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The Playlist -- Delivering you the Zitravgradian Vibe (and A Bunch of Writing Inspirations)

Hello, comrades. I think it is about time that I blast random music into your ears, like how I blast my revisionist propaganda. Here is a list, of random songs, that you probably don't want to know about. But it gives general explanation of how my main nation turned out like this. :D

1) Papers, Please: Theme Song
LinkThe moment when you realize... it's not a good idea to travel to random post-apocalypse Eastern Bloc country.

2) Баллада о солдате (Ballad of a Soldier) - Red Army Choir (2010)
LinkYou hear their anthem, and learn that this society is somewhat militaristic.

3) Как хорошо быть генералом 2010 - Eduard Khil LinkBut of course, there is room for entertainment... even if it is still talking about war.

4) "Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl" - Leonid Kharitonov & The Alexandrov Red Army Choir (1969)
LinkYou know... when a cavalryman is courting a Cossack, he needs more than a flower. He needs a balalaika.

5) "Song of the Volga Boatmen" - Leonid Kharitonov & Russian Red Army Choir
LinkWalking along the river, you learn that the Socialist Revolutionary's favorite hobby is dragging an icebreaker that ran out of fuel. (Note: Actual bits of Zitravgradian history that I have always forgotten to add.)

6) Смуглянка (Smuglianka) - Alexandrov Red Army Choir (2016)
LinkYou try your luck with Zitravgradian women, they are beautiful, but every of them seems to have been some sort of partisan.

7) Вечерний звон (Evening Bells) - Alexandrov Red Army Choir (2006)
LinkNear the Kremlin, the government thinks it is their duty to tell you it's already the evening.

8) Alexander Rybak - Kupalinka
LinkTotally a children's song. (It's in Belarusian, but still.)

9) "Soldier's dance" - The Alexandrov Ensemble (1965)
LinkTheir Army defies gravity even better than their Space Force.

10) Священная война (The Sacred War) - Alexandrov Ensemble (2018)
LinkEven then, they won't stop talking about war.

11) Сергей Лазарев " В САМОЕ СЕРДЦЕ"
LinkBut so you think, you want modern pop music, too.

12) Сергей Лазарев - Сдавайся
LinkMore because you can.

13) La-La-La! - SuperHit - Eduard Khil
LinkWell, this needs a legit explanation...

14) Red Alert 3: Soviet March
LinkPretty much the Revolutionary's March. Picture it. Thousand soldiers march at the Kremlin Square while the top of the Party watch from the tower. It doesn't get more Slavic socialist dictatorship Zitravgradian than this.

15) Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem
LinkAlso known as the music you hear when you took a wrong turn and ended up near the zones.

16) LADA - uamee x Professional Gopnik x Boris
LinkAnd this plays when you are in a taxi that is running away from the zones.

17) SLAV KING - Boris vs. DJ Blyatman
LinkUnofficial anthem of... those kids in tracksuit.

18) Vladimir Trochin - Moscow nights (1956)
LinkIf this song plays, you know the night has fallen upon the capital.

19) Red Army Choir - Katyusha
LinkHere. The Black Party will invade us if we don't add this song.

20) Željko Joksimović - Nije Ljubav Stvar (Serbia) 2012
LinkTime to give Serbian songs air time. One that is not Remove Kebab this time.

LinkSuggestion from Utzzy
but we don't always remove kebab. We call them shashlik instead.

LinkSuggestion from Silver Commonwealth because let the war begin here.

23) Vladimir Putin - Putin, Putout (The Unofficial 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Song) by Klemen Slakonja
LinkThis one is just gold.

And that is the list -- for now!