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The way to find the number of clone soldiers and citizens

Today, in order to solve the problem of clone soldiers, today I present the equation of calculation on the number of clone soldiers that you are capable of.

Requirement for clones:

  • SA must be from 251 above

  • No godmodding of the clones

  • No use of clones to fight against the nations which have the SA under 91.

  • Clones will be included into the population.

Here is the equation for soldiers:

Here is the equation for citizens:

Tips: Rounding.
More then likely you ended up with a decimal. For rounding down, look at the closest number to the . (Ie: .....65438.7892)
Then you see where on a scale of 1-10 it lands.

1-4; round down and stay at the same ones digit.(ie: 1263.3790 - the three rounds down the three to a 3.0)

5-10; round up and move upwards one ones digit.(ie: 52729.7294 - the seven rounds up the 9 to a 10. Making the number now 52730)

P/S 2: I have a project of a unified calculation system and rules for RP, calculating and others related to numbers. Anyone interested in please tell me via RMB and telegram.