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TSP RMB Off the Rails: The Second Edition

July 2018
When the peace finally breaks and the RMB slides off the rails and down the mountain into the lake...

Aidenfieeld wrote:*is bored again*
*scrolls through past posts*

Why is TSSS constantly being burned alive?

Midand wrote:...
I swear, this is worse than December...

Aidenfieeld wrote:Well...would you count attacking people with potatoes good? Or implanting a tomato in someones stomach without anesthesia?

Auphelia wrote:*hands you a potato*

I washed it in sewer water myself!

*stabs you in the stomach with a knife*

You don't deserve that potato!

*cuts you open and takes back the potato*

Rebel-topia wrote:**turns into a potato**

Rebel-topia wrote:Witch. Thats what. :P

Be good like your sister and lay right over there...
**throws a house at Auphelia**

Farengeto wrote:Oh no, it looks like I just accidentally banjected Auphelia.

Hanguk-Nippon wrote:(∩^o^)⊃━☆-------------(((ε=ε=(っ*ī□`)っ))) 炎炎炎炎-(ㅎㅅㅎ- )炎炎炎炎☆┣o(・ω・ ) ㅡㅡㅡ(ㅁㅇㅁ )9 (^ㅅ^ )9 ((((;゚Д゚))))))) ✌︎('ω'✌︎ ) ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3

Pencil Sharpeners 2 wrote:I have no issue at all with you Beepee, it's those two lovebirds who are now KISSING ON MY DESK! STOP IT YOU TWO! SCRAM!

*Runs after The Solar System Scope and Si-topia, wielding a binder*

The Solar System Scope wrote:
*descends under the desk from the opposite side, so that I am face to face with Panda*
*boops your nose with my nose*

Midand wrote:*scrunches up face*
We need another edition of this:
December 2017... when TSP's RMB finally went completely off the rails

Volaworand wrote:I'm not sure why people are under the impression that they have some mythic "free speech right" in NationStates. No one in the game is putting a muzzle on you... scream at your device screen all you like, no one is stopping you. Beef about in your blog or social media, start your own newspaper and write an editorial. By all means, make full use of your rights to free speech! However, NationStates is a private entity and sets the rules for site use. All speech within the private entity of NationStates is subject to the whims of the ownership. You have no "Free Speech Rights" on the a privately run site. You have the privilege of speech in this game, and that is subject the whims of ownership through moderator action and the suppression tools they have provided in regional message boards and forums. I would draw attention to the following:
The very first question in the Etiquette portion of the FAQ says this:
It's free speech, so I can post whatever I like here, right?
Ahahahaha! Hahaha! Free speech! No, it's not. I run this web site, see, so you have to play by my rules. It's like my own Father Knows Best state.

and that same FAQ also includes the line:
Also prohibited is the practice of "griefing." Griefing is playing with the primary aim of annoying or upsetting other people. If you do this, the game moderators may take action against you.
The FAQ is part of the site Terms and conditions, which states:
BY USING THIS SITE, YOU SIGNIFY YOUR ACCEPTANCE TO THESE TERMS OF USE. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not use this site.
So if you don't accept the Terms and Conditions, scream at your device screen all you like, chat with your buddies about it... just don't expect NationStates to broadcast it for you. The site owner's free speech rights are the only one that carry legal weight.
Speech in the game is a privilege, not a right. We are all guests here and expected to act accordingly.

Upperclassmen wrote:Yeah, I just believe that free speech in general is bad, and that the government should do everything in its power to make sure that it looks the best in the eyes of its people. Even free speech about free speech is bad and should be moderated at all times.

Xpert9 wrote:Peter griffin: why arenít we funding this?

The Solar System Scope wrote:Are you guys going to continue to misspell "waifu"? It's a little annoying to see consistent grammar errors.
BTW, it's just the word "wife" written according to Japanese phonotactical rules. In katakana that would be 「ワイフ」.

United galactic planets wrote:Waifu is a waste of time. A real waifu is someone who is kind, mature, caring, creative, constructive, and democratic!

Bear Connors Paradiso wrote:Its partly sarcastic/satire to use it, and it's partly serious in nature to men who have strange emotional attachments to fictional characters (or real people that they'll never get with ex. celebrities).

Rikutso wrote:Yeah that's why it's called the Rambunctious Malice Board

Bear Connors Paradiso wrote:Went outside to do some yard work for a couple hours and the RMB has gone off the deep end again.

Farengeto wrote:Okay, seeing as we're past the Godwin's Law threshold, can we calm down a bit? All of you. Please relax, it is just grammar.

Goverwal wrote:A debate over the correct use of an apostrophe is an intelligent conversation, as it requires sufficient knowledge of the complex grammar of the English language. The apostrophe is a good example of this as it is a punctuation mark which does not exist in other languages such as Spanish. Furthermore, playwrights are perfectly able to indicate the tone with which actors should speak.

An example of this could be:
Invictean: (aggressively) North Prarie is a traitor to the cause and must be expelled with immediate effect!

It should be noted that these were not his exact words, however I believe that loose paraphrasing allows me to demonstrate my point well enough.

Volaworand wrote:
| |#|

Upperclassmen wrote:I am not using a swasticka in my flag.

Upperclassmen wrote:Have you never played 5x5 tic tac toe? Itís easy. You try to get 4 in a row.

Stronk russian states wrote:I log in this morning and the number of unread messages is 420 ( į ʖ į)( į ʖ į)( į ʖ į)

Sonol mundera wrote:There's no need to hurry. I'm not gonna Russia!

(You're never too old to laugh at bad jokes.)

Goverwal wrote:Info from the boneyard:

4 hours ago: Invictean ceased to exist in TSP Next.

Disgraced: This name was soiled by a former nation (of significant size).

Invictean Former Nation
Population: 1.502 billion
Founded: 06/04/2017, 03:20:38 BST
Ceased to exist: 18/12/2017, 02:41:52 GMT
Factbooks: 1

Bear Connors Paradiso wrote:Where's my next edition of the TSP Onion news !

Curlyhoward wrote:Don't forget the nice mean cake donut!!!!

Tsunamy wrote:Damn it Curly! Now I desperately want a donut ...

Mostly benevolent tyranny wrote:Ooooh! I hit the 2 billion mark!

Midand wrote:Never mind, some of it still remains.
*crawls back under desk*

Mostly benevolent tyranny wrote:*sips SPIT*

Goverwal wrote:When there's somethin' strange...
And it don't look good...
Who's it gonna be?
... Invictean!

The Solar System Scope wrote:When I was walking about today I found a Japanese •50 coin. In Sweden. Just lying around on the street. Felt like sharing.

Bear Connors Paradiso wrote:Pacific Island Strawberry Smoothie ;)

Farengeto wrote:Alright, that's more than enough warning. Meet the banjection hammer.

Erinor wrote:Have I ever mentioned how much I love suppressing spammers? When they're this blatant there's absolutely no guilt at all. I'm going to miss this when I'm next out of office.

(Psst... #Erinor4Delegate!)

Aumeltopia wrote:I spit in my SPIT. Makes it taste better, umami flavor you know?

Neu hundland wrote:For God's sake. Why do lots of people think TSP needs a revolution? We are happy that way and no spammer will change our minds. Get off our region.
Also, Delegate is chosen by people via poll.

Aumeltopia wrote:*can't keep up with the RMB today*


Come join us at the NS World Fair! --->

Aumeltopia wrote:page=poll/p=108283 <-- short poll!

Aramanchovia wrote:It does actually sound fun. Yes I know the article is meant to be satirical, but it would be entertaining to have more drama here...

Graesnya wrote:Thank you, friend. I will cherish your kindness with an offering of 50kg of bacon.

Midand wrote:*gasps in agony*

Graesnya wrote:do you have bacon?

Nova Montron wrote:midichlorians

Erinor wrote:I'd be very surprised if our several thousand nations agreed on any particular viewpoint.

In other news, as I feared, I'm C-3PO...:(

Erinor wrote:So, I feel it's important to remind people that the RMB should really be kept PG-13 where possible and that pages of sexual innuendo etc. probably aren't appropriate. It also isn't welcoming to a large percentage of potential new nations, so can we please put a lid on this topic, now -
I'm particularly talking to Tilipria, who seems over keen to keep restarting it, but the same goes for anyone who joined in.

Volaworand wrote:If you only knew the power of the darkside

Nova Montron wrote:i think we should stop.

Pencil Sharpeners 2 wrote:*hands you a lampshade*
We'd love it if you stayed here! We're in the middle of an Advent Calendar and a Star Wars festival, so there's plenty to do!

Midand wrote:New nation?
*scrambles for lampshade before anyone else does*

Volaworand wrote:lol stop listening to the imperialist whims of your neighbours and focus on building up your economy. And as a former colony, we have no intrest in becoming an Empire. We didn't claim a piece of Midand... we have no intrest in being your master, but as always, your partner in peace and trade... and I love the new shrubberies in Faraday :-)

NationStates Moderators wrote:You know exactly what he said. You're the puppetmaster of both nations after all. When you come back from your RMB ban in three days, perhaps you can explain to the region why trolling with spam puppets is a clever idea.

Reikin wrote:Are you my SPECIAL friend

Polybios wrote:If I could have one last wish, I would like a tasty fish.

Upperclassmen wrote:Hey guys guess what!?!?

Itís only 361 days until I can get back into the WA!!!


Aumeltopia wrote:Naaaah! Nahhh! *quickly swipes away corrupted lampshade and buries it in the cemetery*

Raccoon landia wrote:Do any of u need a girlfriend

Erinor wrote:The South Pacific's longstanding drinking establishment the Lampshade Bar & Grill takes issue with your claim. Expect 6 to hear from their lawyers.

Pencil Sharpeners 2 wrote:I'm sure continuing to associate with an angry fascist will do wonders for your cause.

Land Without Shrimp wrote:...I don't know what's been going on the past few days and don't feel like reading through all the posts to find out. Guess I missed some drama. I'm good with that.

Volaworand wrote:I blame flying saucers

Tilipria wrote:DON'T

question it.

Aumeltopia wrote:Erinor You've gotten "God Rest ye Merry, Gentlemen" stuck in my head now.... >.>

Volaworand wrote:hey don't call me buffy, friend

Sween-flu Quarantine Zone wrote:Yep. As much as we try, its impossible to get rid of

Aumeltopia wrote:I've recently discovered the original version of Carol of the Bells - a Ukranian folk song called Shchedryk - and I must say I much prefer it:

*hastily grabs all biscuits and stores in cheek pouches*

Mostly benevolent tyranny wrote:Not how the WA works. The prevailing attitude of the world is quite in favor of banjecting facists trolls.

Nothing to be concerned about.

Midand wrote:If it's something like Raider McRaidFace.....

Tilipria wrote:Don't question it.

Also, why do you have the flag of Latvia?

Tilipria wrote:By the definition of 'boobs' (the word 'boobs' is synonymous with 'breasts'), it is biologically impossible (or unheard of, at least) for a male to be in bodily possession of a pair of boobs, since males are genetically predisposed to grow a junk instead of boobs at birth.

Men cannot have actual, real boobs (although they can get injections and things of the like).

Midand wrote:*leaves for 5 minutes*
*returns and looks at RMB*
*walks back out of RMB*

Midand wrote:*plops lampshade on both of your heads*
Now if you wouldn't mind, I've got a riot to attend to.

Jonathanatopia4 wrote:BREAKING: Sources are telling me WA nations might be wanting to condemn TSP for ejecting Invictean.

Druga republika srpska wrote:Delicious and refreshing, with no moderation at all!

Tilipria wrote:Boobs x2

Beverly memes wrote:well sorry for destroying all of your country l0l

Midand wrote:Eh.......looks at giant toxic hole........

Aumeltopia wrote:*watches serenely as dispatches fly across the RMB*

Beverly memes wrote:then get on the dank side

Beverly memes wrote:great meme war, never forget

Kinteiopia wrote:Hi bois

Volaworand wrote:If you really must engage with them, just reply with completely unrelated discussions about food. For example:

I really like soup, Soup is a wonderful as a snack, or as meal. Truly, soup is a most versatile dish! All things considerd, soup is the best thing to grace humanity since... well, anything really!

Aumeltopia wrote:As well as all nations who like to use bold all caps extra exclamation marks!!!!

Volaworand wrote:OH.





North Prarie wrote:And don't be like Invictean.

Erinor wrote:If anyone else feels that we're imposing social-liberal values on the community, feel free to dissent. We'll listen and debate as we have for the last few days.

If anyone else feels that someone should be murdered because they hold a different political opinion to you, well, then, we're always happy to provide an all expenses paid trip to the Rejected Realms. We spare no expense.

Advocating murder, on political grounds or otherwise, is definitely not acceptable behaviour on the RMB.

Bear Connors Paradiso wrote:What do you guys think are the scariest natural disasters?

Internet down

Volaworand wrote:wait... are these space pirates Globalists???

Bear Connors Paradiso wrote:Can we just give you a late term abortion? That'd save a lot of time, money and manpower.

Aumeltopia wrote:I laughed way too hard at this.

The emmanuel islands wrote:Whoever sent me 12 telegrams is going to get killed.

Escade wrote:nothing wrong with being a little bossy...

Volaworand wrote:TSP Constitutional Peasants Party calls for the renaming of the SPSF to the Knights Who Say Ni, and that all regions must provide TSP with two shrubberies, the second to be placed next to but slightly higher than the first.

Volaworand wrote:_ (o_
_ //\ (o_ (o_
_ V_/(/)_(/)_ Penguin Family flee's from the fighting

The ColdWyvernian Undead wrote:Aw, i was really looking forward to a pun. Why are you Punishing me

Invictean wrote:The problems are that we have an establishment government, that is doing good regionally, though engaging in covert, globalist activity interregionally, and there are also government reforms that should be introduced for a more well structured and democratic government, a more independent government, and a strong, well led military.

Techganet wrote:Ever since TSP Next came into existence all the RMB was was just POLITICAL ARGUMENTS. Members of a political party not agreeing with each other? Might as well you all go independent! If you want a party with solid ideas, you must work together. Don't go around attacking left and right. Be careful with your words.

Volaworand wrote:I'm pretty firmly unaligned... keeps me from getting into fights :-) but I like the energy and passion and wish TSP Next the best.

V_/_ Drunk Penguin comes to investigate

Aumeltopia wrote:Yes! I am so mad! So very very mad at you! Coal for Christmas, I say! Bituminous and lignite! That's what you get! >:C

Volaworand wrote:any Monty Python fans? TSP Constitutional Peasant Party anyone?

We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to act as sort of supreme executive officer for the week. But all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special biweekly meeting by a simple majority, in the case of purely internal affairs. External affairs would of course require two thirds majority. In the case of old ladys... wel, Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system!

North Prarie wrote:STATEMENT:

I am a TSP Next founding member and co-chairman, but I am not fully for the attacks on the establishment. I think that the leaders of TSP are doing a good job, we just need some new voices. Globalism is fine. Part of our party platform is making an alliance with all the Pacifics. Also, TSP Next is not an ultra-conservative party. Just a party that wants new voices and our opinions and ideas.

Volaworand wrote:well if they adopt a new name like "TSP:'Actually, I was only kidding. You can get that baby out of here. Donít worry, I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while Iím speaking. Thatís O.K. People donít understand. Thatís O.K.'" then maybe I'll think about it. :-)

Aumeltopia wrote:You are? Norwegian rat or house rat?!

Pollandonia4 wrote:Hah, toilet humor!

Midand wrote:*hands over lampshade and a bottle of SPIT*

Raider mcraidface wrote:Yay! I made the news!!!

Techganet wrote:I won't bother to mention him, I would just like to say a couple of words.
I am tired of seeing these 'take over the establishment' posts on every single page in the RMB. ESTABLISHMENT ESTABLISHMENT ESTABLISHMENT. You're throwing around words thinking you'll get people aboard your party, and it's honestly very annoying. I am sick of seeing these arguments and therefore I suggest that both sides stop! Everyday I come back to NationStates wanting to see normal messages but just find a 100+ RMB messages about something that happened in the PAST. So please, I beg you to stop.
But I do apologize if the argument has stopped, which I have doubts of.

Volaworand wrote:last time I suggested a puppet name we got Raider mcraidfacethe great mass of the French nation is formed by the simple addition of homologous magnitudes, much as potatoes in a sack form a sack of potatoes.

Marx, Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte (1852)

Volaworand wrote:my humble suggestions:

TSP has a Dream!
TSP, Tear down this wall!
Ask not what TSP can do for you, ask what you can do for TSP!
TSP has no place in the bedrooms of the nation!
TSP - a great social and economic experiment, noble in motive and far-reaching in purpose.
The mission of TSP is one of benevolent assimilation.
Vive la TSP libre!
TSP is not for turning.
The forgotten men and women†of TSP will be forgotten no longer.
Make TSP Great Again!
This TSP carnage†stops right here and stops right now.
TSP First!
And when youíre TSP, they let you do it.
TSP: We have some bad hombres here, and we're going to get them out.
TSP :"Actually, I was only kidding. You can get that baby out of here. Donít worry, I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while Iím speaking. Thatís O.K. People donít understand. Thatís O.K."

Polybios wrote:It soon became necessary to destroy TSP in order to save it.

Volaworand wrote:Certainly!!! one All-Natural Penguin SPITô Cocktail coming up. *tosses a drink box*

//\ (o_ (o_
V_/(/)_(/)_ SPIT: the Joy of Love!

Aumeltopia wrote:*hands you some freshly squeezed Aumeltopian SPITģ not-from-concentrate*

Tsunamy wrote:That's quite the gravedig, no?

Midand wrote:I don't know how, but I have this distinct feeling you're going to be in the Rejected Realms someday. (no offense)

Tim Stark wrote:Actually, I wasn't actively involved in The South Pacific full-time until the last year or so. I opposed Milograd because he was couping the region and destroying the community, something you'd know had you been around. Furthermore, just to establish that you really don't have a grasp on the history of the SPSR coup, raiders were primarily either sitting out the situation or backing the Milograd coup. Defenders and Independents would be the two R/D parties that were most actively involved in the liberation of The South Pacific, not Invaders.

Here's the thing, pal, The South Pacific is currently being run by a government which is significantly easier to get into than most governments on the game, and rather obviously cares for the interests of the nations of TSP or we wouldn't even bother to have a Local Council. I mean, hell, we arguably offer more non-forum political involvement to nations than literally any other Game Created Region. If you want more government diversity, that's fantastic, but yet to be convinced that you even have a grasp on how The South Pacific's government works. As for ideological diversity, I hate to break it to you, but most people don't give a damn what the political alignments of their NS Politicians are because a. they're not exactly important in the slightest and b. if you're not going around spewing hate speech, your politics are probably not completely awful and therefore nothing to care about because [refer to point a]

Tsunamy wrote:That's funny. I've always been pretty nativist and pushed for things like the Local Council ... but, potato potahto, amiright?

Invictean wrote:Oh yes, before Milograd there was democracy, but after him, an establishment formed. A liberal, globalist one that uses the South Pacific army for internationalist goals, including working with Communists. We simply want to bring about change, in TSP Next we are nationalists, but also conservatives, libertarians, liberals, even socialists, our views are different but we're united in wanting to bring about similar change for the best interest of this region.

Volaworand wrote:urrmaagurrgh! I better get my folks on this... no way we can lose the SPIT Space Race!

Midand wrote:You should be thankful.
*remembers the Great SPIT Trading War*

Illuverendia wrote:Ooh, lampshades!

*wears it*

Upperclassmen wrote:Literally I will flip a coin and if it is tails, I move to North Pacific.

Erinor wrote:It must be love!


Kanglia wrote:See I'm not gonna argue with you about fascism vs communism because that's a left vs right extreme where I side with neither. My whole point was you arguing that the systematic destruction of one particular sect of people was worse than an ideology.

Volaworand wrote:whistles nervously

Invictean wrote:I need to put something together, I get my evidence mainly through researching and studying certain regions. But I know how things work, I will put together my case for the public to see.

Lets just say, when it comes to death count alone, Communism is definitely worse than Fascism and Nazism combined.

Roavin wrote:You know, it's okay to claim that, but then you'll have to understand that somebody (like me) might ask you to explain how this is the case.

- I'm not aware TBH was involved in the Milograd coup, but I also wasn't around. Even so, that was almost 5 years ago now, which is an eternity in NationStates. The Black Hawks pretty much stay out of the GCRs these days.
- There has been collusion or attempts at such in the past, yes. See UDL. However, note also that, say, The North Pacific and The Black Hawks, for example, are completely different types of regions and may not alone fully fulfill the spectrum of activities a player is looking for. So you may have individuals that are members in both for completely benign reasons.
- What does this have to do with Communists?
- What kind of foreign influence are you seeing within TSP?

Upperclassmen wrote:Yeah, like everyone else who plays this game and doesnít have a life. Including me lol

Morgantown West Virginia wrote:I want to debate about how the TSP establishment is against the interests of nations all across NS, and are holding back the Pacifics from peace.

Volaworand wrote:page=poll/p=106856

it appears "SPIT in a Lampshade" is the most popular choice, followed by "Volaworandian SPIT", and a tie in third between "Classic SPIT" and "SPIT that is 100% vegan, organic, gluten free, lactose free, cruelty free, oil free, and everything"

In response this valuable market research, VWP has introduced a kids SPIT line, All-Natural Penguin SPITô Cocktails, in penguin drink boxes, with a new cartoon mascot, 'Joe Penguin'.

"With All-Natural Penguin SPITô Cocktails, we will change the SPIT experience altogether. Our newest cartoon mascot 'Joe Penguin' will connect with and engage the underserved youth SPIT market. This lower alcohol SPIT is 100% vegan, organic, gluten free, lactose free, cruelty free, oil free, and everything!. It is kid-friendly and the packaging is fun and engaging. Penguin SPIT is an amazing innovation that not only protects your drink from spills but also keeps it safe on the go, making it perfect for kids lunches. Whether you are going to class or to a nightclub, Penguin SPIT will be your companion to keep you drunk on the go." (see company press release])

Research into lampshade SPIT delivery is occurring at a frantic pace. Stay tuned!

Bear Connors Paradiso wrote:Thats what I mean, because native americans are congregated into small tribes, they dont succumb to the problems of large scale communism.

Deutsch afrika wrote:I don't know what's going on here but:
Small scale: communism works surprisingly well
Anything larger than a village: enjoy starving
NatSoc all the way

Volaworand wrote:I'm sure that arguing with people on the internet will resolve this once and for all :-)

Upperclassmen wrote:Oof so many notifications about board actuvity. Can u maybe chill? Jk i love this region so much

Erinor wrote:If I genuinely believed Roavin was putting the Wardens' interests ahead of TSP in any of his actions with us, I'd call him on it and look to get him recalled. We considered his potential CoI very carefully before electing him and even put legal question to the court about it, but the supposed CoI is not as clear cut an issue as it may seem, owing to both the mind of organisation the Grey Wardens is and the way the it is actually run and he has proven himself to be as loyal a servant TSP could look for.

Kanglia wrote:Pretty sure calling people "useful idiots" is a really bad way to kick off a political party. Secondly, because a group is commended, doesn't mean they are completely supported.
Secondly, of course feeders wouldn't work with Nazis, nor should they work with violent communists. But communism isn't about killing people.

Bear Connors Paradiso wrote:TSP oligarchy is threatened by BCP giving power back to the people, here in this region right now!

#BCP4LC in like, january or something

The ColdWyvernian Undead wrote:I prefer farkle.

Edenila wrote:Don't take a diss or rejection
Don't see a mirror just a reflection
Bass harder than an erection
Flow as dangerous as an infection

The united nations of earth and humanity wrote:When you leave for a while and 11 pages of forum have been created.

Aumeltopia wrote:My oh my....

*sips SPIT from a lampshade to ward off evil spirits of hundreds of unread RMB posts*

Bear Connors Paradiso wrote:I did nahtzee that coming!

Auztraalia wrote:266 RMB post notifications?! - I ain't reading that!!

...Did I miss anything?

Over lords wrote:We got many but their is a rare jerky meat dragon worth 8 billion meat dragons hidden in a lava galaxy far far away.

Over lords wrote:Hey guys i'm new here and i got one question right now what is SPIT.

Midand wrote:*tosses lampshade in your face and gives you a bottle of Midandian SPIT*
Also, hi.

Volaworand wrote:Kentucky Fried Penguin is a global Antarctic/Asian fusion fast food restaurant chain based in Volaworand. Mostly seafood, so plenty of Halal food choices!

The vanilla ice cream we use to make our cones, sundaes, and rolled ice cream desserts are made with milk and cream, and does not include any pork-derived products or alcohol. (There are, however, very small amounts of ethyl alcohol in the flavours we use in our vanilla and strawberry syrups, and small amounts of ethyl maltol can be found in our chocolate shake syrup.)

Aumeltopia wrote:Amnesia
Am + Nesia
abbr. Am(erican) + Greek nēsos, 'island' - possibly modeled after 'Polynesia'
pn. Colloquial name for American territories in the Pacific collectively, i.e. Guam, American Samoa, N. Marianas Islands

Upperclassmen wrote:I don't want to sound prideful, but this region is awesome. I'm serious.

Upperclassmen wrote:But how do we... remember???

The South Pacific Regional Message Board
1): cgi-bin/api.cgi?region=the_south_pacific;q=mostlikes
2): cgi-bin/api.cgi?region=the_south_pacific;q=mostliked
3): cgi-bin/api.cgi?region=the_south_pacific;q=mostposts

Read dispatch

Beepee wrote:I'm pretty sure NHC's "yes" was for more making out.... 😜

Pencil Sharpeners 2 wrote:...I feel like I'm going to have to make a 'no making out' rule for the LC offices.

The Solar System Scope wrote:(。●⌓●。)
*fluffs your floof*

Pencil Sharpeners 2 wrote:Goodbye!

*Kicks you to TRR*

Pencil Sharpeners 2 wrote:...This is going to be a long term for me, isn't it?

Pencil Sharpeners 2 wrote:Within 2 months the RMB will have devolved into just people saying hi to each other.

Beepee wrote:

*Pats the monster on the head*
Good monster!

Auphelia wrote:I feel like Bucharest.

Midand wrote:Hello are you today?

Midand wrote:*sits amongst the chaos*
Can we take this tomfoolery Psomewhere else?

Auphelia wrote:(-_-)

You . . . did this?

*prepares the buzzsaw*


TSP RMB wrote:Why thank you!
*is thankful*
*continues being the RMB*

Everybody in TSP wrote:I'm crazy.
Most people in TSP are crazy, but especially Rebel-topia