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Won Battles and Wars


Prodizian - Formicinus War - (Won)
Battle 1 / Operation 1 - "The Bridge" (Won)
Info: Asiendalian and Raykrayan soldiers defeated the Salius Legion.

Riasan - Fareoland Nuclear War - (Won)
Battle 2 / Operation 2 - "Rain of Fire" (Won)
Info: The Asiendalians nuked Greater Zopern ,completly destroying it and therefore killing almost 7 million people
Battle 3 / Operation 3 - "No more nukes for you!" (Won)
Info: Three nuclear missiles were taken down by the Asiendalian Air-Craft Carrier located near the Belguardian coast,by doing so the three nations including Skywing ,were saved by nuclear blast.The missiles were sent by Lotylay.
Battle 4 / Operation 4 - "Go to hell!" (Won)
Info: 500 ballistic missiles were launched at Lotylay to give them hell, some of the missiles were stopped mid-air by the Lotylayian ICLMDS, but most of them hit their targets and damaged factories and a lot of infrastructure.
Battle 5 / Operation 5 -"These bastards again" (Won)
Info: Zopern sent 6 nukes to Ysgramor , but they were stopped dead cold in the air by anti-air defensive technology

SATO vs NATO + GURGUL War - (Won(Sato dissolved which is victory for NATO and GURGUL))
Battle 6 / Operation 6 - "Navy troubles" (Won)
Info: Asiendalian Ships attacked the Swiss ships near Vichy Luxdonia, destroying 3 ships

Ko4 - Chech war (Draw)
Battle 7 / Operation 7 - "Those are goats!!!" (Completed Operation)
Info: The Asiendalian forces landed on the Ko4landian soil at last...
Battle 8 / Operation 8 - "Operation Djunta" (Won)
Info: The Asiendalian Battleship has launched a "Kathleen" Missile against the Ko4 Air-Forces , destroying 7 of their planes
Battle 9 / Operation 9 - "Goat trouble in the local jungle!" (Won)
Info: Captain Rey and his team ran into some ko4 troops during their patrolling in the local jungle , the brigands were taken care of ,of course.
Battle 10 / Operation 10 - "Goats can swim...right?" (Won)
Info: The Asiendalian Battleships " Xeres" and "Loara" sent a few "Kathleen" missiles to show the goat people what is true power , resulting the destruction of 3 Ko4landian ships.
Battle 11 / Operation 11 - "Give them hell..." (Completed Operation)
Info: The Asiendalian ships near the Madekistanian coast have started firing to the beach , completly making it into oblivion...
Battle 12 / Operation 12 - "Wrong place, wrong time" (Completed Operation)
Info: Some of the BOS of Icewraith IND tried to attack the Asiendalian defensive forces on the border between Luccis and Madekistan, most of them died ,some of them escaped and the question "why?" still remains...
Battle 13 / Operation 13 - "Incoming Missiles!!" (Completed Operation)
Info: The Madekistanian Forces fired a dozens of missiles at the Asiendalian forces near the border, the missiles or most of them at least were intercepted and therefore the victims were minimal
Battle 14 / Operation 14 - "You shall not pass!" (Won)
Info: The Asiendalian and Allied troops stopped the incoming madyakistanian troops at the border by raising up a big defensive trench line. More than 100 000 Madyaks died that night...
Battle 15 / Operation 15 - "One last goodbye" (Won)
Info: The Asiendalian F-111s bombed a massive force of madyaks ,leaving them torn apart by the unguided bomb "Bongo Maimunata"....

Dinok Ronax Empire - Rosstrog War (Draw)
Battle 16 / Operation 16 - "Coast Killers" (Completed Operation)
Info: The Asiendalian ships fired at the DRE-ian coast killing people and destroying coastal cities...
Battle 17 / Operation 17 - "Invasion?...Shall we begin?" (Completed Operation)
Info: The Asiendalians invaded the west parts of DRE successfully

FCA-BELGUARDIAN WAR(in private discord)

Former Central Australia - Belguardian War (In progress)
Battle 18 / Operation 18 - "The Naval King returns" (Completed Operation)
Info: The Asiendalians sent a massive naval force to battle with the FCA-ian ships.
Battle 19 / Operation 19 - "Brothers in arms" (Completed Operation)
Info: The Asiendalian ground forces allied themselves with the Belguardian troops in order to protect the Belguardian/FCA-ian borders.
Battle 20 / Operation 20 - "It has just began" (Won)
Info: The Asiendalian navy battled the FCA-ian ships near the so called Gill islands.
Battle 21 / Operation 21 - "Operation - Total Annihilation" (Won)
Info: The Asiendalians took down 9 -10 FCA-ian ships due to the enemy's careless movements in the Belguardian Seas.

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