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The Daily Dispatch Revived!

The Daily Dispatch
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The Daily Dispatch Revived!!!

| After losing its veiwers to other major news companies like Devian News and Read-Views, The Daily Dispatch was discontinued by the government. Its inability to catch up on modern tech plus its cut funding to supply the new government, resulted in it posting its last dispatch on 2018 labeled “The end of the Daily Dispatch”. With the government having been stabilized since then, the government has reestablished it as a trust worthy alternitive to the many clickbaity and dishonest media sites set up in the last decade. This will of course cause the other media sites to go up in outcry claiming it steals their free market readers but we respond to that with the simple solution to that problem. If there veiwers truly trust them, they wont run to a government run media site. More info will be released soon, along with updates to the site. - Written by Ally Lindasi

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By MyStan_Man14 - 56 mins Ago

Sweet! I remember this from before the Imperium Wars! Most reliable news scource ive seen tbh. That doesnt mean I believe its always 100% honest though.

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By Bubblerapsam65 - 45 mins Ago

I hope this makes our news more convenient. Just have to wait and see I guess!

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By AmandaMaxanson1989 - 86 mins Ago

More media! We have it bad as is!

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