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NWA Senate | Legislative Docket

New Western Atlantic Senate Legislative Docket
This is a list of all proposed bills in the legislative docket of the NWA Senate.

{The Impeachment Process Act - L.R. 83} (Emergency Bill)
Author: Becklana
Sponsor: Becklana

Understanding that a loophole has been found in our constitution and that there is no true impeachment process. Hereby enacts the following impeachment process.

Section I -
This bill does not override Article I, Section II of the constitution.

Section II -
Article I, Section II of the constitution will be used whenever a member of the Executive, High Court or Senate commits a crime.

Section III -
This bill may be used in association with Article I, Section II if the High Court deems necessary.

Section IV -
This bill should only be used if no crime has been committed, an example of a reason to use ths bill is excessive inactivity.

Section I -
When submitting an Impeachment bill, the bill must have the following contents:

    - The Bill title must be "The Impeachment of [Name of Government Official] under the Impeachment Process Law L.R. 83 - L.R. [Bill Number].

    - Be Sponsored by at least One Senator.

    - Have a reason on why the person should be impeached.

Section II -
Any resident can start the impeachment process as long as the requirements are met in Article 2 Section I of this bill.

Section I -
An Executive Official defines as the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Diplomacy Minister, Communication Minister, Immigration Minister, Justice Minister & any Deputy Minister for the Ministries already stated.

Section II -
In order to impeach an Executive Official, the Senate must first vote 2/3rds in favour. Finally, the High Court must vote in majority favour of the impeachment. Once this is done, the Executive Official will be removed from office.

Section I -
A High Court Justice defines as the Chief Justice & Associate Justices.

Section II -
In order to impeach a High Court Justice, the Senate must vote 3/4ths in favour. Once this is done, the High Court Justice will be removed from their position.

Section I -
A Senator defines as anyone who partakes as a member of the Senate, this excludes the Deputy Prime Minister.

Section II -
In order to impeach a Senator, the Senate must first vote 2/3rds in favour. Finally, the High Court must vote in majority favour of the impeachment. Once this is done, the Senator will be removed from their position.

{Impeachment of Associate Justice Engium - L.R. 84} (Priority Bill)
Author: Cesorion
Sponsor: Cesorion

The Senate, realizing the importance and value of the NWA High Court,
Seeking to preserve its activity and dedication to serving and doing Justice for all citizens
Believing that one inactive Justice is enough to hinder the High Court's progress,
Hereby removes Engium from his position as Associate Justice of the NWA High Court
{Impeachment of Associate Justice Dertas - L.R. 85} (Priority Bill)
Author: Cesorion
Sponsor: Cesorion

The Senate, realizing the importance and value of the NWA High Court,
Seeking to preserve its activity and dedication to serving and doing Justice for all citizens
Believing that one inactive Justice is enough to hinder the High Court's progress,
Hereby removes Dertas from his position as Associate Justice of the NWA High Court
{Constitutional Amendment - L.R. XXX} (Priority Bill)
Author: Dependants
Sponsor: Dependants

This document, which has been drafted by
Dependants hereby amends the following portions of the current New Western Atlantic Constitution:

Note: All proposed changes are in italics, all removals are seen with a strike.

Article I: Legislature
    Section I
    • The legislature, known as the Senate shall be composed of elected citizen nations of the New Western Atlantic.

    • All legislative powers shall be vested in the Senate.

    • The Senate shall consist of a minimum of ten Senators, and the Monarch may increase the set amount as he sees fit. Elections for the Senate shall be held every three months.

    Section II

    • Legislative proposals may be submitted for consideration to the Senate by any citizen. Each proposalshall have time for debate within the New Western Atlantic Senate, however not all must go to vote. The Senate may amend any proposal before voting, if deemed necessary. Voting on Legislation Senators may have the options to vote Aye, Nay or Abstain to express that they are For, Against or that they do not wish to be counted For or Against the piece of Legislation.
      Proposals must pass with a majority from the Senate before becoming Law. In order for a piece of Legislation to pass from the Senate it must achieve a Simple Majority in favour. Simple Majority means that the most votes must be cast in favourthan any other vote option before it can become Law.

    • The Senate, with two thirds of its members in support, shall bring forth charges against a specified person. member of the region. Voting options on such charges remain Aye & Nay, however Abstentions are nullified. Should the two third threshold be met, a trial shall be set in the High Court whom may then determine the verdict. If found guilty, the court will proceed to declare the removal of the convicted individual from government. the decided punishment made by the High Court to be given to the convicted member

    • The Senate will be led by the majority party, or the majority coalition, and they will select their leader who will control the Senate's agenda. The largest minority opposition party may select their own leader. The leader of the majority party or majority coalition shall be the Chancellor of the Senate. The leader of the largest minority party of minority coalition shall be the Shadow Chancellor. In the event that there is no majority party or coalition, the Senate will elect its Chancellor, this system of voting is to be the same as the Prime Minister election where an Absolute Majority threshold is required. An Absolute Majority means that more than 50% of voters must be in favour of one vote option in order for that option to win.

    • The Senate shall have the power to declare war and review treaties with foreign regions.

    • The Deputy Prime Minister shall be an unofficial member of the Senate, and will only vote should a tie occur.

    • The Senate shall have the ability to put forward ammendments of this constitution to be put up for vote in a regional poll. In order for Constitutional Amendments to pass through to poll they must first have passed in the Senate with an Absolute Majority, Abstentions are nullified for Ammendment votes as in order for an ammendment to pass more than 50% of the Senate must be either in favour in order for it to Pass and thus Abstentions do not serve their purpose being treated the same as Nay votes.

    • The Senate shall have the authority to create inferior courts to the High Court.

    • The Senate shall have the authority to determine regulations on snap elections, so long as they do not. violate any portion of this constitution.

    • The Senate shall be prohibited from passing legislation that retroactively changes the legal consequence of an action that was previously committed before the enactment of the law.

Article II: Prime Minister

    Section I
    • The Prime Minister, or Premier, shall serve as the Head of Government of the New Western Atlantic.

    • The Prime Minister shall be elected by the citizens, and will serve until the next General Election.

    • The Prime Minister can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms, in which they are ineligible of running for a third.

    • The Prime Minister shall be elected by the citizens with an Absolute Majority vote, if no candidate receives more than 50% plus one of the vote then a runoff vote will occur and the winner will serve until the next General Election.

    Section II

    • The Prime Minister shall be granted all Powers necessary to function as Head of Government, namely Appearance, Border Control, Communications, Embassies, and Polls. The Prime Minister is responsible for administering the New Western Atlantic.

    • The Prime Minister shall appoint High Court justices with the majority approval of the citizens.

    • The Prime Minister may interdict veto any senate legislation that does not have two thirds support of its members and has not been instituted for more than ten days.

    • The Prime Minister shall preside over the Cabinet, and reserves the right to dismiss a Minister from office with two thirds consent of the Senate.

    Section III

    • The Prime Minister can provide an address to the region via telegram.

    • The Prime Minister must ensure that the laws of the New Western Atlantic be faithfully executed.

Article III: Monarchy

    Section I
    • The Founder, The United Dark Republic, is hereby known as the King and is the reigning Monarch of the region.

    • The Monarch shall serve as the Head of State.

    Section II

    • The Monarch shall retain sole executive powers. These executive powers are faintly limited to appointing the necessary regional officers as elected by the citizens.

    Section III

    • The Monarch shall maintain a public register of current offical political parties. The number of recognized parties shall be capped to six,The determination for the recognized parties will be the number of World Assembly Citizens not in another party and at discretion of His Majesty.
      Requirements needed in order for a new political party to become official are as follows;
      1. Official Parties need a unique Manifesto which is distinctly different and does not steal from the already existing parties.
      2. Official Parties need a fitting Logo which must be shown on all party Factbooks.
      3. Ofifical Parties need a Membership List which has a mininum of 10 Citizens signed up to the party who are not members of other political party.
      4. Official Parties need to actively update their factbooks. Joining members must be promptly added and leaving members must be swiftly removed, the Manifesto cannot be outdated and changes are expected to be made over time.
      5. Official Parties need to have atleast half of their party membership voting for them in Senate Elections. Consistent underperformance and drastic loss of membership support is unacceptable.

      Official parties who do not meet these requirements can expect to be removed from the political party list.

    • The Monarch shall administer and officiate via regional poll all regional elections, including snap elections.

    • In the event that the position of Monarch is vacant, the current placeholder shall appoint his successor to the role of Prince Consort.

    • In the event of a crisis or raid, the Monarch shall be permitted to usurp emergency powers and therefore act within his jurisdiction to protect the security of the Region by necessary means. This emergency power must be renewed on a weekly basis by the Senate.

Article IV: World Assembly Delegate

    Section I
    • Represents the region in the World Assembly; has no executive or legal power.

Article V: High Court

    Section I
    • The High Court shall consist of a Chief Justice and at least two other Associate Justices appointed by the Prime Minister with Absolute Majority approval from the citizens who cast their votes. Additional seats on the court may be added at the Monarch's discretion and with Absolute Majority consent from the legislature.

    • Vacancies shall be filled via appointment from the Prime Minister, and with Absolute Majority approval from the citizens.

    Section II

    • The High Court shall have judicial review powers extending to all cases that arise under this Constitution, the laws of the New Western Atlantic, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their jurisdiction. It is the High Court's duty to uphold the Constitution

    • The High Court shall be the leading and central Judiciary of the Region.

    • The High Court may create and follow its own procedures that it can determine for itself.

    • The High Court cannot instruct the expulsion of a government official from office unless this person is impeached by the Senate, and the case must be in regards to impeachment.

    • The High Court shall uphold due process in the region and ensure all residents have the right to a fair and just trial.

Article VI: Amending the Constitution

    Section I
    • The government, when it shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution. Proposed amendments to this Constitution must then be approved by two thirds of it's citizens.

Article VII: Constitutional Supremacy

    Section I
    • This Constitution, and the laws of the New Western Atlantic which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the New Western Atlantic, shall be the supreme Law of the Land.

    • Treaties are to be considered above the laws of the Region but below the Constitution.

Article IIX: Public Office & Succession

    Section I
    • All citizens have the right to vote in any public election, and all other regional polls.

    • The Deputy Prime Minister is appointed by the current Prime Minister and shall not be permitted to hold another office position.

    • In the event that the current Prime Minister cannot fulfill his/her duties, the Deputy Prime Minister will serve the remainder of the Prime Minister’s term.

    Section II

    • The Cabinet, or Ministry, is a part of the Executive Branch and serves on behalf of the Prime Minister. Each Ministry is created at the Monarch's leisure, and the citizens vote on those who seek a position in a ministry.

    • Should a vacancy arise in a Ministry, its respective appointed deputy shall assume that office. In the event that a Ministry is vacant and there is no deputy to delegate power of office to, the Monarch shall trigger a snap election.

    • All officials in the Government must be a citizen as defined in Article Nine of this Constitution.

Article IX: Citizenship

    Section I
    • Citizenship in this Region shall be derived from the Monarch, criteria for this citizenship shall be membership in the World Assembly and require residing in the region for seven complete and continuous days. The Monarch may grant special assignment to residents should it be necessary. The criteria for citizenship for all residents within the New Western Atlantic that they have resided within the region for a minimum of seven complete and continuous days without breaking NWA or NationStates law and have maintained a consitant amount of activity and involvement within the region. The Monarch shall have full administration over citizenship and will decide whether residents officially meet requirement to obtain citizenship.

    • In the event that at any time a citizen commits a crime, their citizenship and residency may rightfully be revoked as a form of punishment which can only be sentenced by and at the discretion of the High Court either indefinitely or for a minimum of seven days as a reset path to citizenship and must prove themselves worthy of citizenship once more to the Region and the Monarch

    • Residents shall maintain the same protections of liberty held for citizens, however are deemed ineligible to run, hold, maintain, vote, or execute the position of office, honor or title in this region.

    • The Monarch shall reserve the authority to revoke Citizenship or Residency at will, and may also waive the seven day requirement, if deemed appropriate. Citizenship and/or Residency may be legally revoked by the High Court as a punishment sentenced after a fair & just trial. No member of the region with the power to eject nations may bypass the High Court to remove residency from another member of the region unless under acceptable circumstance of which the High Court may excuse. Any sudden ejection/ban from the region must be explained to the Chief Justice to ensure no member of the region is unfairly & unjustly removed without acceptable reason.

Article X: Guaranteed Rights

    Section I
    • All residents are guaranteed the freedom to speak their mind, and shall not be disregarded so long as it doesn't violate NationStates rules or regional laws that are designed to protect persons from any untruthful speech which harm a person’s character, or call upon for physical or psychological damages.

    • Freedom of the press allows residents to find, create and publish a newspaper without interference, prevention, punishment, regulation or reprisal from the government.

    • The Freedom to protest, petition, distrust, campaign in opposition or file suit against the government shall not be infringed upon.

    • The ideal to establish, align, join, lead or leave a political party without government interference, discrimination or regulation shall be upheld.

    • The right of citizenship or residency shall not be revoked by any body of government without consent from the Monarch High Court.

    • The right to a fair and just trial for punishments and/or appeals of verdicts shall not be disregarded.

Read factbook

{The New Western Atlantic Copyright Law - L.R. XXX}
Author: Trump and Pence
Sponsor: Nydaymos, Calponia

We the members of the New Western Atlantic hereby recognize and protect the property of products, logos, political parties, and other items.

Any member of the region may file to any Court of the Region, a request for a patent should this request be heard and accepted the ownership of that item shall be protected under this statute.

The following logos are protected under this statute without a patent needing to be filed:
The Logo and name for the Constructivist Party dating from 4/4/18 and before the said date
The Logo and name for the Activist Party dating from 4/4/18 and before the said date
The Logo and name for the Liberal-Democratic Party dating from 4/4/18 and before the said date
The Logo and name for the Regional Front dating from 4/4/18 and before said date
The Logo and name for the Unity Party dating from 4/4/18 and before said date
The Flag of the New Western Atlantic dating from 4/4/18 and before said date
Note that if a party disbands, that logo is no longer protected. Note that if a party merges with another body, that body whom is being merged into now owns that logo and that party’s name. If a party merged into another party before this bill was enacted into law, then the party being merged into owns the right to that party’s name and its logo. If a party changed or does change its name before or after this statute comes into law that party owns the previous and current names.

Any Logo, symbol, or flag the Senate passes for any office, colony, alliance, law, amendment, or seal shall be protected under this statute. Any official changes to the flag of New Western Atlantic shall be approved by the Senate.

The use of another’s Logo can be used under “fair use” which shall be defined as the use of a name or logo of another for the purpose of providing a historical context, entertainment context, and or good and reasonable context which is not to use the Logo to trick or mis inform another person.

{The Principle of Integrity - L.R. XXX}
Author: Ghan
Sponsor: Ghan

In order to have a correct and clean administration, the principle of integrity will be introduced.

Section 1: Persons who are being investigated, prosecuted, or convicted for corruption can not be members of the Government.
Section 2: If any person is being investigated, prosecuted, or convicted for corruption, he must resign from the position he holds.

Section 1: Persons who are being investigated, prosecuted, or convicted for corruption can not be members of the Senate.
Section 2: If any person is being investigated, prosecuted, or convicted for corruption, he must resign from the position he holds.

Section 1: Persons who are being investigated, prosecuted, or convicted for corruption can not be members of the High Court.
Section 2: If any person is being investigated, prosecuted, or convicted for corruption, he must resign from the position he holds.
Section 3:

{The Military Establishment Act - L.R. XXX}
Author: The Brotherhood of Kyro
Sponsor: NWA Nydaymos

Article 1: The New Western Atlantic shall hereby establish a Defender Military which shall henceforth be known as the New Western Atlantic Regional Defense, or NWARD for short.
Section 1: The NWARD shall be a military whose functions are restricted to defensive operations such as detags, liberations, refoundings, and raid prevention.
Section 2: The Military shall be voluntary and be comprised of NWA citizens who are in the World Assembly. These citizens would have had to been in the region for a minimum of 1 month before they can join the military.
Section 3: Members of NWARD reserve the right to leave the military at any time of their choice.

Article 2: The Head of the Military, who is to be known as the Commandant of the NWARD, is to be nominated by the Prime Minister and confirmed by a 2/3’s vote in the Senate.
Section 1: The Commandant is required to give a biweekly report to the Senate detailing all its operations, training requirements, potential threats to the region, and any and all military members who are going to trial and/or awaiting trial.
Section 2: The Commandant is to serve a 4-month term before the Prime Minister may wish to keep the sitting Commandant or to nominate a new one.
Section 3: If the Prime Minister elects to keep the sitting Commandant, the Senate is still required to hold a Confirmation vote.
Section 4: In the event that the Prime Minster selects a different Commandant candidate, the sitting Commandant is to continue their service until the new Commandant is confirmed by the Senate.
Section 5: In the event that the Commandant is found in violation of the law or becomes unfit to do their duty as Commandant of the NWARD, the second in command is then to take place until the selection process outlined by Article 2 has concluded. This Chain of Command is to become public knowledge.

Article 3: Laws of which are specific to the NWARD, but are not the only laws that apply to them as the outlined in the current NWA Law Registry are henceforth outlawed and punishable in the Court of Law of the NWA:
Defection: The Act of a member of the NWARD leaving the region to join a raider region.
Election Rigging: The members of the NWARD are prohibited from voting in elections of other regions.
Espionage: The act of a nation joining the NWARD to leak vital information to other regions.
Illegal (Offensive) Raiding: The Use of the NWARD to raid another region for the means of establishing a new puppet colony and/or the overthrowing of an unpopular government.
Leaking: The Act of leaking any government information and/or information which is deemed harmful for the security of the NWA to other government and/or raiders.
Puppet Voting: Members of the NWARD are prohibited, through the use of puppets, from voting in NWA elections to vote more than once in said election.
Unauthorized Raiding: The means of engaging in defensive raiding of a region without the proper confirmation of the NWA government.

Article 4: The Justice Minister is to appoint an Attorney to prosecute those in the NWARD who are accused of law violations outlined in Article 4. In the event that no Attorney exists, they may hire a lawyer to defend them in the court of law.
Section 1: Those accused of crimes under Article 4 have the right to refuse an attorney and may defend themselves in the court of law.

Article 5: Members of the government who wish to join the military may still be allowed to serve in the government except as Commandant as this is an electable and term specific position.
Section 1: Members of the region who relinquish their WA membership to a puppet for the military retain their citizenship rights and ability to vote.

Article 6: This law shall go into effect immediately upon passage.

{Government Discord Act - L.R. XXX}
Author: Dukna
Sponsor: Dukna

Recognizing the current NWA discord is a private entity, by the people and for the people.
Recommending that we shouldn't commit government business there.
Noting that the NationStates part of the discord isn't a priority.

Creates an independent discord under control of His Royal Majesty, King The United Dark Republic, for government business including the Legislature, Executive Branch and the High Court.

All residents have the right to enter the discord and spectate the channels open to them.

All branches of Government shall be granted 1 channel for official rulings such as votes, sentences and announcements.

Admin powers shall be given to the leaders of each respective branch and to the Sovereign of the NWA.

If the creator of the Discord does not transfer ownership to HRM King The United Dark Republic, it will be a violation of the law.

{High Court Checks & Balances Act - L.R. XXX}
Author: Dependants
Sponsor: Dependants

This bill has been made out of the recognition of a lack of Accountability for Justices to justfully fulfill their duties and it is an attempt at solving the issue with a Constitutional solution which the Author believes would be the fairest and best way of keeping the High Court in check.

Sticking to the Constitution's defined method of Appointing Justices, this Bill hereby grants the Prime Minister once each Term (6 Months) the opportunity, if seen as needed to Appoint a new set of Justices.
This removes and replaces selected Justices chosen by the PM after the newly appointed Justice/s pass the standard Confirmation vote as is required of a Justice appointment detailed in the Constitution.
The PM may be able to appoint and replace as many Justices as there is in the High Court including the Chief Justice in a single term, however they must announce their decision to appoint new Justices replacing specific Justices in one go and may not announce any new Appointments & Replacements at seperate times in a term as the oppurtunity to rearrange the High Court Justices is only open to the PM once per term.
The opportunity to appoint new justices & replacing current ones is not a mandatory task for the PM to undertale each term, it does not need to be used at all in a PM's entire Administration. The opportunity to replace Justices is simply a tool for a PM to keep the High Court in check which should used when Justices are not fullfilling the duties which the PM put them in their positions to do and ensuring that the Justices are no longer simply comfortable in their position requiring them to serve the region to the best of their ability showing the PM they where right to appoint them and Proving to future PM's that they deserve to remain in the role.

After the passing of this Legislation the High Court shall officially be held accountable by the Prime Minister. This is sensible because it is the PM who is responsible for appointing the most suitible person for the role and if the Justices betray the PM's trust in them to do said job properly by not sufficiently fullfilling their duty, being inactive or going as far as abusing their position, the PM may now be able to get rid of them and appoint someone more suitable for the job.
It gives the Justices insentive to do their best in the position so not to betray the PM's trust and being promptly removed & replaced in doing so. The ludacrisly high job security Justices have had the luxury of having allows for Justices to be too comfortable in their position to the point that they can actively abuse their role voting political & biasly with no consequences, this bill effectively ends this entirely.
The PM with advise from the Justice Minister & Chief Justice can actively monitor all Justices performance throughout their term and come to a conclusion to whether each Justice deserves to carry on their good work or should be removed for performing extremely bad in their duties and will be able to act accordingly once per term in order to ensure the court is running the best it possibly can, strongly maintaining that the NWA's Laws & Constitution are being upheld.

Authors: Cesorion, Dukna, The Brotherhood of Kyro
Sponsor: Cesorion

The Senate, realizing the importance of proper and due process in the Courts, as well as the need for Defendants to have access to a competent and skilled lawyer, to assist them, hereby passes the following into law:-

Section 1
The “NWA Attorney” shall be a team of employees of the Ministry of Justice, appointed by the Minister of Justice, who shall act as Head Attorney.
They are eligible to represent the Government and the NWA in the High Court (New Western Atlantic V. Defendant). Prior public authorization by the Minister is required to do so, and such authorization should be posted in the High Court/Courtroom RMB.
Section 2
Attorneys shall be selected by the Minister, and the Minister may establish certain reasonable criteria for the position.
Section 3
Attorneys, while in contact with the Ministry to properly carry out their duties, may learn classified information about ongoing investigations of the Ministry, or any other kind. They are required to keep any and all such information secret, unless order/authorization to do otherwise is given.

Section 1
The “NWA Public Defence” shall be a group of Justice Ministry employees, selected with the same criteria as Attorneys.
Section 2
Defenders shall be the main pool from which Citizens may select legal advisers/lawyers to assist them with cases in the High Court. However, no Public Defender is obliged to accept all requests.
Section 3
The Defenders shall be managed by the Head Defender, who is appointed by the Justice Minister.
Section 4
Other than being appointed by the Minister, Defenders retain more independence from the Ministry’s leadership than that of Attorneys.
Section 5
This Act does not infringe on the Citizens’ right to select a private attorney, or to not select one at all.

A list of all NWA Attorneys and Public Defendants is to be kept and frequently updated by the Minister, in a factbook.
Said factbook is this:

Government of the New Western Atlantic

The New Western Atlantic Attorney
The New Western Atlantic Attorney represents the NWA in the NWA High Court. They are prosecutors responsible for presenting cases and sentence recommendation on the behalf of the Ministry of Justice.
The New Western Atlantic Attorney is a part of the Ministry of Justice. The Minister of Justice is the head of the NWA Attorney and appoints NWA Attorneys and leads prosecutions.

Appointment of an NWA Attorney can include multiple factors. Most NWA Attorneys have a law degree and are skilled in advocacy, have a good sense of Justice and have a well-based opinion regarding regional politics. Graduates from the NWA University have the choice to enter in a special program to become NWA Attorneys.

Current NWA Attorneys:
Dukna | Justice Minister, Head of the NWA Attorney
Cesorion | Deputy Justice Minister
Kazabaltica | NWA Attorney

The New Western Atlantic Public Defence
The New Western Atlantic Public Defenders represent citizens who choose not to hire a private attorney. They are provided by the Ministry of Justice and appointed by the NWA High Court.

The NWA High Court gives the cases to the Head of the Public Defenders. This individual is appointed by the Minister of Justice and assigns Public Defenders to the cases.

The requirements to be appointed as Public Defender are generally the same as those of NWA Attorneys. NWA University graduates also have the choice to enter a special program to become a Public Defender.

Current Public Defenders:
Vacant | Head of the NWA Public Defence
Thornian | NWA Public Defender
Tetros | NWA Public Defender

Read factbook

If this factbook changes, the Ministry of Justice will notify the Senate Clerk, who will update the Act.

Author: Cesorion
Sponsor: Cesorion

The Senate, aiming to establish procedures to honour and reward those who serve the New Western Atlantic, hereby passes the following into law:-

Section 1 - Legislative Merit Award
This Award is presented by the Senate, after approval of a Motion to do so. Recipients may be awarded the LMA for outstanding contribution to the Legislature, for passing/proposing legislation the greatly affects the NWA for the better, among other reasons.
The Award may be revoked by the Senate via a vote to do so at any time
Section 2 - Thanks of the Senate
The Thanks of the Senate are bestowed by the Senate, via a vote approving a Motion to do so, to anyone who has, through executive service, have greatly helped the NWA prosper and advance in any realm, have through executive service upheld the regional values, or have generally helped the prosperity of the region. The Award is revoked by means of a Motion to do so, approved by a majority of Senators.

Section 1 - Friend of the Region Award
Granted by the Prime Minister in tandem with the Diplomacy Minister, this is granted to those who reside in Foreign Regions but have, through Diplomacy, Culture, Defense or other means, helped the New Western Atlantic
Section 2 - Justice Award
Granted by the Prime Minister and the Justice Minister in tandem, to those who have through investigation, prosecution or other means, have upheld and preserved the rule of law in the NWA
Section 3 - Revoking
All awards of this Article (II) are revoked by the Prime Minister in tandem with the Minister mentioned in the respective Article.

Section 1 - Medal of the Crown
Granted by members of the Monarchy to Citizens, for contribution to the growth of the Community of the New Western Atlantic.
It may be revoked by any member of the Monarchy
Section 2 - The King’s Award of Merit and Service
Granted and revoked only by His Majesty the King, this Award is bestowed upon Citizens for outstanding Service to the New Western Atlantic.

{Repeal: The Banning of Dual Citizenship Between the UCR and New Western Atlantic Act of 2018 Act (L.R. 66) - L.R. XXX}
Author: Tetros
Sponsored: Tetros

Recognising that sense the CTE of Atero and his numerous puppet states took place, UCR has fallen in on itself, and has had to move regions.
Understanding that due to having no leadership, UCR has no citizenship opportunities in place, so this bill is useless.
Hoping that in the wake of removing this bill, a past conflict could be closed that the region would most likely rather forget.
Preferring to see bills in the senate that serves a purpose to the region, rather than spreading the memory of NWA's deceased enemy.

a. hereby clears this resolution from the floor, removing the bill and all effects it has.

{Titles Act - L.R. XXX}
Author: Dukna
Sponsor: Cesorion

Recognizing there is a lack of officiality in some aspects of the New Western Atlantic.
Seeking to establish formal title rules.

Allows the use of these titles, requires them in official documents.
Section 1 - Legislature
Prefix - The Honourable/Senator (The Hon./Sen.)
Prefix - The Right Honourable Chancellor of The Senate/Chancellor (The Rt.Hon.)
Leader of the Opposition
Prefix - The Right Honourable/Senator (The Rt.Hon./Sen.)
Section 2 - Monarchy
Reigning Sovereign
Prefix - His/Her Majesty/His/Her Royal Majesty (HM./HRM.)
Members of the Monarchy/Abdicated Sovereigns
Prefix - His Royal Highness (HRH.)
Section 3 - Executive
Prime Minister
Prefix - The Right Honourable/Prime Minister (The Rt.Hon./PM.)
Deputy Prime Minister
Prefix - The Right Honourable/Deputy Prime Minister (The Rt. Hon./DPM.)
Prefix - The Right Honourable/Minister (The Rt. Hon./Min.)
Prefix - His Excellency (HE.)
Section 4 - Judiciary
Chief Justice
Prefix - The Right Honourable Chief Justice of the High Court/Chief Justice (The Rt.Hon./CJ.)
Associate Justice
Prefix - The Right Honourable/Justice (The Rt.Hon.)

{The Seasonal Net Migration Report Bill - L.R. XXX}
Author: The Greater Canadian Republic
Sponsors: The Greater Canadian Republic, Becklana

At the time of drafting this bill, The New Western Atlantic (NWA) faces a NationStates-wide decline in activity as the summer months progress in the Northern Hemisphere. There is, however, nothing in place to give perspective and quantify this decline in activity. This bill aims to hold the executive branch accountable, in particular the Immigration Ministry, for its responsibility to maintain regional activity.

Section 1 - The Net Migration Report
The Immigration Ministry shall produce a report detailing the following concerns:
The net population change within the region in comparison to the previous month.
The Ministry's plan(s) - if existing - to deal with this net change, regardless of the co-efficient of the statistic.

Section 1 - Applicable Months
This bill shall take effect from the 1st May and will cease to take effect on the 1st of October. The reasoning behind this is to target the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere.
Section 2 - Routine Publications
The Immigration Ministry must produce a report on a monthly basis, mostly at its own discretion.
Section 3 - Limitations
Two reports cannot be published within 5 days of each other. This is to prevent the Ministry avoiding accountability by publishing two reports in two consecutive days.
Section 2 - The Senate
The Senate of the NWA may request such a report from the Immigration Ministry. The Immigration Ministry is able to refuse this request.
Section 3 - The Prime Minister
The Prime Minister of the NWA is also able to request a report from the Ministry. Similarly, the Ministry may decline the request.

Section 1 - In the case that the Immigration Ministry fails to produce a report (excluding reports requested by the legislature or Prime Minister), the Immigration Minister will be expected to testify before the Senate to explain the failure of the Ministry.