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The Playlist -- Delivering you the Zitravgradian Vibe (and A Bunch of Writing Inspirations)

Hello, again! This is your local faux Eastern Slavic brother, Zitravgrad. Back in here with the revised list with a mix of old and new songs I like. This list focuses more on Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian songs and artists that inspire the lore of my nation and whatever else I write.

1) Papers, Please: Theme Song
LinkThe moment when you realize... it's not a good idea to travel to random post-apocalypse Eastern Bloc country.

2) Баллада о солдате (Ballad of a Soldier) - Red Army Choir (2010)
LinkI am not crying, you are crying.

3) Katyusha - Varvara
LinkIf I don't have this song, other Slav NSers will commit a communist revolution in my nation.

4) Joseph Kobzon - Mgnovenia (Moments)
LinkA song from the TV series "Seventeen Moments of Spring" and now it is my life's theme song.

5) "Song of the Volga Boatmen" - Leonid Kharitonov & Russian Red Army Choir
LinkLeonid Kharitonov best singer. Alexandrov Ensemble Best. Soviet music also best.

6) Смуглянка (Smuglianka) - Alexandrov Red Army Choir (2016)
LinkYou try your luck with Zitravgradian women, they are beautiful, but every of them seems to have been some sort of partisan.

7) Вечерний звон (Evening Bells) - Alexandrov Red Army Choir (2006)
LinkNear the Kremlin, the government thinks it is their duty to tell you it's already the evening.

8) Alexander Rybak - Kupalinka
LinkTotally a children's song. (It's in Belarusian, but still.)

9) "Soldier's dance" - The Alexandrov Ensemble (1965)
LinkTheir Army defies gravity even better than their Space Force.

10) Священная война (The Sacred War) - Alexandrov Ensemble (2018)
LinkWaging holy wars and things against... no one. Just vibing, really.

11) Сергей Лазарев " В САМОЕ СЕРДЦЕ"
LinkBut so you think, you want modern pop music, too.

12) Сергей Лазарев - Сдавайся
LinkMore because you can.

13) Muslim Magomaev. Песня о далёкой Родине
LinkAnother song from Seventeen Moments of Spring. Also, Magomayev is another amazing singer I dearly recommend.

14) Red Alert 3: Soviet March
LinkPretty much the Revolutionary's March. Picture it. Thousand soldiers march at the Kremlin Square while the top of the Party watch from the tower. It doesn't get more Eastern Slavic oligarchy time Zitravgradian than this.

15) Анна Герман - Надежда
Link"Hope, my earthly compass. Luck, a medal of bravery."

LinkAn ethnic pop sings, about how summer passes by.

17) Dmitrij Koldun - Dai Mne Silu
LinkThis song is from 2000s so... the aesthetics back then might be weird now.

18) Vladimir Trochin - Moscow nights (1956)
LinkIf this song plays, you know the evening has fallen upon the capital.

19) Sergey Lazarev - The Long Road
LinkAn accurate depiction of a young nobleman when he was told that nobility is dissolved and he may act like normal person now. (Providenska, 2011)

20) Eduard khil - Зима (Winter)
LinkEduard Khil is yet another good singer... and winter really is the theme of my nation.

21) Марш Нової Армії
LinkGet into Ukrainian nationalist vibe?

22) Eduard Khil - Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой.
LinkObligatory trololo'ing

And that is the list -- for now!