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OEU News Today Vol.50

Edition 50
Date 07/07/18
Editor: Muhammed Aled

OEU News Today

A new alliance

Chricomian soldiers march in a military parade in Talford

With the restoration of Lazarovic's control over Serbia and Montenegro, the Eastern powers have joined together to form a new alliance. In todays world the West is broken up, there is no NATO and there is no major Western alliance to counter an Eastern threat. The Authoritarian Axis or AA was formed as an economic and military alliance for the countries with similar ideology. The countries of JapanNihon, Chricoma, Serbia and Montengro and Carpatho Kemmerer came together to form the Authoritarian Axis that spans across Europe and Asia.

These countries are joined together in their militaristic forms of governments and because of their ideology and hatred of the west this makes it very dangerous for the Western aligned nations such as The north american contident and Reinstein both of which have been threatened by the Lazarovic regime with the SMPA's missile programs. As there is no western alliance to counter the Authoritarian Axis this gives the AA considerable influence and allows it to essentially do what it chooses to until a counter alliance is formed.

Already Joshuastania and The wunderwaffle have expressed their intentions to join the Authoritarian Axis due to having authoritarian governments in power. The balance of power in the world has shifted to the Eastern aligned nations now and this has caused alarm for citizens in Western nations.