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The Lords of the Crucible (LotC)

The Lords of the Crucible

The Lords of the Crucible is Destiny's newest clan of all aspects from PvP, to PvE but don't let the name fool you into thinking this is only a crucible clan. We are more then just your average band of misfits, and rift wrath we are a family committed to helping each other. The Lords are more then just a small crucible clan, we take part in all the aspects of Destiny 1 or 2. If you are new to the game then don't be afraid, our clan is here to help our newest members just ask us. So go and form your best fireteam, the Lords is waiting for you now just join up and have fun.


The Lords of the Crucible only has a few simple rules, we ask our members to follow if they wish to remain with us.

1) Please be respectful of your fellow clan mates, and to the government lords who oversee the various aspects.

2) Please be active within the clan and help us get our weekly engrams, remember that this is a team effort.

3) Raids are planned events for the Lords of the Crucible, and must be suggested to our Lord of the Raid at least two days in advance.

Clan Positions:

Positions within the Lords of the Crucible is awarded to members, who are loyal to the clan and its weekly efforts. High ranking members within the clan, is known as Supreme Lords themselves each with a unique name.

Council of Lords: The council oversees the day to day running, of the organization and make new rules. The council consist of the founder and four other appointed lords, each running a aspect of Destiny for the clan.

Lord of the Raid: The second highest position within the clan, He/She is expected to handle all aspects dealing with the raid. Including listening to recommend raids, then planning and organizing a fireteam to carry out the event. They are also in charge of helping our new members, who are interested in learning the raid during the first playthough.

Lord of PvP:

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