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A Note to Remember...- The search for the missing notes...

The search for the missing notes...
Join TP, TSP and TRR on a clue hunt across NS itself and Discords to find the missing notes that will lead you to a special song!

Just remember that the answers must be case correct!

So who is your oracle? well...
Woodwind should contact Saradania#3551
Percussion should contact sassoon#1737
Brass Should contact sassoon#1737
Strings should contact Orodcor#9271

You could explore:
The South Pacific, The Pacific and The Rejected Realms dispatches and Regional Officers,
LinkThe New Pacific Discord server,
Link The Rejected Realms Discord server,
LinkThe South Pacific Discord server,
Link Game of Thrones Festival,
Link Olympics Discord
And more!!

So, what are you waiting for? Join a team Link here, contact your oracle and starting winning points!