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Look who's Back!

Our Return

Hello folks! It's the writer from the Breakfast Courier here. We've returned to start reporting the news once again, we may not have all of the things we used to. We are going to be getting rid of our Recipe of the Day. For what we loose however, we will replace with a new and improved Breakfast Courier! We also got a new logo, our old one is long lost to time now, after our original image hosting site went down, all of the images from our previous issues are gone now sadly. We have a imgur as a hosting site now so i'm sure we can preserve our images easier. I personally hope you enjoy the Breakfast Courier and that you will enjoy our new Breakfast Courier. We have many new features. Thank You. Also, you may being thinking the world ended but don't worry now, even though we didn't really end on a high note in our last issue things cooled down in the world... however, things may be heating up again.


With the growth of the new fascist military alliance called the Authoritarian Axis, with members such as Serbia and Montenegro, Carpathia, Chricoma, and Japan. They are becoming a growing power and due to their strategic positions especially around the west's greatest asset, the North American Continent, many westernized nations are growing worried. Bavaria has been trying to ease tensions with the East for this reason, much to the joy of some of their previous enemies and defeated foes. Namely Chricoma. However, President Nikovic of Carpathia has ordered that Bavaria pay for their lost naval forces after their war a while back. This was an attempt to flex the new power the East now has. Bavaria did not take this well and has refused leading to Carpathia preparing weapons and to Serbia and Montenegro doing the same. The Fuhrer of Chricoma Ludwig Mertaug has said that he will only enter Chricoma into a war against Bavaria if there are rules of engagement for each side. Bavaria is now patrolling their waters and preparing soldiers on their borders with the Fourth Reich which has shown intention to join the AA. However, seeing with this turn on Bavaria now we predict that the Fourth Reich may change their minds on joining the AA.

Quote of the Day

The Bavarian State wrote:once you leave you ғᴜᴄᴋɪɴɢ ᴅɪᴇ

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