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Sicorcian Special Forces Adopt New Rifle

Pictured: The CZ 805 BREN A1, Sicorcia's new rifle for elite units.

After an intensive trial involving elite units from every branch of Sicorcia's armed forces, a new rifle was chosen, the CZ 805 BREN A1. A decision was made to adopt a new rifle to update Sicorcia's special forces to a world-class standard. This was for better ease of use and an improved technological advantage in today's 21st century battlefields. The other contenders in the trial included rifles from all over the world, including the FN SCAR, Colt M4A1, IMBEL MD97, Heckler & Koch G36E, CETME Model L, FN F2000, Bushmaster ACR, HS Produkt VHS-2, Heckler & Koch HK416 and the winner, the CZ 805. The new rifle replaced the H&K G41 and Colt Model 727 in special forces use. The G41 is Sicorcia's current rifle issued to all branches of the armed forces. Some units like the secretive Red Panda Special Operations Group (RP-SOG) use the compact Colt Model 727 from the Sicorcian National Police due to the nature of their missions. Multinational training exercises showed that the G41 and to a lesser extent, the 727 were unfit for modern special forces use due to lack of modularity and flexibility in the modern battlefield. During the trial, the CZ 805 showed the fewest stoppages and suffered the least amount of damage in the grueling testing phase. It was also the most popular rifle with the operators involved in testing. RP-SOG decided to go with the updated CZ 806 BREN 2 because it was more inline with their mission profile with its lighter weight and improved ergonomics.

The H&K G41 was adopted in 1986 to replace the FN FAL following the trend to adopt a new service rifle for NATO's standard cartridge, the 5.56x45mm. While there are currently no plans to replace the G41 with the regular army, the adoption of the CZ 805 shows promising modernization of the Sicorcian armed forces to the world stage.

Pictured: The current rifle of Sicorcia's military, the H&K G41 seen here with Sicorcian commandos in Afghanistan, 2003.