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by The Dont read this part of Empire of Elysium. . 38 reads.

The Emperor is dead!

Robert the II has died of natural causes in his at the age of ninety five. Just as his he wanted the only flag flying in the Empire is the Christian Flag. His last words where “While I ruled Elysium I expanded, grew its defenses, and rose the economy, but what I am most proud of making a Theocracy”. He started his rule at fifthteen making his rule the longest of any Elysiumite ruler and as far as we know the longest of any (human) ruler in force. Robert the III his eldest will be taking the throne in a ten days in five days his funeral will be held ,any nations leader can come but Sword BJ Quincet Impits Menouss Algermaine and Pollux b leaders will be invited to say words about him. Emperor Robert will be remembered.
“Don’t tread on the Infinite Empire”