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(Outdated)Map of Equestria at War

Player Nations

A. Mynillia
B. New pegasus
C. Great Marsinia
D. Vaporia
E. Ponerberg
F. Dread league
G. Free socialist griffons
H. New mareland
J. Hi anon
K. Earth ponies
L. The olenian remnants

Non-Player Nations

I. Thestryska
Griffonian Empire
Greater Vedina
Arcturian Order
1. Vanhoover Community
2. Acornage Tribe
3. Glistdale
4. Hillclast
5. Parsens Tribe
6. Deer Communities
7. Free Gryphus Towns
8. Wingbardian Loyalists
9. Falcor Separationists
10. Soarento Community
11. Falcor Principality
12. Cyanolisian Trade Union
13. Calfornian Community
14. Kingdom of Nyocastle