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El Prez - the Most Awesome Person in the World!

El Presidente

President of Tropico

El President

El Presidente

He is El Prez,
the Most Awesome Person in the World!

2nd, 4th & 6th President of Tropico


El Presidente
El Prez






Time Immemorial (a. ∞)





Full Name

El Presidente




Presidente Senior


Presidente Dowager

East Point Academy


Tropican Catholic Church
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Service Branch

Tropican Army

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El Presidente (Spanish: "The President") is the Most Awesome Person in the World and the glorious ruler of Tropico, the greatest country in the world! Presidente rules with an iron fist (and a bauxite fist, and a gold fist) over the proud, pious, and patriotic Tropican people as they establish themselves as a superpower to rival all others! Detractors and rebels spread vicious lies about him, calling him a 'dictator', a 'populist', 'corrupt' and even a 'terrorist'! All lies and propaganda - to an extent! But the truth is Presidente is the greatest ruler Tropico has ever had and he takes his position and power very seriously, all the while having the time of his life. Thanks to Presidente's great vision, he has managed to turn what was once a poverty stricken hellhole in the Caribbean into a paradise and role model for all small nations in spite of the best efforts of mad scientists, terrorists, rebels, corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and oppressive tyrants. Truly Tropico is blessed with Presidente, whose very presence can humble Mother Nature and send hurricanes to nasty neighbors!

¡Viva El Presidente! ¡Viva Tropico!








Rise to Power

El Presidente's rise to power is truly extraordinary and worthy of the deepest of praises, for he - and he alone (I helped a little, really) - made Tropico into the great nation it is today! Presidente had a dream of a better tomorrow for Tropico and all her citizens, and he achieved it in the face of all adversity!

Generalissimo Santana,
former caudillo and dictator
Following the resignation and retirement of Tropico's former presidente Martin Gomez, El Prez won the 1950 Tropican Election and became the new presidente, under the guidance of his then-role model and mentor Generalissimo Santana (if anyone says Santana rigged the vote in favor of his pupil, they lie). El Presidente's first mission was to descend upon the beautiful yet poverty stricken island of Santa Clara, which was so poor the citizens there couldn't even afford farms! With Santana's help Presidente quickly turned the backwards, fourth-world country into a thriving island paradise by providing the island with food, healthcare, housing, education, and other trivial luxuries like that.

Presidente's next aim was to kick-start Tropico's soon-to-be powerhouse economy by partnering with Keith Preston, then-CEO of Fruitas Ltd., who saw potential in the island's many natural resources and promised to invest in it if it's mining sector proved promising. With Preston's help Presidente was able to build up a powerful economy on the back of Isla de Hierro's now flourishing mining industry in spite of the seismological activity on the island.

After his success on Isla de Hierro, Presidente took over the newly-independent island of Cara Libro, which had won it's independence from Britain at a costly price - 20% of all profits made by the island's exports were to go straight to the UK! But Presidente defied European greed by exploiting a loophole in the agreement which exempted tourism from this tax, building up a powerful tourism industry with economic assistance from the mines on Isla de Hierro. Cara Libro was soon turned into the tourist hotspot of the Caribbean, attracting big names such as Nick Richards - the American Senator of Nebraska -, Generalissimo Santana, and even the notorious communist rebel leader Marco Moreno!

Keith Preston,
former CEO of Fruitas Ltd.
Once again Presidente worked with Preston to exploit the island of Yermo Encarnado's strategic position along international trade routes to further develop the growing Tropican economy. The island had been avoided for it's lack of natural resources, but where other's saw folly Presidente saw opportunity! Importing resources from abroad, Presidente turned the island into a powerful industrial base while Preston supplied him with the raw manpower to fill the factories.

Despite all he had accomplished, there were still foolish foreigners who dared to call Tropico 'boring'! To prove them wrong, Presidente set up on Isla Desconcida and where he broke several world records such as: World's Smelliest Cheese, World's Biggest Papaya, and World's Largest Mustache on a Woman - the latter of which greatly angered the infamous UN official, Brunhilde Van Hoof, who tried to stop Presidente but was foiled as the nations of the world (who hated the European bureaucrat) backed Presidente's ambitions. In the end, Van Hoof was forced to publicly award Tropico for being an inspiration to small nations everywhere (she still hates Presidente) and a Tropican stole the record for World's Largest Mustache on a Woman from the Van Hooves!

Presidente's ambitions did not stop there, for his next trial was to pacify the militantly ideological people of Santa Teresa, where overthrowing legitimate authority was a national pass-time! Having just overthrown their 20th dictator to date, the radical factions of Santa Teresa expected quick victory over Presidente - backed by Marco Moreno and his rebels. But they were defeated, and Presidente brought peace to the island for the first time ever with some charitable support from Richards, who had just become the new Vice President of the United States.

Brunhilde Van Hoof,
universally hated UN representative
Fearful of his growing power and envious of the superior might of Tropico, foreign powers and internal elements continued to expire against El Presidente. As tensions grew high during the year of 1959, the USSR launched a coup on Santa Clara while Presidente tried desperately to keep America's DEFCON superweapon from reaching 1 and destroying the world through clever diplomacy on the island of Pachanga Volcánica, but this did little to stop Presidente from preventing WWIII. Just as things seemed to be working, disaster struck! The U.S. President was assassinated by a man named Juanito, who then claimed to be working for Presidente! Now-President Richards believed the obvious lie, and sent the UN to invade Tropico and arrest Presidente! Fortunately, Presidente was able to purchase a new identity and escaped the wrath of the army of angry globalist bureaucrats by building lots of docks to confuse their ships and fleeing in a hot air balloon (I was there, too)!

His reputation ruined and cut off from his Swiss bank account, Presidente vowed revenge against those who had soiled his mostly-good name. Making his way to the crime-ridden Isla Oscura with his most trustworthy advisor, Penultimo (that's me!), Presidente worked to exact his revenge by uncovering the plot against him - all the while purging the island of organized crime. It was here Presidente learned directly from Generalissimo Santana that his mentor was involved in the conspiracy against his own pupil, and had used it to take over Tropico!

Nick Richards,
former US President and Senator
Presidente knew that in order to exact his vengeance and further uncover the conspiracy against him that he would need money. Taking to the underpopulated island of Nueva Esperanza, Presidente created a haven for the unwanted denizens of the world - reeducating them and putting them to good use as they helped him develop the new economy on the island.

Returning to Isla Desconcida - which had fallen from grace in the wake of Presidente's absence - Presidente would manipulate both Europe and the USSR into helping to develop the island by first surrendering the island to European jurisdiction, and then having the USSR back an independence movement for the island. Having manipulated both powers, Presidente managed to fully develop the island.

Now possessing great power, Presidente could now begin plotting revenge against his enemies. His first target was Keith Preston, who had severed ties with Presidente and denied any former cooperation with him - refusing to help him clear his name. Building up a strong economy on the island of Puerto Angélico, Presidente would proceed to use his money to buy shares in Preston's company - Fruitas Ltd. - and brushed off Preston's attempts to stop him. However, Presidente was only able to procure 50% of the company's shares and was 1% short of being able to oust Preston from his position as CEO. Unable to purchase the services of expensive Japanese Ninjas, Presidente arranged a deal with the much cheaper Chinese Ninjas in order to secure the remaining 1% of the company's shares, which were locked away in heavily-guarded fortified vault in Tibet. Obtaining this last percentage allowed for Presidente to take control of the company and fire Preston from his position as CEO, effective immediately!

Marco Moreno,
rebel leader and communist hardliner
Beaten but not broken, Preston invested all his remaining money in the three most likely candidates to host the Olympic Games. Unwilling to let such a dangerous enemy rebuild himself, Presidente used his expertise as both a businessman and a politician to turn the island of Isla Tropicana into the prime candidate to host the games. Not only did Presidente succeed in bankrupting Preston, but Presidente's dimwitted yet athletic second cousin (he is his cousin, I swear!), Jorge Oliviera, managed to win Tropico several Olympic Gold Medals in the process!

The next stage of Presidente's plan for revenge would see him return to Nueva Esperanza to confront Marco Moreno, the dangerous rebel leader who had just kidnapped El Toucan - Presidente's beloved pet bird! After El Toucan was returned safely, it was discovered that Moreno had been manipulated into opposing Presidente and after Presidente impressed Moreno with both his military might and his dedication to the Tropican people, Moreno agreed to switch sides and assist El Presidente.

As Presidente returned to Isla Oscura, the dastardly Generalissimo Santana discovered Presidente's identity and kidnapped his "twin", black-mailing Presidente into serving him by threatening to release Presidente's identity to the world and executing and his twin. But Presidente was no fool - he knew he had no twin, for Presidente is one a kind! Not only that, but Presidente was secretly supporting Marco Moreno's revolution against the despotic rule of Generalissimo Santana, eventually resulting in the latter's ousting from power in 1965!

Penultimo (me!),
trusted advisor to El Presidente
Victorious, Presidente returned to Santa Clara - which Generalissimo Santana had renamed "Puerto Gato" and declared his capital - to bring liberty to the oppressed people while suppressing Santana's insurrection against him, Santana being hellbent on returning to power. After undoing Santana's repressive policies such as banning free speech and outlawing elections, Presidente built up a powerful army to crush Santana and his loyalist rebels and resistance members with the help of Moreno, and Santana's location was finally discovered and he was captured.

Having ousted Santana, Presidente could return to his goal of turning Tropico into a great nation. However, there was an issue. Santa Teresa (renamed "Costa Laplata" by Santana) had been taken over by Brunhilde Van Hoof and her corrupt, sycophantic, bureaucratic UN inspector cronies who exploited the island for their own gain. Through bribery, trickery, and charisma Presidente was not only able to convince the corrupt UN inspectors to leave, but also return the island to prosperity the likes of which satisfied the UN, which then officially left the island in the hands of Presidente once more.

By this time Presidente had exposed Santana's conspiracy against him, clearing his name and allowing him to publicly take power in Tropico again under his true identity once more. Presidente then returned to Puerto Angélico, which had been renamed "St. Maria Magnifica" by Santana, to continue his development of Tropico. Following a string of suspicious incidents, Penultimo (me!) correctly deduced that there was an assassination plot against Presidente! Even stranger, Generalissimo Santana (who apparently does not hold a grudge and dislikes plots to assassinate dictators), offered to help Presidente discover who was behind the plot against him (after being bribed with $250,000 out of President's own Swiss bank account).

Presidente then returned to Pachanga Volcánica, now aware that it was Nick Richards that was the true mastermind behind the conspiracy. Seeking for proof of his involvement, President discovered the Soviets possessed such proof. After helping the USSR hunt down and eliminate the top American spies in Tropico, the USSR agrees to hand over the evidence.

Before handing over the evidence, the Soviets asked Presidente to test out their theoretical Glasnost and Perestroika policies in Tropico before they implemented them in the USSR. After doing so, the Soviets discover that the recording of Richards' involvement has been stolen - but with Presidente's help they find the thief and pass the recording on to Presidente, allowing him to finally seek his revenge.

President Richards was then impeached and arrested, and El Presidente was triumphant at last! With the conspiracy finally destroyed, Presidente was able to finally turn Tropico into the utopian paradise he had envisioned, and on the island of Isla de Hierro he did just that! Presidente, having earned a rest, decided to take a lengthy vacation in 1972 - leaving Penultimo (me!) in charge of Tropico in his absence.

Political Views

What can really be said about Presidente's politics? He is a communist and a capitalist, a theocrat and a secularist, a conservative and a liberal, a nationalist and a globalist, a totalitarian and a libertarian - Presidente is whatever he needs to be to bring peace, happiness, prosperity, success, money, fame, notoriety, embargoes, international condemnation, and tourists to Tropico! During Presidente's long rule he has pacified the many factions of Tropico by pursuing not one, but all of their agendas in a way that pleases all of them! Truly his genius is undeniable!

He has been everything from a pirate king, to a brutal authoritarian, to a progressive intellectual, to an aggressive warmonger, to a powerful witch-doctor, to a doomsday prepper, to a business magnate, to a paranoid isolationist and just about everything you can imagine! Presidente does not care about politics, you see. Presidente cares only about Tropico and her people, and will do whatever he as to do, be whatever he has to be, to make sure that Tropico survives and flourishes as a great nation.

Some might call him 'contradictory', or 'populist', or 'power-hungry', or 'a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma'. All of these are true and untrue at the same time! Presidente is what you hate and what you love all at once, because he is whatever he needs to be to succeed! Make no mistake, everyone in Tropico plays a role in Presidente's grand scheme - yes, every fat tourist, every drunk soldier, every heartless lawyer, every unemployed beggar, and even every disillusioned voter who died of mysterious circumstances is playing the part that El Presidente needs them to play so that he can make Tropico the greatest country in the world - and that makes all the rum-drinking and public executions worth it!

Religious Views

There are some that might suggest El Presidente is the Second Coming of Jesus, but those people are obviously crazy. Even we Loyalists don't believe that nonsense. No, it's more likely that Presidente is Jesus' little brother sent down to Earth to make Tropico into the perfect nation so that Jesus will have somewhere nice to show up instead of the war-torn Middle East when he inevitably returns.

As for Presidente himself, he is of course a strong believer in the Catholic Church like most Tropicans. He is a role model for all good, God-fearing Tropicans through his legalization of same-sex marriages, religious consumption of rum, never-ending lust for power, unending greed, and constant womanizing - truly is he a man of God! Why it's no surprise he and the Pope are best friends!






  • Presidente once went on a worldwide tour to give lectures on free voting, sustainable democracy, and civil society engineering to countries that had no understanding of these concepts, such as the USA and Switzerland

  • All the ladies love Presidente! Yes, that includes you Agent Sasha! Do not deny it!

  • Presidente was literally born into the purple

  • Presidente's grandmother used to overfeed him as a child, as such he grew up a chunky kid (but you didn't hear that from me!)

  • Presidente enjoys soothing protesters, crushing rebels, and spending time with his beloved childhood pet, El Toucan

  • The vault to Presidente's Swiss bank account once exploded after being overstuffed with money!

  • After ousting Keith Preston from his position of CEO at Fruitas Ltd., Presidente became the new CEO - a title which he retains to this day

  • Presidente is so popular with the ladies that when Generalissimo Santana took over Santa Clara, he discovered that 50 women had left the island after learning El Presidente was no longer in charge of Tropico!

  • Presidente has over 1,000,000 followers on social media

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