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~Treaty of Worlds United~ - Revision 2/Alpha 1

Worlds United Re;Birth Administration and Moderation Team - General Treaty of Roleplay in the Worlds United Metaverse, as said by Rynese Empire, and to be reviewed and changed within the coming months until the most efficient ruleset/treaty can be imposed -


1) General Treaty.
2) Conscription System.
2a) Economy System (as provided by Radicaster)
2b) Factories
3) Technology - Explained
4) Population - For nations that are have odd, non-comforming borders.
5) International Peace Conferences, Disarmament Sessions, and other International meetings.
6) Timespan of WUR;B.
7) Credits and Playerbase.


Point #1 - General Treaty of Worlds United:

TL;DR: This section of the treaty completely bans godmodding from the WU Metaverse, aswell as serving as a F.A.Q. for WUR;B and it's future incarnations, if there are.

Article 1: From the 7/7/2018, godmodding, or the act of making yourself invicincible while keeping others as mortal, otherwise, becoming too powerful in too little time, and just generally screwing up the RP, is forevermore banned from the Worlds United Metaverse, as it inflicts a major penalty to those whom aren't godmodding, and stick to realistic, yet interesting roleplay. "Timed Roleplay" - depending on whom you ask, is the only method of roleplay which is heavily encouraged - though it doesn't mean that it's the only one allowed. Timed Roleplay is the kind where everything is linked, in a very long, time-pulled string of "occurences", "events" and general RP messaging.

Article 2: Frequently Asked Questions.

None, at the moment.


Point #2:

Article 1:Conscription is now linked to this factbook, which will serve as a centralized database for all the different kinds of conscription laws that will be allowed to take part in WUR;B.

Conscription is what allows a nation to have an army - Essentially, recruiting. There are various ways of recruiting, which are normally laid out in the lawbook, constitution, or general book of a nation. Within Worlds United Re;Birth, Conscription now works in a way similar to that of Hearts of Iron 4, in the way that there are various "selections" that can be changed every so often. These "selections" are:
(PS. The number after the multiplication is the percentage of the population allowed to conscript)

Conscription Law

Equation for Maximum Military Numbers


Volunteer Only

Population / 100 x 3


Limited Conscription

Population / 100 x 5

3% National Tension, with tiny, organized and calm protests.

Expanded Conscription

Population / 100 x 7

7% National Tension, with small, organized yet still calm protests, though they're more widespread.

Overexpanded Conscription

Population / 100 x 14

15% National Tension, with medium-sized, disorganized, widespread and not very calm protests.

All Adults Serve

Population / 100 x 30-45(range)

30-50% National Tension, with large, very disorganized, nation-wide and very rude, un-calm protests, which can lead to a gubernmental overthrow.


Population / 100 x 70

100% National Tension, with constant attempts to overthrow the gobernment. No nation that has used this conscription law has survived.

Article 2: Economical Laws

Each country will only have 1 law of each type.

Trade Law
This controls how much resources are exported to the market. Only the remaining portion can be used for other things. However, the more exported resources, the better the benefits for Factory/Dock Output, Construction Speed, and Research Time.


Exported Resources

Factory/Dock Output Benefits

Construction Speed Benefits

Research Time Benefits

Free Trade





Extensive Exports





Limited Exports





(requires Alliances) Ally-centric Exports





No Exports





Economy Law
This controls how many factories are needed to produce consumer goods and affects factory construction speed. The default is "General Economy".


Factories Needed

Factory Construction Speed

General Economy



Limited Mobilization



Partial Mobilization



War Economy



Total War Economy



Article 3: Factories

Factories are the life of your nation. They produce things for both the military and the general population, and can be assigned to manufacturers that will produce things in them.

There are two kinds of Factories - General Factories, and Military Factories. General Factories build and produce everything your citizens may need to live, such as food, electronics, and they also help with the construction of Infrastructure and other factories.

Military Factories build and produce everything that might be used in your nations' army. From aircraft to tanks to infrantry equipment and more, aswell as they are the ones that can be assigned to Manufacturers.
Manufacturers can be assigned to Military Factories so that they may produce things. It is required to have manufacturers for MFs to build things. Manufacturers themselves do not grant any bonuses, but can unlock certain equipment within your nations' self-made tech tree.


Point #3 - Technology

[i]Article 1:

Technology inside the Worlds United Metaverse is managed by each player, however, there are certain limitations that have to be put in place, and the most important thing: Time needs to pass before technologies are invented, or things changed.

The best example would be the Rynese fighter tree, which has a split. It goes:

Ar.193 Fighter -> Ar.195 Fighter -> He.111 Fighter -> He.112 Fighter ->(split) He.113 Fighter + 114 Fighter/Attacker -> Bf. 109 Fighter + Bf.110 Fighter/Attacker, and so on.

To go from the Ar.193 to the Bf.109/110, the game would need to pass 6 Years, or from 1927 to 1933 to get there. The reason is the fact that, unless aerial technology is something that is being spent on alot (roleplayed alot, aswell as roleplaying investing more into it), which is when it will begin to take less. The biggest gap is from the Ar.195 to the He.111, which takes 2 years to unlock, unlike the rest of the tree, which is around 1 year. The reason is that the He.111 Fighter and the Ar.195 Fighter are very different, with very different uses and capabilities. However, the He.112 and He.113 are based on the He.111, making them take less to design and unlock.


Point #4

Article 1 - Population, for those weird, non-comforming border nations that don't know how to calculate it with they're weird, non-comforming borders.

Population is based off real-life population of the nations where your nation is settled in the Worlds United map. However, for the people that have borders that are half of a country, and not the entire one, or just 1 province of a country, while the rest belongs to another, need to be a bit more creative. Generally, you need to set a population for that province based on the geography of it - Sure, you can search the real-life population of it, but it's preffered to use created-per-nation numbers. For example, deserts have a maximum population assignation number (MPAN) of 100,000 per province. Forests have a MPAN of 350,000 per province, Boreal/Siberia has a MPAN of 700,000 per province, Flat biomes, such as steppes, rural countrysides, etc. have a MPAN of 1mill-1,5mill, and will found a city, and heavily urbanized areas have a MPAN of 2-7mill, and will found a city.

Players that have already set they're population will not have to adere to this specific point of the Treaty of Worlds United, as that would upset the balance of the map.


Point #5:

Article 1: International Events - Disambiguation

International Events are roleplay 'events' that can be called by any one player of Worlds United. There are various categories of International Events, each with they're own ramifications, and depending on the matter that will be discussed at the events, and many other factors that are usually brought up 'on-event', can end in various ways.

Article 2: Event Types and they're General Topic:

- International Disarmament Conference, which will call nations into a large conference room where all the leaders will attempt to reach a agreement on disarming they're nations. Usually lowers international tensions.

- International Peace Conferences are, well, conferences that gather all leaders, and sometimes even ministers and politicians of each nation to: Demilitarize/disarm and form temporal, or permanent, alliances. These alliances, often being named with the location of the nations involved (ex: Centroeuropean Front).

- International Session/Gatherings are conferences held in nations around the world where all the leaders meet up and explain they're plans for that year to the public of all nations - including they're own. Normally, speeches are held here, and leaders can participate in coversations with they're citizens, if they do attend the event. This is not normally the place where talks about ceding lands are done, though it doesn't stop certain leaders from talking about that.

Article 3: How to call a International Event:

It's rather simple to call an International Event. Normally, you put your roleplay message in a spoiler named "Call for a International *event type*", and then, within the RP message, be it the size that you prefer, explain the situation/need for a International Event to be called. An International Events needs a cause, because if there isn't, then the event will be called off.


Point #6

Timespan of the Worlds United Metaverse:

Time, in the WU Metaverse, goes on at the speed at which the moderator for that specific universe of the WU Metaverse wants it to go. For example, Europa 2034 and Worlds United 2044 happened in the year 1900, though they had planned to go on until 2034/2044. Time, within both of these, went from the 1/1 to the 7/1, due to issues with either A) The map or B) The moderator.

In Worlds United Re;Birth, The (official) campaign lasts from the 1/1/1927 (1st of January, 1927 - Saturday) to the 31/12/2050, though it can last longer if a time expansion request is given to the moderator.

Time Expansion Requests:

A Time Expansion Request(tm) is a simple message to the moderator of your WU branch to expand the time until A) A date or B) An event. The most likely, and common one, is "when X war ends".


Treaty of Worlds United - Bottom text.

Thank you for reading, or in the case that you roleplay in WU, playing, on Worlds United! It's a pleasure for me to host Worlds United here, and writing about it makes me happy. The fact that anyone even wanted to go along with this idea of mine already blew my mind, and the fact that i get so much support for it is incredible. I'm lucky to be me, and you guys are the greatest. Thanks, truly.

Special Thanks to:

- Pandoska
- German Holy Roman Empire for being great friends and being some of the first to be interested in this. Without you two, this project certainly wouldn't be like it is today.

And a general special "thank you" to:

- Moragona 4
- Guyomartand
- The Austro Germanic Union
- Hong Kong Empire
- Ryori
- Sanjurika
- Islands of Washington
- Radicaster
- Deerfenland
- The Greater Danish Order
- Lorigia
- Gospel Power
- Confederation of Independent Colonies
- Western Vapia
- Triekru

For joining Worlds United Re;Birth!