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Given Name: Gikochinai
Official Title: None
Other Titles: None
Past Titles: Densetsu Hachi
Incarnation of Pleasure

Gender: Female
Species: Tenshi
Mental Abnormality: Nymphomania
Magic: Ice magic and aphrodisia
Temperament: Hyperactive, excitable, manic
Weapon of Choice: Spear

Head of State
Head of Government
Supreme Commander of the Military
World Representative of the Nation

Racism: Against
Gender Discrimination: Against
Torture: Against
Capital Punishment: Against
Religion: Against
Militarism: Against
Immigration: Neutral
Atrocities: Against

Democracy: Neutral
Tyranny: Neutral
Communism: Neutral
Monarchy: Neutral
Theocracy: Against
Capitalism: Neutral

Related to: Nobody

Improving national entertainment
Establishing nation in the world
Enhancing diplomacy
Developing defensive measures

Enjoys: Romance, love, drawing, animation, cosplay
Dislikes: Death, torture, abuse of magic, mind control

"Oh! Meeting people is so much fun! They're all so cute! I even get to have fun with some of them! Not all of them though. But that's fine! I still love all of them! And all of everyone else too!"


Gikochinai, who prefers to be called by this title and as such has no others, is a highly excitable and eager young woman who quite literally loves everyone. She suffers from a rare form of magically-enhanced nymphomania. She has access to magical capabilities, specifically ice magic and the ability to incite aphrodisia in others, though neither power is especially strong in her case. Gikochinai was elected into power due a powerful media campaign and a strong sense of resentment towards more traditional rulership. While she is genuinely caring and compassionate towards effectively everyone, there is a disturbing side to this, and indeed many aspects of her personality.

Gikochinai was born in a nation called Kyoki Chudoku. Her unusual tendencies were noted from an early age, but it was seen as a fairly innocent phase of childhood entertainment. It was in her adolescence that Gikochinai’s nymphomanic drive fully came into effect. Threatened with detainment, she rushed to escape, only to enter a zone of civil war. She was captured by Aozora Chiyumi and forcibly tenshified, and later made into a Densetsu (one of the nation’s rulership). The tenshification process gave her ice magic, and forced her to obey Aozora.

As she adjusted to her situation, she took pride in her position and was made head of cultural and media affairs. She would often design propaganda and other such things. However, a war soon ravaged the nation, killing most of the Densetsu and Aozora’s adopted daughter. Enraged, Aozora would eventually go on to transform herself into a deific figure, and Gikochinai would be appointed a Megami (goddess). Her position of “Incarnation of Pleasure” was also provided at this point, and she would go on to learn of ways to enhance her magical powers- including gaining the ability to force others to love her using the arcane.

Despite being more and more lustily, she remained one of the more restrained Megami. The other three were completely uncaring about those below them in most situations, but Gikochinai hadn’t lost her compassion. She was forcibly transformed into a neko at this point. She was made to use her forces as decoys and employed her skills when it came to theatre and performing to organise entire squads of disguised soldiers.

Eventually, Tengoku (what Kyoki Chudoku was now known as) went on the invade the Kyoki Chudoku of an alternate universe. Gikochinai was assigned to lead a force into the nation and to break the alternate Aozora Chiyumi using every way she could think of. Several alternate versions of her dead friends were captured and brainwashing was attempted on them. When Gikochinai and the alternate Aozora confronted each other, Gikochinai could no longer bring herself to fight. Her increasingly erratic mind escaped the control of tenshification, and she ran away into another dimension entirely to avoid being killed.

Upon her arrival, she began plans to try to gain more power to help prevent such disaster from occurring again. She would prove successful, using media campaigns and her own skills as a performer and animator to allow her to assume control of the nation.

Gikochinai has vibrant cyan hair, which is generally kept fairly short and curly, although she will style it however needed for cosplays. She also has bright orange eyes.

Densetsu Hachi has many costumes, and cosplays regularly. However, her most ubiquitous outfit is a maid uniform, which she maintains in place of an official uniform most of the time.

Gikochinai is hyperactive and constantly cheeeful. Even when disappointed, she is only downcast for mere seconds before returning to excitement. She is also a nymphomaniac. Specifically, she falls in love at first sight with every single person she sees. This notably includes children, and even animals when she is reminded of it. She is able to keep these urges at bay most of the time.

Since the incident where she was almost killed, Gikochinai is no longer able to fall in love with corpses, as they remind her too much of death. She retains a cheerful exterior, and a cheerful interior for the most part. However, she is known to be rather more obsessive when it comes to certain people. Gikochinai is fairly unpredictable at most times, but she doesn’t like hurting people. However, there are times where her love gets the better of her in this regard. Gikochinai is very rarely formal, but she can be dramatic in her own way.

The ideology of Gikochinai is rather unusual. She actually doesn’t mind authoritarianism, despite being an elected leader. She prefers to view nations based not upon their ideology, but upon how happy it makes their people. Therefore, a caring but highly authoritarian ruler is better than an uncaring but democratic ruler in her eyes. There are, however, some areas where she has firm views. Specifically, she despises theocracy. Gikochinai also believes that forced happiness- such as drugging the population or using brainwashing devices- doesn’t count, and is highly immoral. This is due to her past experiences, where she watched countless Tengokuren child soldiers march happily to their deaths as a result of mind control. This also means that Gikochinai considers her own aphrodisia power in this way as well.

Gikochinai dislikes torture, and capital punishment. She feels prisons should be reformation facilities, not a means of punishment. However, she does permit going to extremes in trying to reform people. Gikochinai doesn’t like war, but she appreciates that it’s sometimes necessary. She is neutral on most economic matters, believing it depends on the nation which is best, but for Eien no Yokorobi she makes use of a fairly socialist structure. She despises discrimination based on race or gender or even appearance, as she loves everyone all the same and struggles to understand why other people get so worked up over such things.

The magic Gikochinai can use is ice magic. She is capable of freezing water, making areas colder and generating things such as walls of ice and icicle shards. Despite this, she generally just uses her magic to freeze parts of people to inhibit their movement, and she is not overly experienced in its combat use. Her spear is made from magical ice that she can summon, but she’s not very good with it. Gikochinai’s other magical ability is the power to force people to love her, but she hates using it and almost never does, and it is prone to being resisted by those with great willpower.

In addition to her magic, Gikochinai has a host of other skills. She is left-handed, a fact which can catch unprepared opponents off guard. She is a very talented animator, and excels at drawing images. She’d also good at certain parts of acting, able to easily get into character, but she does struggle with the actual body language and performance. As such, she generally uses this skill to impersonate only herself, in a manner that helps her achieve her ends.

  • Gikochinai was once a part of Kyoki Chudoku, and its successor state, Tengoku. She also took part in an assault on an alternate Kyoki Chudoku, the one which most would consider the real one. She cannot support the activities of any of these states. However, taking them in vain will also cause her considerable frustration. Therefore, it is best not to mention these nations in a positive or negative light in front of her.

  • Due to her experiences with tenshification, nekofication, and observing Naosu’s work on genetic modification, Gikochinai grows deeply paranoid about magical or scientific means of altering the body and especially the mind.

  • Although she will mock-fight for fun, Gikochinai sees conflict as a last resort and prefers to cause a little pain as possible to her enemies. However, in dire situations, she is capable of becoming extremely brutal- she has had a lot of opportunities to watch professional duelling and torture in action, and though she cannot perfectly replicate it, she does understand how to emulate it to a considerable extent.

  • When Gikochinai is trying to do something she wouldn’t normally do (such as partaking in combat, for instance), she will often try to act as as people she’s known in the past who have done such things, or even as the enemy she faces. She will often switch between these acted personalities in an instant, which can be rather unsettling at times. One can tell she has entered a rather crazed state when her acting is actually serious, as she normally fails to act in a way that isn’t mostly like her usual cheerful self.

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