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Out of the Aeons

“Ya gnaiih, ya gnaiih, thflthkh n'gha”

"There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods."

- The First Tiānhuáng, Apotheosis

Many things can be said about the people of Shinobku, of how peaceful and serene they must be to have generations of peace in their specie history. To an extent this is true but not for the reasons one might think. Yes they uphold the ideology of harmonic unity and absolute compassion for all life, but that is merely a distant dream, an unreachable horizon on a black sea. Gazing forlornly as Ahsakans huddle together on a small island on that unfathomable, dark waters. They do not huddle together out of trust for eachother, that much is clear as day by merely glancing to the Espers and Hermes. No, they do it out of fear. That a moment of division can mean death for them all, despite being banded together out of need it is ironically a saving grace for the tribes as the cosmic threats provide a clear enemy for the tribes and acts as a check against conquest and infighting. For without a force to struggle against the tribes will begin to target each other. This fear of the unknown is the fuel that runs the think tank, to disregard morality and ethics in the name of innovational progress. From the Espers performing Ahsaka experimentation to the Herme dealing with forces that they should not be involved with.

Despite having dealt with Interplanar Invaders for many generations not much is known of the reasoning if at all for why these horrid beings are attracted to Niji. Some claim that the planet is a wellspring of cosmic energy in the world sheet that attracts Fōrinā (A name coined by The First Tiānhuáng) to it like a moth to the flame. Blasphemous cults claim that the Fōrinā are in fact trying to save the Ahsaka from their belief in the Dreamer who in the obscure texts that is miraculously taken from different planes, cite that the Dreamer is actually named Azathoth. Who in which the cults 'understand' is that all of existence. Their entire lives, all of history, and everything that will come to pass, is the vivid dreaming of a blind idiot god. Which shares similarities to the accepted faith of the Godhead. Eventually it will awaken, and this whole dream will end. As mere dreams in Azathoth's mind there is nothing they can do to prevent this, or preserve their existence. Ultimately none of it matters. That these Fōrinā come to stop the Ahsaka from awakening it. However this is what some cults believe as other challenge that notion that the Fōrinā come to awaken Azathoth instead for unknown reasons. There are countless more theories and beliefs on why Niji seems so important or that they were never significant at all and Niji was just in the way of their routine. That they simply have no idea that things as tiny as a planet could have tiny life on it that mattered. That if, just in the routine course of its existence, it stretches or twitches or whatever from time to time and Niji just happen to be in the way.


The Zvonimir Dynasty of Shinboku