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Europeia Appoints New Delegate


Contact Information (Discord): Antonius#7560

(Europeia, July 12, 2018) - - Last Week, following the resignation of former World Assembly Delegate Aexnidaral Seymour, the President nominated and the Senate confirmed Ervald as the new delegate. Currently, the region is still in the transition process, with Ervald having a little under half the need endorsements. Please endorse his nation is Southwestern Germany as soon as possible.

Ervald is currently serving his second term as Minister of the World Assembly and will continue to serve in that role concurrently until at least the end of this executive term. Upon his confirmation as delegate, he stated "It is my immense pleasure to be your next World Assembly Delegate. The World Assembly is an institution I deeply care about when it comes to Europeia's role in it and I am glad I can remain dedicated to that cause as I represent this region in the General Assembly and Security Council."

This is notably the first time that a Delegate has solely been confirmed by the Senate as when the reforms of the World Assembly Act (2017) were passed in December 2017 Aexnidaral was delegate. The bill changed the process from a region wide vote for the delegate to the President nominating and the Senate confirming an appointee. The bill also stipulated a term length until reconfirmation or a new appointee was required, so baring any unforeseen events Ervald will serve a minimum of 180 days in his new position.


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