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NWA Senate | Legislative Docket

New Western Atlantic Senate Legislative Docket
This is a list of all proposed bills in the legislative docket of the NWA Senate.

Authors: Cesorion, Dukna, The brotherhood of kyro
Sponsors: Cesorion, The Greater Canadian Republic

The Senate, realizing the importance of proper and due process in the Courts, as well as the need for Defendants to have access to a competent and skilled lawyer, to assist them, hereby passes the following into law:-

Section 1
The “NWA Attorney” shall be a team of employees of the Ministry of Justice, appointed by the Minister of Justice, who shall act as Head Attorney.
They are eligible to represent the Government and the NWA in the High Court (New Western Atlantic V. Defendant). Prior public authorization by the Minister is required to do so, and such authorization should be posted in the High Court/Courtroom RMB.
Section 2
Attorneys shall be selected by the Minister, and the Minister may establish certain reasonable criteria for the position.
Section 3
Attorneys, while in contact with the Ministry to properly carry out their duties, may learn classified information about ongoing investigations of the Ministry, or any other kind. They are required to keep any and all such information secret, unless order/authorization to do otherwise is given.

Section 1
The “NWA Public Defence” shall be a group of Justice Ministry employees, selected with the same criteria as Attorneys.
Section 2
Defenders shall be the main pool from which Citizens may select legal advisers/lawyers to assist them with cases in the High Court. However, no Public Defender is obliged to accept all requests.
Section 3
The Defenders shall be managed by the Head Defender, who is appointed by the Justice Minister.
Section 4
Other than being appointed by the Minister, Defenders retain more independence from the Ministry’s leadership than that of Attorneys.
Section 5
This Act does not infringe on the Citizens’ right to select a private attorney, or to not select one at all.

A list of all NWA Attorneys and Public Defendants is to be kept and frequently updated by the Minister, in a factbook.
Said factbook is this:

If this factbook changes, the Ministry of Justice will notify the Senate Clerk, who will update the Act.

Authors: Cesorion, Dukna
Sponsor: Cesorion

The Senate, aiming to establish procedures to honour and reward those who serve the New Western Atlantic, hereby passes the following into law:-

Section 1 - Legislative Merit Award
This Award is presented by the Senate, after approval of a Motion to do so. Recipients may be awarded the LMA for outstanding contribution to the Legislature, for passing/proposing legislation the greatly affects the NWA for the better, among other reasons.
The Award may be revoked by the Senate via a vote to do so at any time
Section 2 - Thanks of the Senate
The Thanks of the Senate are bestowed by the Senate, via a vote approving a Motion to do so, to anyone who has, through executive service, have greatly helped the NWA prosper and advance in any realm, have through executive service upheld the regional values, or have generally helped the prosperity of the region. The Award is revoked by means of a Motion to do so, approved by a majority of Senators.

Section 1 - Friend of the Region Award
Granted by the Prime Minister in tandem with the Diplomacy Minister, this is granted to those who reside in Foreign Regions but have, through Diplomacy, Culture, Defense or other means, helped the New Western Atlantic
Section 2 - Justice Award
Granted by the Prime Minister and the Justice Minister in tandem, to those who have through investigation, prosecution or other means, have upheld and preserved the rule of law in the NWA
Section 3 - Revoking
All awards of this Article (II) are revoked by the Prime Minister in tandem with the Minister mentioned in the respective Article.

Section 1 - Medal of the Crown
Granted by members of the Monarchy to Citizens, for contribution to the growth of the Community of the New Western Atlantic.
It may be revoked by any member of the Monarchy
Section 2 - The King’s Award of Merit and Service
Granted and revoked only by His Majesty the King, this Award is bestowed upon Citizens for outstanding Service to the New Western Atlantic.

Titles Act - L.R. XXX
Author: Dukna
Sponsor: Cesorion

Recognizing there is a lack of officiality in some aspects of the New Western Atlantic.
Seeking to establish formal title rules.

Allows the use of these titles, requires them in official documents.
Section 1 - Legislature
Prefix - The Honourable/Senator (The Hon./Sen.)
Prefix - The Right Honourable Chancellor of The Senate/Chancellor (The Rt.Hon.)
Leader of the Opposition
Prefix - The Right Honourable/Senator (The Rt.Hon./Sen.)
Section 2 - Monarchy
Reigning Sovereign
Prefix - His/Her Majesty/His/Her Royal Majesty (HM./HRM.)
Members of the Monarchy/Abdicated Sovereigns
Prefix - His Royal Highness (HRH.)
Section 3 - Executive
Prime Minister
Prefix - The Right Honourable/Prime Minister (The Rt.Hon./PM.)
Deputy Prime Minister
Prefix - The Right Honourable/Deputy Prime Minister (The Rt. Hon./DPM.)
Prefix - The Right Honourable/Minister (The Rt. Hon./Min.)
Prefix - His Excellency (HE.)
Section 4 - Judiciary
Chief Justice
Prefix - The Right Honourable Chief Justice of the High Court/Chief Justice (The Rt.Hon./CJ.)
Associate Justice
Prefix - The Right Honourable/Justice (The Rt.Hon.)

The Seasonal Net Migration Report Bill - L.R. XXX
Author: The Greater Canadian Republic
Sponsors: The Greater Canadian Republic, Becklana

At the time of drafting this bill, The New Western Atlantic (NWA) faces a NationStates-wide decline in activity as the summer months progress in the Northern Hemisphere. There is, however, nothing in place to give perspective and quantify this decline in activity. This bill aims to hold the executive branch accountable, in particular the Immigration Ministry, for its responsibility to maintain regional activity.

Section 1 - The Net Migration Report
The Immigration Ministry shall produce a report detailing the following concerns:
The net population change within the region in comparison to the previous month.
The Ministry's plan(s) - if existing - to deal with this net change, regardless of the co-efficient of the statistic.

Section 1 - Applicable Months
This bill shall take effect from the 1st May and will cease to take effect on the 1st of October. The reasoning behind this is to target the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere.
Section 2 - Routine Publications
The Immigration Ministry must produce a report on a monthly basis, mostly at its own discretion.
Section 3 - Limitations
Two reports cannot be published within 5 days of each other. This is to prevent the Ministry avoiding accountability by publishing two reports in two consecutive days.
Section 2 - The Senate
The Senate of the NWA may request such a report from the Immigration Ministry. The Immigration Ministry is able to refuse this request.
Section 3 - The Prime Minister
The Prime Minister of the NWA is also able to request a report from the Ministry. Similarly, the Ministry may decline the request.

Section 1 - In the case that the Immigration Ministry fails to produce a report (excluding reports requested by the legislature or Prime Minister), the Immigration Minister will be expected to testify before the Senate to explain the failure of the Ministry.

Senate Committee Bill - L.R. XXX
Author: South cumbria
Sponsor: South cumbria

This bill seeks to establish senate committees in the areas of current and future governmental positions.

This bill establishes senate committees in areas where there are elected governmental officials. At the time of writing this includes:
This bill also offers scope to adapt new committee to match any new governmental elected post.

The role of a senate committee is to hold elected officials to account, and report back to the senate accordingly.
A committee when sitting can ask questions and raise queries around the elected officials role, responsibilities and performance. General Questions should be submitted to committee chairperson at least 24 hours prior to the committee 'sitting'. After each question, a sitting committee member may have one further sub question (providing it is related to the overall question).
It is the role of committee chairperson to ensure all general (and sub) questions are independent, informed and relevant and not designed for political point scoring.

Each elected senator may 'sit' in one senate committee only. A senate committee may have one representative from each elected political party (or independent senator), and there is a maximum committee membership of 5 senators. It is the responsibility of the committee senators to elect a committee chairperson, in the event of a tie (that the committee is unable to resolve) the appointment will Be made by Senate Chancellor. If more than 5 senators wish to sit on one committee, and no resolution can be found, the responsibility for committee makeup will be passed to senate chancellor.
It is anticipated all committees will take place on off-site forums (discord etc).

Each committee can sit for one 'standard' session per governmental term. A committee cannot sit 2 weeks prior to scheduled elections.
A committee can also elect to 'call' an Emergency session with a minister, should significant concerns be raised by fellow senators. A committee will need the approval of Senate Chancellor to call a minister to an emergency session. A maximum of three emergency session can be called (per committee) per governmental term.
All 'standard' session dates must be agreed with the government minister, and held within discord. If the government minister refuses to set any committee dates, this will need to be reported to Senate Chancellor and Prime Minister, as a 'blocking' of democratic accountability.
It is anticipated that due to issues around timezones etc, best practice would be to ensure that adequate time is given between questions being presented to government ministers and answers being presented. However internal workings for any session need to be agreed between committee chairperson and minister prior to committee start.

The NWA Electoral Commission Bill - L.R. XXX
Author: South cumbria
Sponsor: South cumbria

This bill seeks to establish a NWA wide Electoral Commission. This will be an Independent body which plans, monitors and implements elections within the NWA. The body also has responsibility for managing the registration and compliance of political parties within the region

The Commission maintains the registers of political parties in NWA and regulates party compliance yearly.
As the regulator of political parties in the NWA, the Commission's role is to ensure the integrity and transparency of parties in relation to membership, contingency plan and having registered accountable members (party chairperson/leader)
Political parties must submit annual statements of member list, a copy of a party contingency plan and active manifesto.
Subsection: Contingency plans are seen within the act as the following: a plan in place for handover of power if chairperson ceases to exist. It is not the duty of the Electoral Commission to 'judge' a contingency plan, merely to make sure one is in place

The Electoral commission will plan all elections, collect candidacy, ensure free, fair and well run elections, along with being responsible for 'announcing' all results
If required, the commission will run a public awareness campaigns ahead of elections to encourage people to vote

The commission will be made up of up to 3 members. These will be primarily The King and Duke Consort (if applicable) as these are independent positions within the NWA. If so desired, the two primary members can nominate a third member, however to serve on the electoral commission they will need to give up any existing government or party position.

In regards political parties, the electoral commission decide on whether a party gains 'official' status within the region. If the Electoral Commission deem an existing party to be 'failing' In the duties laid out above, the commission will be required to develop an 'action plan' with the party chairperson (timescales to be agreed with party leader. If, the action plan proves unsuccessful, the commission may consider any judgement (including removal of 'official' status) they feel appropriate.

Any party/individual who enters into a dispute with the electoral commission, and is unable to rectify this via discussion with the commission, the case will be referred directly to the high court

Candidacy Deadline Act - L.R. 93
Author: O-Broki
Sponsor: Becklana

Considering the fact that in past elections, numerous candidates for government positions have gone undeclared until a date which is unreasonably close to the date of the vote. The Senate here assembled hereby passes this legislation to establish a deadline for the declaration of candidacy in any election.

Any individual wishing to declare candidacy in any NWA election is required to do so no later than exactly 1 week before the date of the vote they wish to be a candidate in. Political parties shall fall under the same deadline in which to declare their candidate for an election. Any candidate who declares candidacy after the 1 week deadline is not to be included on the ballot.

Declaration of candidacy shall be defined as informing the King, the constitutional officiator of elections, that an individual desires to run in any specific election.

Governmental Transparency Act - L.R. XXX (The Death of Democracy)
Author: The Pink Fluffy Sheep
Sponsor(s): Oh god here we go... NWA Nydaymos, Ormantum, The Greater Canadian Republic, Alaweraz, Marinne, Ghan, Hoping For The Best, Tetros, Calponia, Josephtan

Recognizing that some “conspiracies” are actually true and not actually a theory,and the NWA has a need for an official list of Conspiracies, and that it is important we lead the people to the truth.

Section 1: The keeper of truth, shall be the communications Minister, and as the keeper of truth they will be responsible for keeping a log of all official Facts.

Section 2: the Senate may vote on making a theory to be recognized as true, however this should only be for serious theories that involve the NWA Government.

Section 3: The King, PM, DPM and the CM will be able to vote on conspiracies together and with a simple majority the Conspiracy will be made official.

Section 1: the RPs earth is flat, and this is an undeniable because my screen for my phone is flat, and the government of the NWA recognizes this as a fact.

Section 2: gravity in the discord does not exist, and the government of the NWA recognizes this as a fact.

Section 3: all of the NWA government belongs to a secret establishment(New world order) and suppress all who oppose them.

Section 4: all of the party chairman's are puppets controlled by the founder The United Dark Republic.

Section 5: Despacito 2 is not only real but it is also official regional anthem of the NWA.

The Party Leadership CTE Act - L.R. XXX
Author: Suternia
Sponsor: The 3rd Swedish Empire

Recognizing that there is currently no process that should be followed in case a chairman ceases to exist, wich could possibly lead to problems in the future

Section 1: If a chairman ceases to exist, his deputy or equivalent position inside the party will take the role of chairman.
Section 2: If the party has no deputy or equivalent position his majesty shall organize elections for chairman of the party, only non-puppet members of the party shall be allowed to participate and vote.
Section 3: If there are no candidates for chairman the party shall dissolve.
Section 4: If the chairman is in vacation mode he will lose the position of chairman after 28 days of inactivity (normal CTE time)

Section 1: If one of the co-chairman's cease to exist the other one shall become the only official party chairman.
Section 2: If the chairman wishes to he can appoint a new co-chairman.
Section 3: If both of the co-chairman's cease to exist article 1 shall be followed.

The Party Chairman Activity Act L.R. XXX
Author: The 3rd Swedish Empire
Sponsor: The 3rd Swedish Empire

Noticing the lack of activity and roster updating by the different Party Chairmen. This have begun to be a big problem with many party rosters since they are outdated.

Section 1: The Chairman shall be active at least once a week so they can update the roster.
Section 2: If the chairman hasn't updated he/she will be removed and a election for a more active chairman will occur.

Section 1: The party roster should be updated at least once week.
Section 2: If not updated this will cause problems with the party, new members maybe switch parties.

The Regulation of Regional Discord Servers - L.R. XXX
Author: The Greater Canadian Republic
Sponsor: The Greater Canadian Republic

The Regional Discord server, and other servers of the NWA, have no legal regulation regarding the powers and responsibilities of the people who moderate them. This can, and has in the past, led to abuses of power and, in an NWA context, unconstitutional suppression of freedoms, like the freedom of speech. To defend and protect such vital principles of freedom and democracy, moderators must be answerable to the judiciary of the NWA.

Due to varying levels of authority, a definition is appropriate, to outline who this bill affects. People who moderate the NWA discord server will be defined as anyone with the authority to mute certain individuals and delete posts from the channels.

Section I
Such individuals have two official duties. These duties are:
-To enforce the rules of the regional discord server.
-To ensure that people are allowed to speak their minds, to a great extent, freely and without fear of repercussion.

All laws of the NWA shall be applicable to the NWA's discord server(s). This includes the right to freedom of speech and expression.

Section I
If a moderator mutes an individual, they must provide a legitimate reason for doing so. If the muted party feels this is unfair, they (and/or the Justice Ministry) may challenge the moderator in the High Court for suppression of freedom of speech.
Section II
Just as absent crime-committing nations will face trial regardless of their absence, so too Moderators do not need to have a nation present in the NWA to be tried for unwarranted suppression.

Section I
If the court case against the moderator is successful, resulting in a guilty or a no contest verdict, the moderator's authority on discord will be stripped.
Section II
Upon passage, this bill is not applicable retroactively.
This bill will go into effect immediately upon passage.

Senator becklana