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The Anti-Hate Movement: Inclusion For ALL!

It Is Time That We Start Including People, No Matter Race, Gender, Or Age.

Hello my friends. Today we will be discussing a hot topic issue on NS: Hate.

Hate has sadly tried to destroy us humans since the birth of creatures. It is natural we fight over power, and to gain power you need to throw the blame on a person or a group of people. And that is the worst thing anybody should do.

Hate has been defined as this:


feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone).
"the boys hate each other"

Well that is messed up, now that you know the meaning of hate. But we need MORE love then hate, in this time and age. Weather you hate people because of religion or race or whatever, this is what I got to say to you:

Q: What Can I Do To Stop Hate????
A: Well if you want to make a small diffrence, maybe upvote this dispatch. But if you want to make a bigger diffrence, pin this dispatch to your regional dispatches. But besides doing stuff online, stuff offline could help also, like donating to charity, or protesting against hate.

Q: What Should I Do If I Have A Fight, And I Might HATE My Friend, But I Want To Make Up?
A: Dont say the word with H-A-T-E in it, because it just makes it stronger. Instead, talk it out with a teacher, a parent or a adult. Well that is if you are not a adult at least....

Q: I Love You.
A: Thats the spirit! Now go out there and say that to some other people!