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UEN "Overview"

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United Eastern Nations
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United Eastern Nations


United Eastern Nations, or UEN, is an international organization made up of diplomatically allied nations of The East Pacific (TEP). Fristly, the only existing part of the organization was the Migrating Agreement Area. Due to the passage of the Breim's Plan (of Libertanny) UEN has been created as an international diplomatic organization. Then, with the Second Council Resolution on Breim's Plan (of Libertanny, Fraxhemark and Swiggly Isles) the Migrating Agreement Area and Eastern Children's Fund have become subbranches of the UEN. Following next points of the Resolution, United Eastern Forces, Justice Council, Human Rights Council and Free Trade Pact were created as subbranches. United Eastern Nations have own forum and discord server.

United Eastern Nations' HQ is placed in Federati Capital City of the FSR of Libertanny. It has got its own governal airport. It is placed in the far south of Federati, in 15th District. Whole District is stricly guarded by police and military.

Leadership Policy

Leaders are elected by a democratic elections, with no exceptions for any seats. Until the United Eastern Nations starts working properly, leaders of the Migrating Agreement Area are also leaders of the UEN.

Member States

The United Kingdom of Libertanny [UEN Council, MAA, HRC, UEF, FTP]
The Democratic Republic of Fraxhemark [UEN Council, MAA, ECF]
The 15 States of Fellon [UEN Council, MAA, HRC, FTP, ECF]
The Emerald Republic of Kilkire [UEN Council, MAA, HRC, FTP, ECF]
The Constitutional Dictatorship of Peatiktist [UEN Council, MAA, JC, UEF, FTP]
The Tetrarchy of Nova-Columbia [UEN Council, MAA, FTP, ECF]
The United Military States of Marrabuk [UEN Council, MAA, HRC, UEF, FTP]
The All-Consuming City-State of Swiggly Isles [UEN Council, MAA, HRC, UEF, FTP, ECF]
The United States of Las Anod [UEN Council, MAA]
The Democratic Republic of Vultuca [UEN Council, MAA, HRC, JC, UEF, FTP, ECF]