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Dinoium for Vice Delegate of TNP July 2018

Hello nations of The North Pacific, if you don't know me, I am Dinoium, you may remember I attempted to run for Vice Delegate in May 2018 and Court Justice in June 2018, well I am back and will be trying to win this position of Vice Delegate this time!!

Current Positions in The North Pacific

- Deputy Minister of Communications

- TNP Ambassador to Balder

- Citizen of The North Pacific

- Private First Class of The North Pacific

- Member of the speaker's staff

- Member of all ministries

Now let me explain the office of The Vice Delegate:

- The Vice Delegate invite smore people to the Security Council if they meet the requirement and apply.

- The Vice Delegate help with the Citizenship checks.

- The Vice Delegate fills in the Delegate's position if Vacant..

Now of course, the Vice Delegate role is very powerful and if a nation attempts to come close to the Delegate or VD's endorsement, we must take swift action, I will of course inform the sitting Delegate, Siwale, if this were to happen, I will telegram the nation to apply for the Security Council and if they apply, I will imminently propose a debate to the Regional Assembly, I will also inform the Security Council of this, we must prevent raiders from seizing power and if there is a rogue delegate or if our current delegate retires or is inactive, I will trigger our Regional Alert System (RAS)

Red: Indicates a rogue delegate in the seat. During an emergency in the WA delegacy, the Chair, in consultation with the Security Council, may declare the delegate to be rogue. The Security Council may declare the delegate to be rogue at any time by majority vote.
Orange: Indicates major instability in the delegacy, including telegram campaigns against the legal delegate, a nation gathering sufficient endorsements to threaten the delegacy, reasonable fear of the sitting delegate going rogue, or any other similar factor.
Yellow: Indicates a period of minor instability in the delegacy, due to standard delegacy transfers following elections or an unexpected resignation, a failure of the legal delegate to attain sufficient endorsements to safely hold the seat, or any other reason.
Green: Indicates a low risk of instability or a rogue delegate, but with various regional factors, including an inexperienced delegate or low activity levels, that merit increased security.
Blue: Indicates near-zero risk of rogue delegacy, with regional factors such as political participation and overall activity levels contributing to ongoing stability.

My plan is to get more people into the Security Council if they meet the requirements and expand the World Assembly Development Program, I will encourage people to endotart.. I will also help with the Vice Delegate Citizenship Pass, and of course shown above, I am willing to fill the vacant of the office of Delegate if needed and will use the RAS more if needed...

Remember to vote Dinoium on Jul 18 2018, 04:30 AM (your forum time) to Jul 23 2018, 04:30 AM (your forum time). And put
in your signature if you support me!

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