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National Growth Acceleration Programme I 2018

National Growth Acceleration Programme I 2018[/u]

1. [u]Infrastructure Program I 2018

- Construction of Grand Miaro River Dam
- Renovation of National Irrigation System
- Renovation National Border Logistic Road
- Renovation of 4 Int'l Airport

Sierra Giovanni Int'l Airport
Fierra & Magnon Int'l Airport
Kevin Waltz Int'l Airport
Port Laurenno Int'l Airport

- Renovating Highway

l A-1 Sukatani Highway
Mahameru Highway
Prof Soedarmo Highway
Welsinski Highway
Giovanni Bay Outer Ring Road
Giovanni Bay Inner Ring Road
Sierra Giovanni Int'l Airport Highway

- Construction of Sinar Tanjungan Port and Merridian Port

2. Restructuring National Administration
- Form the National Administration Bearau for Economy and National Administration Bearau for Citizen Affair
- Streghten Law of Anti Corruption Commision and Law of Human Rights.
- forming the National Beurau for Nation Debt Payment

3. Reduces Taxes,Debt,and Stabilize the National Budget

4. From a long negotiation,BNE will decreased the interest rate

5. Increased National Budget for Education to $ 12,3 Billion

6. State owned companies will be sell to public

- Petroleum Company,Elbros.
- Energy Company,Sahaja.
- Electricity Company,Lispintar.