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History of the UFN (In progress)

History of the UFN
Chapter 1: the founding
The Adylicatpeel Empire was on its last legs when Adylica the founder of it decided that it needed to disband and be refounded as everything around it was collapsing, there were riots and talks of revolution. So the region divided into a couple regions but they slowly merged back together into what is now known as the UFN. Adylica at first didnt know which regions to trust and who not to trust so he only made embassies with who he could trust like the ULN.
Chapter 2: Election 1 and 2
As it were the first election who ever won would be an important figure to the UFN. Gemenon won the election by a land slide but people once he was elected saw him as an ineffective leader who would not do anything for the region something that would end up being his demise in the next election. During this period we made friends with lardyland YAY! Raynosordia won the next election and was thought to be a better leader than the previous.
Chapter 3: Born from war
As it is the summer a lot of people were inactive and started ceasing to exist and Westunia decided to capitalize on that.
in Lardyland he made a fake puppet account and pretended to be from Lily and offered them an alliance he then made them attack the former Adylicatpeel colony named Actually nothing because he hates the UFN and saw this as an opportunity to attack. They took the region with in 12 hours and held it for about three days until Spear Danes liberated it, the region went back and forth between them a lot until their founder Switzerland-but communist came back and reclaimed the region. The UFN was at war with both the ULN and Lardyland at the time but was at the brink of making a discovery that would end the war. They found out that Lilys 124th puppet was a faker and told both lardyland and the ULN and made peace and even made an alliance with the ULN.
Chapter 4: The Refounding
With Adylica and Tabby-mania being active again they decided to refound the region and ejected all the people who were inactive but told them to rejoin the minute they are active again. Adylica went to the dominion of lower canada and asked them if they would merge with them which they said yes to which helped the people of both regions.
Chapter 5: Peace and Prosperity for all
This is the most recent state of the UFN where we are apart of an inter regional alliance with Union of Liberal Nations and we have access to any form of role play or activity we want. Besides some minor set backs we were in a relative good condition.
Chapter 6: Summer ending and the first presidential election since the region came back!!!.
As summer comes to a close we are having our first presidential election since the region came back. The candidates are Pinochet executionists ufn puppet, Greater aldanbery, and Uln ambassador. Who will win this election I sure dont know.

Chapter 7: ending of the region
After further conflicts in the region we decided to end the region and divide into the Inquiry and The Free Enclave. After a while the Inquiry attempted to conquer the UFN as the Adylica nation CTE'd and TFE was able to reach take it. After about a month TFE continued the offensive as no official peace treaty has been signed and took ovet the Inquiry. With the death of the Inquiry the Cipheron imerged which eventually crumbled due to internal conflicts.
Chapter 8: Refounding
After I regained control of the Adylica account I decided to refound the region.