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Escade's Event Planning Guide & Server

Announcing LinkEscade's Event Services Discord

Many of us have wanted to see more activity in our region or group or our roleplay or other NS activity. We may even have tried various ways to boost that activity. The goal of this server is manifold:
1. To help us improve activity through best practices that have been refined over two years of event planning.
2. To connect like-minded people and help build activity across NS.
3. To host events for players, groups or regions!
4. To have more NS-wide events that aren't limited by political factions or other arbitrary things that separate cool people.

Since planning Valentine's Day events on TSP's forum when I first started in NS to planning festivals on Discord between TSP and our allies and friends for the past two years - I've learned a lot about hosting and running events. In fact, increasingly I've had a lot of requests from players wanting help running their events, asking me to host for them (for a plethora of reasons), or requesting advice on how to make an event be successful.

My partner, Ian, and I have created an independent event server which allows you to:
1. Access and make copies of my open source planning documents (which I update and refine with each event)
2. Have a central place to ask event planners questions, pitch ideas, and get suggestions
3. Find people with like-minded interests to plan with
4. Recruit co-hosts\organizers
5. Potentially host events on this centralized server with team support
6. Utilize a job board to make requests for particular skill sets
7. Always know when an Escade party is happening ^.^

What can a well run and well organized event bring?

Events are opportunities to:
- Create activity and fun things for your region to engage in
- Meet and greet with players from another region to build foreign relations
- Celebrate special milestones such as treaties, weddings, or other events worth a party
- Coordinate conferences around topics of interest
- Build awareness about issues
- Develop connections between players and communities
- Recruit members to your region\group

So You Want Some Event Stats?

The Harry Potter and the Festival of Friends had over 90 unique participants on Discord and forums and 52,000 posts over two weekends!

The Lord of the Rings Festival had over 66 unique participants on Discord and 25180 posts over two weekends!

The Interregional Olympics had over 65 unique participants on Discord and 20,000 posts!

Not to mention the many events TSP has hosted that have led to treaties with our allies or been a celebration of treaties! Events build connections :)

What are the struggles people face in creating great events?
- Lack of ideas\follow through
- Not enough active players to actually run things
- Low participation or low quality participation
- Overburdening one or two people who burn out
- People who sign up to do things and disappear
- People that want titles more than doing actual work
- Getting momentum through advertising and building HYPE HYPE HYPE

So join the server Linkhere and start planning your epic Star Wars festival, or a conference on languages, or a roleplay lor region launch event, or any number of things - your imagination and willingness to try new things is really the limit!

Terms of Agreement:

We at Escade Event Services will provide guidance and ideas on how to run your event if you are a member in good standing and we have the time. We may also help host and track event stats but these depend on time and the alignment of the stars.

In exchange for our services, we ask that you use an everyone ping in your server to advertise our services in your announcements or equivalent channel and give us a line of credit on any dispatch or advertisement for the event!

The Sparkly Mermaid of Escade