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Travel records and info

My quest is to travel to every region in the world starting with the most nations to the least, I will post this factbook in the RMB, and I will stay in the region for a few days, get to know the wonderful people and be on my way! You may join me as you please, just telegram me.

Please upvote to spread the news!!!!

Nations joined:
Sausumo aka Krevt
Amerstiondal aka Ladtanderan
Airolian nomadic research state of vauna aka Airol
Pamat aka Likar
The roaming blobfish
7/7/18- Sets up camp in the West Pacific

7/7/18- moves to The North Pacific

7/10/18- moves to The East Pacific

7/13/18- moves to the South Pacific

7/16/18- moves to the Pacific

7/19/18- moves to the West Pacific

7/22/18- moves to Lazarus

7/26/18- moves to the Rejected Realms

7/29/18- moves to Balder

8/1/18- moves to Osiris

8/5/18- moves to Ancient Lands

8/9/18- moves to 10000 Islands

8/12/18- moves to The Communist Bloc

8/15/18- moves to Spear Danes

8/18/18- moves to Europe

8/21/18- moves to Europeia

8/24/18- moves to TNP

8/27/18- moves to Violet Irises

8/30/18- moves to New Western Atlantic

9/2/18- moves to The Invaders

9/5/18- moves to the dictatorial paradise

9/9/18- moves to Plum Island

9/12/18- moves to The United federations

9/15/18- moves to The International

9/19/18- moves to NationStates

9/23/18- moves to The Black Hawks

9/27/18- moves to Forest

11/4/18- After a long break, mainly government work in the USSD, moves to Pravda, which is the USSD's puppet region