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Gameplay in the Galactic Federation


The Galactic Federation encourages self-expression and creativity, but a few rules are needed to ensure gameplay goes smoothly.

Rule I-No spamming the chat! The RMB is designed to allow civil discourse between nations, so don’t abuse it or you will be banned from posting or kicked from the region by our regional moderator, United Alderaan.

Rule II. Two nations tops. You may only have two nations in the GF. One may be a voting nation and the other an “observer state.”

Rule III. Voting nations must be in the WA. If you want to vote, you need to join. This rule is designed to prevent voter fraud as players may only have one nation in the WA. Regional representatives have a number of votes equal to the number of WA nations in their region, not the total.

Rule IV. No “joke nations.” The Federation is a serious roleplaying environment, so don’t make nations that aren’t believable. Humor is appreciated, but not to a point where it becomes ridiculous.

Break any of the four rules, and you will first be subject to a reprimand from the moderators, then gradually more severe consequences until ejection, then being banned.

Please note that none of the above rules deal with defying the Galactic Assembly. That is part of roleplaying. You can really do whatever as long as you stay within realistic roleplaying.


Nations are constantly competing for land, resources, and resources the hearts and minds of their people. In the Galactic Federation, these resources are represented by WA endorsements.