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Treaty of Aukum

Treaty of Aukum


Article I: Goals and Principles
Section I: The goals of this treaty are:
  1. To promote the highest degree of quality in each of the member regions; this high degree of quality in everything, from government, to dispatches, and so on. The Treaty shall strive to bring together the best of each region to work together towards the mutual development of each of the various regions that partake in this Treaty.

  2. To unify as one entity in the protection of each of the regions against any regional threat that is posed against them.

  3. To take collective measures to remove any individuals who pose a threat to the regions and their prosperity, by means within the regional laws. (i.e. the mutual banishment of members who are banned from one or more of the member regions)

  4. To increase the membership and activity of each of the member regions through inter-regional events as well as mutual citizenship.

  5. To regularly collect statistics on each member region and keep records on all important happenings within the member regions.

  6. To prevent conflict between our regions and all allies.

  7. To ensure that all member regions abide by the Treaty's principles.

Section II: The Treaty's members shall abide by these principles:

  1. All member regions shall solve any disputes via peaceful means.

  2. All member regions shall not put any restrictions on the citizens' right to the free expression of ideas.

  3. All bans must be well reasoned.

  4. In the case that a member is banned it should always be accompanied with a court case (except in the case of raiders).

  5. All member regions must contribute in some way to the Treaty, preferably in the form of members on the Board.

  6. The Treaty may not intervene in government functions of each region, but any region who violates the Principles may be removed.

Article II: Membership
Section I: Membership Requirements

  1. An active, experienced community.

  2. There are no strict requirements on size of the applicant region, but it is preferred for the member regions to be over 50 nations with at least a 30% WA rate.

  3. The applicant region must have an active founder.

  4. The applicant region must have a governmental system compatible with the member regions, as well as common values and principles.

Section II: Membership Application Process

  1. To apply for membership you must go to the Chairman and request membership, with your reasons for desiring membership and how you will benefit the Treaty if you join.

  2. Once you have applied, the Board will vote on whether or not we should investigate your region, if there is a 2/3 majority vote saying yes, then we shall send a diplomat to your region to see if your region fits the requirements.

  3. If your region is found not to hold similar values, then we will deny your request automatically, but if the diplomat returns confirming that the region holds common values and fits in with our membership requirements, the board will once again hold a vote on whether your region should become a member, with a 2/3 majority requirement. If your region gets a 2/3 majority, you will become a member of the Treaty.

  4. At any time a board member may propose that we remove a region from the Treaty for any reason. The board will vote on it, and if the vote gets a 2/3 majority yes vote, then the region shall be removed from the Treaty.

Article III: Positions and Internal Functions
Section I: The Chairman

  1. The Chairman is the head of the Treaty Organisation, and has the power to appoint and remove members from the Board and all other positions in the Organisation.

  2. Any decisions by the Chairman may be contested by a Board member, and if the Board gets a 2/3 majority vote, then the Chairman's decision will be reversed.

  3. The Chairman may be impeached by the Board with a 2/3 majority vote.

  4. If the Chairman is impeached or resigns, then the Board will determine a new Chairman for the Organisation.

Section II: The Board

  1. The Board will consist of ten members from each of the member regions, all appointed by the Chairman.

  2. The Board will discuss anything and everything regarding the each of the region's development.

  3. The Board may not impose anything on the member regions, except that in regards to the Organisation (i.e. forcing a region out of the organisation).

  4. If a member of the Board sees a flaw in one or more of the member regions, he may point it out for discussion by the Board.

  5. All decisions by the Board require a 2/3 majority vote.

Section III: Secretary Positions

  1. Each Secretaries will be appointed from the Board by the Chairman.

  2. The Secretary of Recruitment will advise each of the individual regions on how to grow their regions and develop them. The holder of this position must be knowledgeable on all forms of recruitment.

  3. The Secretary of Defence will handle all collective military endeavours of the Organisation. The holder of this position must be experienced in both raiding and defense.

  4. The Secretary of Development will advise the development of each of the member regions. The holder of this position must be experienced in the management of regions.

  5. The Secretary of Law will provide advice on legal issues in each of the various member regions and help in the creation of any legal documents. The holder of this position must be extensively experienced in Law.

Xylosnow, Founder of Erodasora
Lanceshir, Founder of The Civil Democracy
Malonhao, Founder of Arkadia

Created by Xadrya, do not reproduce in whole or in part. (Additionally, do not associate this Treaty with the region of Aukum, as it is just a name, they have no similarities)