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National Personification(s)

The Personification of Columbia

Aleksandra Radović


Description: Aleksandra is the national personification of Columbia, having existed since the days of Old-Columbia. She is slightly above the average height in the nation, standing at 5 feet 7 inches, with shoulder-length brown hair, purple eyes, and tan white skin. Her height is somewhat enhanced by her apparent refusal to wear any shoes except standard issue military boots. In fact, the same can be said for essentially her entire wardrobe. Essentially everything she wears is a piece of standard military attire for whatever the current time-frame is. Typically this means the entirety of the combat uniform, so while at one point this meant that she merely went around in colorful suits, it now means that she is constantly wearing a camouflage jacket and cargo pants, a plate carrier, a helmet, and gloves. This in itself already makes her presence rather odd, even in the incredibly militaristic Nova-Columbia, and the fact that she almost never parts with her guns makes it even worse. In extremely formal situations she will sometimes wear a dress uniform, but she always does so with great reluctance.

As for her personality, many have described her as "entirely ignorant of the world beyond the military", to put it bluntly. She seems almost incapable of understanding such things as "casual wear" and "relaxing" and "jeeps that don't have a massive mounted machine gun." She is almost always constantly on high alert, reacting to even the slightest signs of trouble. Despite appearing very cold at first glance, she is actually very warm and caring towards those she cares about, almost to a fault. At times she is completely and utterly unable to see the bad qualities of someone who she trusts unconditionally.

Due to the constant stress and isolation from the invasion by the Sanada Clan, combined with the repeated betrayal of Seanadia, who Alex saw as a very close friend, if not a surrogate child, left Alex feeling isolated, and eventually led to a mental breakdown, feeling both incredibly betrayed & confused as to why Seanadia would do such a thing. This lead to her using pain to keep her focused, and eventually, during an extremely intense argument, for her to stab herself in the leg. This would prove to be fatal however, as this weakened her leg and it was shot out from underneath her. Following this, she sustained several high caliber rifle shots to vital areas of the body, followed by a near entire magazine of pistol rounds to the gut. After this she expired due to severe organ trauma and blood loss.

The Personification of Nova-Columbia

Markus "Mark" Ristić

Description: Mark is the national Personification of Nova-Columbia, following the death of Aleksandra, the personification of Old-Columbia. He is just as militaristic, if not even more. However, he did not inherit his predecessors personality. Whereas Aleksandra didn't understand social customs, Markus does, he just chooses not to engage in them. Whereas Alex was rather warm and friendly once you got to know her, Mark is essentially the same regardless of the situation. He almost never shows emotion, and when he does it is usually a negative emotion such as anger. Like Alex, he constantly goes around in full battle armor and is always armed to the teeth. However, he is more paranoid than Alex, and has a tendency to overreact.