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Domestic Insurgency Report (Issue #703)

Link(703) INSURGENTS! 11 July 2018: the hills are alive with the smell of burning flesh. (see Doctrine - Legal)

Published 11/7/2018

Prepared by:
Legal Secretary
Department of Police

In consultation with:
Department of Inquisition

Reviewed by:
Legislative Assembly
The Patriarchate
Department of Communication

Statistics compiled by:
Department of Medicine


A rather dramatic demonstration of burning holy texts of Christianity was ended when one of the protesters accidentally lit himself on fire. Amongst anguished screams one could clearly hear a call to remove all religious imagery from government buildings; at least according to his compatriots.

Official Statement from the President

" Today our nation's laws, and our people's resolve to uphold those laws, have been sorely tested by unsavoury types. We have punished the wrongdoers and restored order. So be it, amen. "


This Testimony is sealed and proclaimed by the holder of the highest office in the land, the Onusvladi, in person, at St. Olgsburg city, Templedom, on the Eleventh Day of the Seventh Month in the Two-Thousands-and-Eighteenth Year of The Lord, before God and man.