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June The LCRUA Times

June 30th, 2018
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The LCRUA left AIR

30th June 2018
After a month of inactivity in the Alliance of Interdependent Regions, The LCRUA government decided to hold referendum for leaving AIR. LCRUA President South Asians stated that inactivity wasn't the only reason of departure conflict of interest with Enadia was also a reason. In the Council debate before the elections all the candidates agreed on leaving AIR. The Referendum passed with 16 Ayes and 1 Nay. President SA further stated that The LCRUA will continue participating in the R/D community and a poll is being conducted regarding the future of R/D.
Credits: South Asians

Scandals caused chaos in The LCRUA

28th June 2018
From the first to the third of July the council elections took place in The LCRUA.However the elections were one of the most controversial . Candidate for council named TAFU(The antifascist union) withdraw from the elections and left the region following harrasment from fellow candidates Aremania and Zaila. For the harrasment Zaila was punished with a 120 hours mute on the discord server fun and server categories and a warning. Aremenia's punishment was much harsher however. He was banned from holding any official positions in The LCRUA for 4 months a 168 hours discord ban an a warning. Following the verdict Aremania left the region.Following TAFU's leaving President of The LCRUA South Asians and Tribunal judge Fortvento created the sixth discord server rule which dictates " using swearwords directly at a user and not for comedic effect, will result in an immediate punishment" on the date of third of July. Following Aremania's trial Poulton-with-Fearnhead made a statement saiyng"My friends. I feel a new era has dawned here. I say from here we draw a new line. The dawn of a new era, from hence forth, no more toxicity, more arguments, this is our region. We work together and now we shall. Let's advance forward, let's move together to new heights. Together we do more. Here's to a new era!". Earlier this month Dramoon military advisory left the region after anti-semitic comments made by Baishita, The AntiFascist Union and Zaila. Baishita's membership was revoked by Fortvento because of not acknowledging his punishment. Zaila was ordered to create a collage of holocaust and apologize to DMA publicly which he did.
Credits: Arstrottka and South Asians

Democratic Democracy of Democrats Untd wins the LCRUAVision Song Contest

Congratulations to Democratic democracy of democrats untd for winning the LCRUAVision by getting 9 votes for his song LinkAfrica, by Weezer. 2nd Place: 8 votes, 50%, Phoeczenu with Smuglyanka by Red Army Choir

3rd Place: Tie! 6 votes each, 38%, Narravan with Man With A Plan by KORPIKLAANI, and Havnistan with Centuries by Fall Out Boy

4th Place: 4 votes, 25%, Larnion with Taking You There by Life Is Strange

5th Place: Tie! 3 votes each, 19%, Fortvento with Survivor by 2WEI, Xialta with One Night Only by Angelica, and Dramoon military advisory with Banana Man by Tally Hall

6th Place: Tie! 2 votes each, 13%, The antifascist union with Ljubav Nova by Lepa Brena, Sacred butterfinger with You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette, Folzofia with Lazare by Percival, and Orange Creek with Mr Brightside by The Killers

7th Place: 1 vote, 7%, Yymea with Rainin’ in Paridise by Manu Chao.

Credits: South Asians and The antifascist union


The Roman Empire is merging with The Invaders

After a scandal that completely destroyed the reputation of The Roman Empire leadership and they suffered backlash from the NSGP for the offensive things they said about the lgbtq community. The Roman Empire was pretty inactive after the scandal and most of their leadership left the region. They decided to close the region after a period of three months and decided to merge with The Invaders.
Credits: South Asians

Interview with Givera

WARNING: This interview deals with sensitive subject matters, centred around accidents that may pose a very real threat to many of our readers. Reader discretion is advised.
After regain consciousness from a coma of two months and sixteen days, caused by a car accident involving a drunk driver, Givera asks for just a few minutes of your time to read over what he has to say about his experience. The conversation then turns to the Enadian Union being the region he has recently joined, and his future ambitions in NationStates. Having joined us at Kandy's BBQ & Grill, I present to you an interview with "truly the luckiest guy".
Thank you for joining us here in the heartland of the Rejected Realms and our greasy traditional cuisine: and make sure that if you want to order tea the Rejected Realms Army is nowhere to be seen! Could we start off this interview with some details on your time in NationStates prior to entering into a coma?
Yes I was the founder of a region called the Correlation of Free States and helping it grow.
And how goes that region now?
It has pretty much fallen apart. I went missing during a critical part of the growing stage.
To interject, I imagine our reader will not forgive us if I did not ask about your current health. How goes your recovery?
My neck and back are super sore. But everyday is a step from the accident.
I'm sorry to hear that. Can you see yourself Reviving the Correlation of Free States or starting a new region in the near future?
I might consider rebuilding the region as a free time project but my new primary goal is to focus on the EU [Enadian Union].
Is there anything you have gained from this experience? An appreciation for something you did not usually consider?
Well I think it really just boils down to the fact that my time here isn't over yet. There are things I'm still needing to do. What are those things? No idea yet. I'm very thankful I've been given this chance at life again. But a message to all readers is, it's nice to party and have a few drinks, but call a Uber or lyft: it's not worth the danger.
I see, certainly. I personally just use buses, but I know that is not an option for a lot of people living in the States. Hopefully Uber or Lyft or what have you can improve the safety on US roadways. Will you be taking this positive attitude into NationStates and Enadia?
My mindset coming in has been the mindset in all my projects: how can I insert myself and be an effective and efficient member of a society.
Credits: Glacikaldr

The Fun Zone

Orange Creek wins the Polandball Contest

Orange Creek wins the polandball contest with 16 votes. Dramoon Military Advisory got the second most number of votes with 6 votes.
Made by Orange Creek
Made by Dramoon Military Advisory
Credits: Dramoon military advisory and Orange Creek


Zaila has started a new RP for you all to participate. Anyone can participate in that RP all you have to do is send a puppet nation in The New Age of Earth and join Linkthe discord server. You should read the rule book also and for more details send a telegram to Zaila.
The New Age of Earth is an RP administered by Zaila. It is set the near future, when nations are fighting against each other for complete control of the world. And only one country wins.

Pick a Country

· Has to be a real nation.
· Has to be from the present.
· Has to be on Linkthis list.

How It Works

· After each player has chosen a country, the game will begin. The queue is alphabetical.
· Every player can make 9 turns every day. (Improve Economy, Improve Army, Start a coup, Invade, Strengthen borders, Trade.)
· How effective your Invasion is depends on the strength of your army.
· You may set alliances with other players.
· You may create puppet states.
· At every GMT midnight, the turns reset.
· Economy helps morale.
· Borders help when another nation invades you.

Who Moderates it?

Zaila, Folzofia and Yymea.

The RP will take place in The New Age Of Earth

Read dispatch

Credits: South Asians and Zaila

Calfuego is organizing The LCRUA Football Championship

Calfuego and baja-janerio is organizing The LCRUA Championship, a sport event! If you want your nation to participate send a telegram to him.
Credits: Calfuego and baja-janerio

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