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Monthly Pacifican Art Feature [July 2018]

Biweekly Pacifican Art Feature of July 2018


A wallpaper-sized graphic made by a regular of the Art Feature, this time featuring the bolt action carbine, the Aiguille M1917C, and its human accompaniment. The flag of Sonitusia is gritty, the tones are just right and the drawing is excellent as always. This is a wallpaper worth using for your laptop or PC screens.


Now who said Praetorian Guards canít paint? Let Sassoon show you evidence that the enforcers of the Code have their own gentle side as well. A single colour with different shades to bring about a feeling of solemnness into the viewer. The water is still, the skies are clear and the grass laid still. Makes you think of your own peaceful paradise where no one and nothing can interfere with your quietude, doesnít it?