Really, have you seen Jack? I don't blame Barbossa for the mutiny at all), and everything else in the subsequent movies, he wasn't ever really bad. He has the Code, but to call the Code "rules" is wrong. Barbossa refers to the Code as "guidelines," which is far more appropriate.

ďFirst, your return to shore was not part of our negotiations nor our agreement so I must do nothing. And secondly, you must be a pirate for the pirate's code to apply and you're not. And thirdly, the code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules. Welcome aboard the Black Pearl, Miss Turner.Ē

Jack doesn't seem to follow the Code strictly either.

ďThe only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can't do.Ē

Barbossa is a better role model for the general concept I'm talking about than Jack, though. Barbossa recognizes there are rules, but decides to take them more as guidelines. Apply this to real life. Most people have a moral or an ethical code that guides them, whether it is something they have set down for themselves or is set for them. Whichever it is, you have a choice on how you go about things.

If you follow your code strictly, and refuse to bend or adjust for circumstances, you will break. When you break, it will be hard to come back from that. Even if you can tell yourself you did the right thing, sticking to what you believe in without bending, you still break, and there is damage. Having done the right thing is questionable at that point, because you have caused harm by refusing to compromise, it doesn't matter whether that harm is to the situation, you, another person, or more than one of the above.

However, by treating your personal moral or ethical code as more of a guideline than actual rules, you allow yourself to use gray areas and take things on more of a case-by-case basis. You can do what is right or necessary in each instance, rather than having that blanket decision already made for you. This wouldn't be an excuse to do the wrong thing. It would be a way to do the thing you felt was right, what you know intellectually, rationally is right, even if on paper it was wrong. Really, it's an excuse to do the right thing. And doing the right thing is not wrong.

There's a secondary lesson here, going back to Elizabeth's interaction with Barbossa. She was assuming that Barbossa would follow the Code, not taking into account that he's, well, a pirate, and probably has some moral wiggle room that's he's just fine using, and also ignoring the fact that she is not a pirate and as such may be viewed differently. Just because you may strictly adhere to a set of rules, don't assume someone else will do the same.

Anyways though...

Use your morals or ethics to guide your path, but don't let them restrict your actions so heavily that you forget to think about what you are doing and why. Let your code be guidelines, not rules. Be willing to do what a situation calls for, not simply what you are told to do.

We should all be a little more like Barbossa.

Raiding, Lazarus, and Lord Dominator

by Lord Dominator

Sylven: Why did you decide to become a raider?

Lord Dominator: Wanted to have fun and be the villain.

S: I've noticed a recent lull in many raider organizations' activity recently. Why is this?

LD: I don't actually think there has been a lull in raider activity recently. To me at least, raider activity has been doing its regular thing, going up and down with the weeks as different people have different scheduling conflicts. Plus, tagging is still at its rough bare minimum as it goes, and it could just be having that over other activity levels is now a bit weird. As to occupation activity, I'd guess that any lessened activity there is the result of general boredom with the existing targets, since they haven't changed all that much recently (sans Westphalia).

S: In your opinion what is good about TWPAF and what can they improve on?

LD: I do like the TWPAF theme, but beyond that I can't really comment since I don't know much about ya'll. These are some general suggestions:

1. Moar tagging; I don't really see any of your guys' tags out when I'm setting triggers, which indicates that the Pirates need some more activity up in there.

2. Gameplay forum reports. Now I'm not suggesting one for every single hit or something, but just an occasional thing so those of us not laser-focused on TWP are aware ya'll still exist.

3. Possibly occupations if you have the manpower for them.

4. Work with TBH again :P 'Course I assume this is more of a tippy-top level policy, but one can dream. :)

S: Why did you join Lazarus?

LD: I originally joined Lazarus just after the switch to the Khanate, since I figured a purely raider GCR could be fun. Obviously I was wrong, since they did one raid in that time. I kinda hoped to achieve something (like maybe delegacy), but after awhile I just stopped paying attention.

S: Why has Lazarus been the most-couped region for the last ever?

LD: Because coupers are inherently attracted to it I guess. It's like a coup magnet.

S: What do you see in Laz's future?

LD: In the near future I see a sort of peace as people get used to the new, stable government. What's going to make that a thing is Imki having imposed a Constitution, and people generally trusting her. I have heard that she has someone in mind for vice-delegate, so that should also help.

S: Ooh, who does she have in mind for vice-delegate? Or is it just "someone"? :O Dude. Way to be mysterious.

LD: I have no idea. Someone she trusts to do a good job obviously. I'm guessing Cormac or one of the former Council of Nations.

S: What do you think about Cormac? I've heard a lot of good and a lot of bad. :P

LD: I like Cormac. He makes stuff interesting and he's fun to talk to (note, I'm his grandson GP-family wise). Plus he has some good history stories, and causes drama by doing literally anything since he is Cormac.

S: Do you have a main NS goal or are you just around for the chills?

LD: I don't really have any big goals in mind for NS aside from having fun.

S: You spend a lot of time in the Gameplay forum.. What are your favorite quotes from there?


Reploid Productions: *scribbles in her "Things I've Learned About Gameplay" notebook*
Today I learned that nothing ever f*cking dies in Gameplay. Ever. Like a zombie horde of well-beaten horses. And I thought NSG had the market cornered for deceased equine abuse!

Sarakart: I don't think you understand that the entire point of The Black Hawks is to act as a military organization. You can reason with them, sure. You can also reason with a landmine, but it won't make you any less dead when you step on it.

S: Thank you! <3

Captain Overthinkers (left) trying to watch raids from outside his Guardian office.

TWPAF Update

by Overthinkers, Captain of TWPAF and Guardian of TWP

When the summer solstice approaches, the warmer waters at first draw out some new seafarers looking for adventure. But once the seasonís in full swing, sailor and landlubber alike would rather sleep through the heat than work through it.

Unfortunately, when your occupation is plundering others, you donít always have the luxury of taking a vacation.

One pirate who certainly hasnít taken time off this summer has been Chervil. After Cherís previous successes, Captain OT had begun to teach her how to lead her own expeditions. She did not disappoint, starting with training newcomers and now already setting her sights on looting 50 targets in a night. She has more than earned her promotion to Officer.

Altogether, TWPAF looted 49 regions in the month of June. Promotions included Chervilís ranking up from Powder Monkey to Gunner, and Alpora achieving Striker.

The pirates will continue their quests for rum and chocolate in the days to come. In the meantime, we will be stocking up on sunscreen.

Haikuesday Excerpts

Editor's Note: Haikuesday is one of the many well-loved cultural activities in The West Pacific. I love the creativity people share and the laughs they have making haikus together! I hope you enjoy these pieces from the last few weeks as well; I wish I could have fit in everyone's!

by TWP's Community


While eating cookies
and dipping them in the milk
I feel happy



The voices are telling me
To write a haiku



The West Pacific
Is awesome in many ways
And TWPAF is great too



I really really
really really really like
to eat pecan pie



Packing must happen
But only when the cat has
Finished her looooooong nap.



The recipe calls
For just a bit of white rum
But I use a lot



She lives in my mind.
Yearning for freedom by pen.
I will write for her.


You may want to invest in
A psychiatrist.


You mistake purpose.
I speak of a character.
To use in roleplay.



Perhaps the best way
To stop holding on to me
Is to let me go



Drinking hot tea while
Planning ways to misbehave
I'll sneak Badger's booze



Do five syllables
Then seven is the number
Do five once again

Haikus don't have to
rhyme or to even make sense

Numbers do not lie
Mathematics does prove this

Embrace the haiku
flowing beautifully smooth
amidst seas of words

The Ruby Ravens

They don't have to rhyme
I don't want to see your fridge
Unless you share all your food

Lost wolves